Contact Me

Thank you for showing an interest in contacting me! 🙂 Please read these brief notes before filling out the contact form below.

You are much more likely to get a reply if your message addresses me by name, is polite and respectful, and relates to the main themes of my blog, which are:

    • Visual Impairment – e.g. its impacts, accessibility, assistive tech, etc.
    • London Life – e.g. arts & culture, walks, shopping, things to do, etc.
    • Scam Awareness – e.g. email scams, phone scams, etc.
    • Entertainment – e.g. music TV, films, DVDs & Blu-ray,  etc.

I am very happy to receive & consider:

  1. Respectful comments on my content. Abuse will be removed and reported.
  2. Requests for research interviews (e.g. to find out more about my life as a disabled person and my various adventures).
  3. Invites for media appearances (TV, documentaries, radio, podcasts, etc) that are relevant to my themes above.
  4. Guest post & collaboration ideas that are relevant to my themes above. Be sure to give me one or two of your ideas, and links to your other work.
  5. Messages from organisations who support visually impaired people (e.g. through their services, products, campaigns, etc).
  6. Messages from arts & culture organisations (e.g. museums & theatres),  especially if you provide audio described events, touch tours and other forms of accessibility.
  7. Invites to test the accessibility of websites and apps to ensure I can use them as a visually impaired person, and advise you on improvements.
  8. Paid public speaking opportunities, to talk about my life as a visually impaired person and the importance of accessibility.
  9. Paid advertisement features, if relevant to my themes above. I am very picky about what I accept for this purpose, but if I do publish your article it will be clearly labelled as a paid ad.
  10. Free products, services, entertainment, etc to review, if relevant to my themes above. I will always give my own honest opinions, good or bad, and openly declare that I am reviewing a PR gift.

I will NOT respond to:

  1. Messages that fail to address me by name and do not tell me your name (and company name if applicable). My name is easy to find here.
  2. Abusive or threatening messages. These will be reported, and I reserve the right to publish them (with your name) on my blog and social media.
  3. Guest post requests without topic ideas. If you’re keen to post here, then I need to know that your suggestions are suitable and relevant.
  4. Unsolicited marketing, including promotions for internet marketing, SEO, PPC, web design and social media management, plus other general spam. I sometimes share scams and suspicious emails on my blog to warn people.
  5. Infographics, because they are inaccessible to visually impaired people.
  6. Offers to publish positive reviews in exchange for money, gifts, services, special treatment, etc. I only ever give my honest opinions, good or bad.
  7. Advert requests & public speaking invitations without offer of payment. If you’re serious about using my site to promote your business, or having me speak at an event, then a small contribution for my time is only fair.

On social media, you can message me on FacebookTwitter (if we follow each other) or Instagram. Or you can send me an email using the form below.

In any case, please be patient and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to hearing from you!

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