About Me

Hey there, thank you for stopping by! 🙂

To cover the basics – my name is Glen, I live in the UK, I’m in my 30s, I work as an IT developer, and I enjoy going out and about, socialising, comedy, sci-fi & fantasy, and classic rock & pop music.

Oh, and I have slightly dodgy eyesight, as a result of Aniridia and Nystagmus. It is only minor, and it’s never stopped me doing any of the above. Sure, I might need help finding or reading things occasionally, and it throws up little frustrations now and again, but the vast majority of the time I’m just as independent as anyone else. To me, my vision is normal, because I’ve had my condition since birth. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

So please don’t worry about my eyesight, because I don’t. Seriously. It’s my sense of humour that should concern you more, not my other senses! I’m not joking! Or am I? 😉

Anyway, in this blog, you’ll find me rambling about all of the above. And you can jump to any category that particularly interests you:

I also have a Youtube channel where, among other things, you’ll find:

All videos containing speech have closed captions for the hearing impaired, and the transcript is reproduced in this blog as well.

I’m also on Instagram as well, where I’m sharing lots of my old photos from years gone by, as well as more recent pictures I’ve been taking.

So please enjoy looking around, there should be something here for everyone:

  • If you’re visually impaired or disabled, or you look after such an individual, I hope my experiences are of some interest and support to you.
  • If you’re not disabled, I hope my disability posts help to clear up some false assumptions and misconceptions, and give you some useful insights and advice.
  • And apart from that, I hope people find things among my music, TV and film tastes that they also like, and enjoy reading about my travel experiences and other things.

Do feel free to comment on my posts and videos with any feedback you may have, or any suggestions for posts and videos you’d like to me to do next. You’re also very welcome to tweet me of course, while private contact can be made by Twitter DMs (if we follow each other) or via email (welleyenever *at* icloud *dot* com). Thanks again for visiting! 🙂

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Glen —

    I found your blog through Aniridia Network UK. Our daughter, Ruby (6 months old) was born with Aniridia, Nystagmus, Glaucoma, Foveal Hypoplasia, and Cataracts in both eyes. It’s so encouraging to read about your story. So often the first response it to focus on the disability — what Ruby won’t see or do — but doing so is one dimensional. There are so many other things about her that will have much more influence on who she becomes and what she chooses to do in life, as is apparent in your story too. Thank you for sharing your abilities and talents with the world.

    I just spent some time going through and subscribing to many of your recommended blogs — thanks for those too!

    We’ve started our own blog – https://rarestruby.wordpress.com/ (obviously the parent’s perspective — Ruby’s not quite proficient at typing yet ;)).

    Happy to “meet” you!

    – Sarah (from Canada)

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    1. Thank you Sarah, lovely to meet you too! 🙂 You’re very correct in what you say – people do tend to focus on the negatives when they hear words like ‘disability’ and ‘impairment’, and it’s easy to forget that there’s still plenty the person CAN do. Just because a condition makes it trickier to do certain things, it doesn’t mean you can’t adapt, especially with technology as advanced as it is these days. And if certain things do prove to be impossible for Ruby, there are still plenty of other things that she can do. Having a sight problem need not stop you from being a human being and living a successful life.

      I’m not saying Ruby’s journey will be trouble-free – of course there will be bumps in the road for her and for you, which will make it hard sometimes. It’s inevitable when your child needs additional help and support like that. But if you all have a good support network around you, and a generally positive and persistent attitude, you’ll be fine. I’m following your blog now, it’ll be interesting to read about Ruby’s journey. I hope it goes well for all of you. 🙂


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