Aniridia Day – My Shining Success Story

Happy¬†Aniridia Day! ūüôā

Today we’re celebrating people’s achievements and ambitions with Aniridia, as part of the Shining Success campaign, for which I edited a promo video I’m very proud of. There are also Facebook and Twitter pages for the day, where people are sharing their stories, photos and videos to mark the occasion, so please do check them out.

It’s already bringing people together with aniridia who have never met before, and helping to spread a positive message of positivity, support, solidarity and hope for the future. And if you want to find aniridia support groups, the links on my Disability Links page may help.

So this post is my contribution for the day, talking about my own achievements and ambitions, as someone living with aniridia. This is also available as a video as well.

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Springing Into Action

It’s been a couple of months since I last made a post here. So now that Spring is upon us and the weather is improving, I thought I’d do a bit of a catch-up to let you know how things are going, as I have been busy lately. So this is going to be a long mixture of all sorts of things.

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50 Random Facts About Me

This is an idea I’ve seen elsewhere that I thought might¬†be fun to do, so you can find out¬†a bit more about me. A few of these facts you’ll know from elsewhere in my¬†blog, but most¬†I’ve never mentioned here before.

Since posting this, I’ve also made a video, which contains some of the same information as this post, but also some different facts as well, so do check it out:

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While¬†looking around Youtube channels and blogs by other visually impaired people, I’ve seen the VIP (Visually Impaired Person) Tag come up numerous times. And thanks to the wonderful¬†Emily Davison from Fashioneyesta, I was finally¬†tagged to do it.

It was originally created by Chatty Chelby, and it’s an interesting way of telling the community about yourself. So I’ve put my answers together in this post, and have also produced a¬†video version¬†too. I hope you enjoy my responses!

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Living With Aniridia

There are 2 conditions¬†I’ve had since birth – Aniridia and Nystagmus – and I’ve written a post about¬†each one. They can¬†be¬†frustrating and awkward¬†sometimes, but because I’ve had them all my life, I’m used to them and have adapted to them as best I can. And they haven’t stopped me living a happy and successful life. These posts aren’t intended to be negative. I just want to describe¬†the main effects they have on me.

So in this post, I’m going to discuss¬†Aniridia. I’ve also made a video about it which you may find of interest.

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Hi¬†there. I’ve decided to have a little go¬†at writing a blog, after¬†discovering and enjoying a number of disabled bloggers and vloggers recently, particularly those with visual impairments like myself. I knew there were disabled communities and forums online, naturally, but I hadn’t previously¬†felt a big need to look into them before.

Last year, however, I became aware of Scope’s End The Awkward campaign, which included some¬†nice videos,¬†and also¬†Fashioneyesta‘s excellent videos on disability, a number of which I felt inclined to comment on. I’ve¬†continued to dig around Youtube and online blogs a bit more since then, and found many¬†posts and videos that I found very interesting and could easily relate to.

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