My Theatre & Concert Reviews

This is a list of theatre shows, concerts, stand-up comedy gigs and a few other things that I’ve either attended in person or online, or that I’ve watched recorded versions of. For a long list of London theatres and entertainment venues, see my London Links.


Audio Described Shows

I find audio description and touch tours extremely useful, because it ensures I’m fully immersed in the experience and don’t miss anything. It’s enabled me to attend and enjoy many shows that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Lots of audio described shows in the UK are listed on the VocalEyes website, while Official London Theatre has lists of audio describedcaptioned, signed and relaxed performances in the city. Some theatres and shows also have dedicated accessibility pages on their websites.

The shows below were audio described either by staff from VocalEyes or the theatre themselves, or were occasionally integrated into the production by the cast.

In Person Theatre – Audio Described

Most of these shows included touch tours beforehand, allowing visually impaired people to go backstage and on stage to explore the sets, costumes, props, etc, and even meet some of the cast if we’re very lucky.

Online Theatre – Audio Described

Other Theatre Shows

These shows were not audio described, though I would like to see some of them with AD in the future.

In Person Theatre

Online Theatre


Stand-Up & Interactive Comedy

Tours & Workshops

TV Audiences

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