Sight Loss Resources

Here you’ll find a variety of resources for the blind and visually impaired that you may find useful, with a few links to posts where I’ve mentioned some of them. The links are mainly UK-based except where stated otherwise.

You can jump to different sections using the clickable list of contents below. If you have any links you think I should add here, feel free to contact me.

Please Note: These links are not sponsored, and I cannot guarantee the accuracy or suitability of the information they contain. I’m just providing them in good faith. Please do your own research and seek appropriate advice before taking any actions or making any purchases.


Aniridia, Nystagmus & Other Conditions

Support Organisations

News & Information

Facebook Groups

Unless otherwise stated, these groups are Private, meaning only approved group members can see the posts. For aniridia and nystagmus groups, see the Conditions section above.

Accessible Arts & Entertainment

Assistive Technology News & Information

Assistive Aids & Gadgets

Accessible Software & Apps

Business & Employment

Children & Families





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