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This page contains a variety of UK disability resources that you may find useful. They are divided into headings if that helps you jump through the page.

Be sure to check out the other links pages in the menu bar, as well as my posts & videos about my own disability, and videos by others on sight lossdisability.

If you have any links you think I should add here, you can contact me on Twitter, Facebook or email.

General News & Information

  • Ability Needs – “The country’s most informative, best distributed disability magazine for the less able and their carers.”
  • Able Magazine – “Bringing you disability news and features. We’re about what people can do, not what they can’t!”
  • Ableize – “The largest and most viewed UK disability resource offering hand picked disability, mobility and health related websites and social media pages covering the UK and Europe.”
  • BBC Disability News – The BBC’s dedicated news page for disability stories.
  • BBC Ouch! – Podcasts, videos and other content for disabled people.
  • Disability Horizons – “Publishes articles on a wide variety of topics, all to support the aim of a world where disabled people live exactly as they choose to.”
  • Disability Review Magazine – “An A4 full colour glossy magazine that highlights and promotes the issues of importance to disabled people in the UK today.”
  • Disability Today – “Delivering in real time, local, national and international news. Covering a wide range of topics from research, education, sport, leisure and travel – all topics relevant to the disabled community, and all in one place.”
  • Enable Magazine – “An exciting, forward-thinking, award-nominated disability lifestyle magazine. Our focus is people, not products, making Enable a relatable, inspirational read for anyone whose life is touched by disability.”
  • Focus On Disability – “Online support, information and products for disabled people, the elderly and their carers.”
  • The Guardian Disability News – The newspaper’s latest disability stories.
  • Liability Magazine – “A publication run by women with big mouths and bigger expectations. Features a monthly collection of articles that promise to tickle the senses and cater to most.”
  • Our Disability Community – “The ‘go to’ platform for disabled people to share their experiences, tricks and adaptations to living a life to the max with a disability.”
  • OT Magazine – “Produced to bring occupational therapists a useful resource, designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest products and services on the market that can aid independent living.”
  • PosAbility Magazine – “The UK’s most innovative and refreshing disability lifestyle publication. Every issue is packed with engaging stories, the latest products, adventurous activities, fantastic competitions and so much more!”
  • Rare Revolution Magazine – “Digital magazine giving a voice to patients affected by rare conditions and the charities that represent and support them.”
  • You’re Able – “An online community of and for disabled people, supporting and helping each other by sharing their experiences.”

Access Guides

  • AccessAble – “AccessAble is here to take the chance out of going out. To give you the detailed information you need to work out if a place is going to be accessible to you.Our Detailed Accessibility Guides tell you all about a venue’s access. They are 100% facts, figures and photographs.”
  • Access Advisr – “Created to provide a user-led real-world view of how easy-to-access different places and transport stops are for disabled people. The aim is to provide a simple mechanism to allow people with mobility challenges to rate and find first-hand accessibility information.”
  • Access Card – “We translate your disability / impairment into symbols which highlight the barriers you face and the reasonable adjustments you might need. This then informs providers quickly and discreetly about the support you need and may gain you access to things like concessionary ticket prices and complex reasonable adjustments without having to go into loads of personal detail.”
  • Euan’s Guide – “The disabled access review website that aims to ‘remove the fear of the unknown’ and inspire people to try new places.”
  • Heritage Ability – “We are helping at least 20 South West heritage destinations over the next three years become more accessible. These places will then become role models to show what can be done to make our wonderful heritage more accessible and inclusive.”
  • Me Included – “Your feedback matters. It helps build a picture of the quality and reliability of disabled access and facilities in the UK, and how accessible individual businesses and services are.  We work with businesses, to ‘shine a light’ on where they do well, where they need to improve and to better understand what matters to their customers and their employees.”
  • The Outdoor Guide – “Offers news, views and info on all things outdoors. Making the inaccessible accessible.”
  • Rough Guide To Accessible Britain – “Packed with reviews of accessible and inspiring days out, the Guide aims to inspire and support people with diverse needs in enjoying the best of Britain’s attractions – whatever their disability.”

Arts & Entertainment

  • Accessible Screenings – “Listing site to help you find information on accessible screenings in UK cinemas.”
  • Ambassador Theatre Group Access – “Enables anyone who would benefit from additional support because of a disability or health condition to visit our theatres and have an enjoyable visit. If you have additional requirements of any sort, there is likely to be something we provide that will improve your experience.”
  • CEA Card – “National card scheme developed for UK cinemas by the UK Cinema Association (UKCA). The card enables a disabled cinema guest to receive a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them when they visit a participating cinema. The card is also one way for cinemas to make sure they look after their disabled guests.”
  • Department Of Ability – “The most original, fearless, imaginative superheroes ever created. Originally inspired by the lack of decent visible disability in the media. These five groundbreaking heroes have now grown into something demanded and adored by a ready audience worldwide.”
  • Henry Fraser Art – “Mouth artist, author & speaker, paralysed from shoulders down, author of The Little Big Things.”
  • Zebedee Management – “Our models, actors & performers can achieve anything they want – they’re amazingly talented and take on any challenge or opportunity that they’re offered – but they may need a little extra help from time to time. And that’s where our inclusive agency and unique approach make such a big difference.”

Assistance Dogs

  • Hearing Dogs For Deaf People – “We train amazing hearing dogs to improve the lives of deaf people across the UK.”
  • Support Dogs – “Training assistance dogs to transform the lives of adults and children affected by epilepsy, autism and disability.”

Awareness Campaigns

  • Deaf Awareness Week – “A unique campaign in that so many different organisations participate, each able to promote their own work within the broad spectrum of deafness.”
  • Disabled Access Day – “All about visiting somewhere that you’ve never been to before and trying something new in an atmosphere of cooperation, safety and fun. It’s about places helping to create opportunities, experiences and a warm welcome.
  • Disability Awareness Day – “The world’s largest ‘not for profit’ voluntary-led disability exhibition, held annually in a huge tented village within the grounds of Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington.”
  • Don’t Want Our Cash – “Campaign to raise awareness of access issues that disabled people face when trying to do the same things their able bodied counterparts would. The aim of the campaign is to gather enough evidence to take to Parliament and change the reasonable adjustments policy so that there is no longer any ambiguity as to what constitutes as ‘reasonable’.”
  • Rare Disease Day – “Takes place on the last day of February each year. The main objective is to raise awareness amongst the general public and decision-makers about rare diseases and their impact on patients’ lives.”

Business & Employment

  • Access To Work Scheme – Government scheme that supports disabled people in employment, by funding travel costs and adaptations in the workplace.
  • Association Of Disabled Professionals – “Drawing on the expertise of disabled professionals to improve the educational and employment opportunities of disabled people.”
  • Barclays Accessibility – “Our aim is to provide accessible services for all our customers, including those who have disabilities. We regularly engage with disability organisations and charities to access their knowledge. We also hold more focused discussions with panels of customers, shaping the way we deliver our service changes.”
  • Business Disability Forum – “A not-for-profit membership organisation that makes it easier and more rewarding to do business with and employ disabled people. By providing pragmatic support, sharing expertise, giving advice, providing training and facilitating networking opportunities, we help organisations become fully accessible to disabled customers and employees.”
  • Microlink – “Leaders in the field of Assistive Technology. We have enabled over a quarter of a million people with health conditions to succeed in education and employment. We stock the largest range of technology and tools in the UK. Our workplace adjustment service, MiCase, is embraced as best practice for some of the largest corporations in the country.”
  • Visualise Training & Consultancy – “We work nationally and internationally with organisations and businesses to increase awareness of the accessibility challenges faced by employees and or customers with disabilities.”

Cancer Support

  • Bloodwise – “We’re here to stop people dying from blood cancer, to make patients’ lives better, and to stop blood cancer happening in the first place.”
  • Cancer Research UK – “We fund scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner. We also provide cancer information to the public.”
  • Charlotte’s BAG – “One of the only UK charities specifically focusing on raising funds for research into, and awareness of, glioblastoma multiforme.  This very rare and currently nearly always terminal form of brain cancer can affect anyone of any age.” This charity was formed following the passing of Charlotte Eades.
  • Macmillan Cancer Support – “We know how a cancer diagnosis can affect everything. So we’re here to support you and help you take back some control in your life. From help with money worries and advice about work, to someone who’ll listen if you just want to talk, we’re here.”
  • Stand Up To Cancer – “Brought to you by Cancer Research UK and Channel 4, Stand Up To Cancer is an annual fundraising campaign that brings the UK together to accelerate progress in life-saving cancer research.”


  • Action On Disability – “A user led organisation managed and controlled by disabled people, to campaign for the rights of disabled people, deliver high quality professional accessible activities, and give disabled people the knowledge and confidence about their rights.”
  • Disabled Living – “A charity providing impartial information about equipment and services for disabled adults, children, older people and the professionals.”
  • Disabled Living Foundation – “National charity providing impartial advice, information and training on independent living.”
  • Enhance The UK – “We want to change the way people view disability and for us to be active and equal members of society. We do this by supporting businesses to be more inclusive by providing disability awareness training, as well as offering a number of other services and resources.”
  • Generate – “Generate’s mission is to create better days and better lives for people with a learning disability by working together with them and the people who know them well.  It is our intention to provide purpose, develop independence and encourage connections through people, places and activity.”
  • Genetic Alliance UK – “National charity working to improve the lives of patients and families affected by all types of genetic conditions. We are an alliance of over 200 patient organisations. Our aim is to ensure that high-quality services, information and support are provided to all who need them.”
  • Inclusion London – “We support Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations in London and campaign for equality for Deaf and Disabled people”
  • Livability – “The disability charity that connects people with their communities. We tackle social isolation and the barriers that can cause this in the lives of disabled and vulnerable people.”
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation For Disabled People – “National disability charity based in Surrey. We have more than 80 years’ experience of developing innovative services which support people with disabilities to increase their independence and achieve their goals in life.”
  • Rare Disease UK – “Provides a united voice for the rare disease community by capturing the experiences of patients and families. We seek to bring about lasting change offering better health and quality of life for individuals and families affected by rare diseases.”
  • SAFS – “SAFS mission is ‘to enhance the quality of life of – and create opportunities for – South Asian children, young people and adults who have a disability, life limiting or life threatening condition by providing a range of quality care and support services’.
  • Scope – “We provide support, information and advice to more than a quarter of a million disabled people and their families every year. We raise awareness of the issues that matter. And with your support, we’ll keep driving change across society until this country is great for everyone.”
  • Shaw Trust – “Charity helping to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK and internationally. Our specialist services help people gain an education, enter work, develop their career, improve their wellbeing or rebuild their lives.” They also publish the annual Disability Power 100 List of the most influential disabled people in the UK.
  • Unique – “Supports and informs anyone born with a rare chromosome disorder, their families and carers.”
  • Warrington Disability Partnership – “Internationally acclaimed user led charity. With over 26 years’ experience of developing and delivering mobility and independent living services, our aim is to support disabled people and people living with long term health conditions.”


  • CPR Global Technology – “We deploy technology so that individuals can benefit from the power of their immediate community. We break down social isolation. We don’t focus on vulnerabilities, we focus on the whole person, at home and out & about.”
  • iResTech – “iRis Phone is the easiest & simplest smartphone for the home. No menus, no buttons, no touchscreen pressing necessary.”

Equality & Disability Rights

  • Disability Rights UK – “Disabled people leading change, working for equal participation for all. We want a society where everyone can participate equally.”
  • Equality & Human Rights Commission – “We live in a country with a long history of upholding people’s rights, valuing diversity and challenging intolerance. The EHRC seeks to maintain and strengthen this heritage while identifying and tackling areas where there is still unfair discrimination or where human rights are not being respected.”


  • Autism Central – Showcases support and services available to those on the autistic spectrum, their families and support professionals.
  • Naidex – Europe’s largest disability event for trade, healthcare professionals and end-users, showcasing innovation, information, suppliers and speakers.

Hearing Loss Support

  • BSL Courses – “Learn British Sign Language online at your own pace – whatever your goals and current level.”
  • National Deaf Children’s Society – “The leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people.”
  • Sign Live – “Allows Deaf people anywhere in the world to communicate with anyone, at any time, using an app which connects them to a qualified British Sign Language Interpreter.”
  • UK Council on Deafness – “Working towards a world in which people who are deaf or have a hearing loss are able to fulfil their potential.”


  • Bond Hotel Blackpool – “As the UK’s largest disability friendly hotel we have many fantastic facilities to make your stay unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing respite break or a fun-packed holiday, The Bond Hotel has it all and our friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff will make you feel right at home”.
  • Handiscover – “Gathers great hosts, disabled friendly accommodations and hotels that we select carefully for their quality and value. We offer a mix of accommodations adapted to different levels of mobility.”
  • Holidays For All – “A group of the UK ’s leading specialist companies offering accessible holidays in the UK and abroad.” Includes Access Travel, Calvert Trust, Maison des Landes Hotel in Jersey, Makin’ Tracks Ltd, Park House Hotel in Norfolk, and Revitalise Respite Holidays.
  • Native Hotels – “We are a group of journalists, engineers and professionals of tourism specialized in promoting accessible tourism in various countries, willing to ensure that we all have equal access to the enjoyment of our favourite hotels.”
  • Safehands Holidays – “Our venues offer a first class hotel experience where you can be assured your every need is catered for, in a fully accessible environment with caring and dedicated staff.”
  • Travelling Abroad With A Disability – “Most people love to travel and rightly so. The world has so much to explore and enjoy. If you have a medical condition, you shouldn’t be worried about travelling abroad – as long as you take the right precautions. This resource will address some of the common problems associated with travelling abroad, providing expert advice and tips throughout.” Submitted by Melissa Miles.
  • Treworgans – “Our specially converted self-catering cottages are perfect for disabled holidays in Cornwall, providing fully wheelchair accessible accommodation with free use of all mobility equipment.”
  • World’s Most Wheelchair-Friendly Tourist Attractions – “The world’s top tourist attractions should be every bit as accommodating towards people with disabilities as they are for able-bodied visitors. Here are 9 tourist attractions which deserve considerable praise for their wheelchair-friendliness.” Submitted by Michael Leavy at Home Healthcare Adaptations.


  • Centrobed – “Offers a range of beds and cots to suit the needs of all kinds of patient. Giving you comfort and independence, our bariatric and paediatric beds deliver safety, convenience and customisation.”
  • Design For Independence – “As housing occupational therapists we can interpret complex medical conditions into architectural designs. As manual handling experts we know exactly how much space is needed in every room and where equipment needs to be placed.  As therapists we ensure privacy and dignity are paramount.  We are therefore able to give the best advice on purchasing, designing and adapting properties for people who are disabled.”
  • Home From Home Care – “Care home for special needs, learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, PMLD, complex health and mental health.”
  • Macro Level Smarthomes – “We pride ourselves on delivering top quality products and services, always aiming to exceed our customers expectations. We focus on integrating technologies which are the best in class, resulting in a smarter automation system, capable of rapidly responding to the needs and wants of the customers.”


  • ADAPTS – “ADAPTS (A Disabled Passenger Transfer Sling) is a portable assistive device designed to help wheelchair travelers during an emergency evacuation.”
  • DriveAble – “The guide to disability motoring.”
  • Easy Pay Mobility – “Hire the latest mobility scooter with our affordable rental packages.”
  • Home Safety Checklist for Wheelchair Users – An extensive guide from RS Components with important recommendations for ensuring safety in the home. Submitted by Eunice Banes.
  • McElmeel Mobility Services – “The UK and Ireland’s original adaptor and converter of vehicles for disabled drivers and passengers. We offer a complete range of products and vehicles to suit all requirements.”
  • Motability – “Enables disabled people to get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair.”
  • Relync Mobility Scooters – “Integrating the most advanced technology to date, not only to improve safety, convenience, and comfort but to regain the confidence to experience travel again,  without barriers. We are continuing to work on AI and automation, but in a way that we know will subvert the entire industry.”
  • UKS Mobility – “Great mobility aids and disability equipment at great prices with great service.”


  • Blue Badge Company – “We make stylish blue badge display wallets & attractive living aids. Committed to employing those with limited work options.”
  • Patti + Ricky – “An online shopping experience that offers stylish and functional designer products for individuals with disAbilities.”

Sport & Leisure

  • Ability Bow – “Not-for-profit fully accessible gym for anyone with disabilities or health conditions.”
  • Agility Magazine – “Online magazine celebrating the best in disability sports.”
  • Birding For All – “Seeking to improve access for people with disabilities to reserves, facilities and services for birding. Membership is free and open to all regardless of physical ability.”
  • British Disabled Angling Association – “The volunteer trustees dedicate their time to providing support, information & services to disabled people, their families, fishery owners, clubs & retailers in order to socially integrate disabled and non-disabled people within angling.”
  • Calvert Trust – “Enables disabled adults and children, together with their families and friends, to achieve their potential through the challenge of outdoor adventure in the countryside.”
  • Disabled Sailing Association – “We aim to give people with a disability, family and carers the opportunity to enjoy a safe and pleasurable experience of seagoing sailing, including short local cruising of about two to three hours and for the more adventurous, longer coastal passages.”
  • Jubilee Sailing Trust – “International disability charity, promoting integration through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing. We provide life-changing adventures to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of physical ability.”
  • OnTrack Magazine – “We believe that sports should be accessible to all and aim to bring readers an insight into the world of accessible sport from grassroots to the podium.”
  • Para Dance UK – “National governing body for Para Dance Sport in the UK. Our aim is to develop and promote dance as a sport and an inclusive leisure activity across the country for those who would otherwise be excluded.”
  • Riding For The Disabled Association – “Provides opportunities for disabled adults & children to ride, carriage drive, vault & showjump.”
  • Scuba Trust – “Helping those with disabilities – and their friends – experience the joy and freedom of scuba diving.”
  • Wheels For Wellbeing – “Award-winning charity supporting disabled people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling.”

Technology Support

  • Ability Net – “Helps people of any age and with any disability to use technology to achieve their goals at home, at work and in education. We do this by providing specialist advice services, free information resources and by helping to build a more accessible digital world.”
  • British Assistive Technology Association – “BATA members are suppliers, AT professionals and organisations who provide support to individuals with disabilities who need Assistive Technology solutions. We provide an information and signposting service to the public in directing enquiries to relevant members (and other relevant groups/organisations).”
  • Disability Innovation Research Society – “Part of the GDI Hub. We aim to bring together PhD candidates and Post-Doc researchers that look at disability innovation and accessible technology.”
  • Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) – “Brings together academic excellence, innovative practice and co-creation, harnessing the power of technology for good.”


  • Changing Places – “Over a quarter of a million people in the UK need Changing Places toilets but there are only just over 1,000 across the UK. The Changing Places Consortium is campaigning to change this.”
  • Mobiloo – “The world’s first attended mobile toilet service with hoist and changing bench. Having a Mobiloo at a venue or event means anyone can attend.”
  • RADAR Key Company – “We are a commercial company, who for 25 years have been manufacturing our quality keys and marketing all aspects of the accessible toilets National Key Scheme (NKS). We are focussed on helping disabled people with a basic right – to find the toilets which they need and to then reliably gain access.”


  • Arts Coaching Training – “My name is Lynn Cox and my ultimate dream is to have inclusion at the heart of everything. My business offers you everything inclusive within the three main areas of Art, Coaching and Training.”
  • Centre For Resolution – “Represents a group of professionals with a range of specialist skills that work alongside communities to improve people’s lives, aiming to deliver professional services that will inspire positive changes, giving individuals the guidance they need to succeed.”
  • Toucan Diversity – “An award winning social enterprise delivering equality training with a focus on disability. All training is designed & delivered by accredited trainers.”

Transport – London

  • Freedom Pass – “The Freedom Pass for disabled and older people allows free travel across London and free local bus journeys nationally.”
  • Taxicard  – “Offers subsidised travel in licensed taxis and private hire vehicles to London residents with serious mobility impairments or who are severely sight impaired. It enables members who have difficulty in using buses, trains and tubes to get out and about.”
  • Transport for London Accessibility – “London has a wide range of accessible transport options so that everyone can get around.”
  • Transport For All – “The organisation of disabled and older people dedicated to champion the rights of disabled and older people to travel with freedom and independence in London.”

Transport – National

  • Disabled Persons Railcard – “Get ⅓ off adult rail fares for travel on the National Rail network in Great Britain. If you’re travelling with another adult they will also get ⅓ off their rail fare, so you can save money for a friend or family member too!”
  • National Express Disabled Coachcard – “Buy a Disabled Coachcard and Save. Take 1/3 off our Standard and Fully Flexible fares any time.”

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