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This page contains a long list of blogs, video channels and podcasts related to the themes of my site. If you have any links you think I should add, feel free to contact me.


Sight Loss Bloggers

My Top 10

  • Fashioneyesta – Blog / TikTokYoutube
    Emily posts about sight loss, disability, beauty, fashion, books and travel. She was a big inspiration for me to start blogging. I first met her during my first year in London, and am currently her support worker for her journalism career. She also co-produces the Fashionability podcast.
  • Extreme Dreams – Website / Youtube
    Dean was a member of staff at my school and is a great friend, with a wonderful sense of humour. Through his love of extreme sports and his expertise at motivational speaking, he shows that blindness isn’t a barrier to achieving your dreams.
  • Fern Lulham – Website / YoutubeRadio
    Fern is a fantastic motivational speaker and radio presenter, and has aniridia and nystagmus like me. We became friends after meeting at the Aniridia Network Conference, and she’s since interviewed me on BBC Radio 4’s In Touch and AMI Audio’s Kelly & Company.
  • Life Of A Blind Girl – Blog / TikTokYoutube
    Holly regularly writes about life with visual impairment and assistive technology, is a great disability advocate, and talks about other things including beauty and lifestyle. She once interviewed me for her Happy Hour radio show.
  • My Blurred World – Blog
    Elin is another friendly blogger who regularly writes about her life with visual impairment.
  • Dr Amy Kavanagh – Website / TikTok / Twitch
    Amy is a keen activist and campaigner for disability rights and accessibility, engaging in media appearances and public speaking, sharing advice and her experiences.
  • James Rath – Website / TikTok / Youtube / Blind Abroad Project
    An accomplished activist, filmmaker and public speaker, James posts a lot of informative videos about sight loss, accessible technology and more.
  • JC5 Productions – TikTok / Youtube
    Juan is a good online friend who makes very creative short films and openly discusses his experiences as a visually impaired person.

Other Creators

  • Accessibility Insights – Blog
    Laura’s reviews and recommendations on technology and devices to assist the visually impaired.
  • Adventures In Low Vision – Blog
    Susan’s blog about her sight loss experiences and advice for others with low vision.
  • Alex Man – Youtube
    Alex is blind and posts videos about accessible technology, including smart devices.
  • Alyssa Irene – Youtube
    Alyssa’s videos about her life with blindness.
  • Amy Bovaird – Blog
    Amy has Usher Syndrome and Retinitis Pigmentosa, and mainly blogs about sight loss and mobility. She’s also the author of several books, an inspirational speaker, a life coach and a born-again Christian.
  • Balls And Balloons – Blog
    Blog by mother and wife Janelle, discussing aniridia, sight loss, sensory processing disorders, family life, activities and adventures with her children, and more.
  • Beyond Sight – Blog
    Lois Strachan’s blog about living with blindness and using assistive technology
  • Beyond The Eyes – Blog
    Jordan’s blog about his experiences as a blind person.
  • The Big PICture – Blog
    Beth’s blog about life with Punctate Inner Choroidopathy (PIC), along with other posts about lifestyle in general.
  • Bird Nerd Sophie – TikTok / Youtube
    Sophie’s videos about life as a visually impaired person, her love of birds and games, and more.
  • Blind Abilities – Blog / Youtube
    Informative and positive blog and podcast for the visually impaired.
  • Blind Girl Adventures – Blog / Youtube
    Sassy posts about life with sight loss, her love of beauty products and more. And in conjunction with Holly from Life Of A Blind Girl, she also runs the Purple Elephant Facebook group for disabled bloggers.
  • Blind Girl Musings – Blog
    Khushi writes about her life with Retinopathy of Prematurity, her love of books and music, and more.
  • Blind Girl Vlogs – Youtube
    Videos by Siobhan Meade about her experiences as a blind person.
  • The Blind Life – Youtube
    Sam makes lots of videos about assistive technology and other tips that can help make day-to-day life easier if you can’t see.
  • The Blind Mom Next Door – Youtube
    Nicole’s videos about being a visually impaired wife and mother, including DIY and craft projects, household management advice and more.
  • Blind Motherhood – Blog
    Holly’s blog about being a visually impaired mother, wife and social worker, with technology and lifestyle articles too.
  • Blind Not Bored – Youtube
    Youtube channel by two visually impaired ladies, Mared and Megan. There are only a few videos here, but they’re worth watching.
  • Blind On The Move – Youtube
    Orientation and mobility resources, reviews and tutorials for blind people by a certified instructor from America.
  • Blind One Lives – Youtube / Podcast
    Content by Alisha, a blind college student and freelance writer with optic nerve hypoplasia.
  • Blind Parents UK – Youtube
    Videos about Mac & iPhone accessibility, and a few other clips.
  • Blind SOS – Youtube
    Videos by Cal, who is blind, and his sighted partner Jess, giving tips and advice to help visually impaired people live as independently as possible.
  • Blind Spot – Blog
    Hannah’s blog about her life as a partially sighted academic, including posts about history, literature, art, film and society.
  • Blind To Billionaire – Youtube
    Matt’s videos about his visual impairment, active lifestyle and his work to influence others.
  • Blind Travels – Blog
    Ted’s reviews of places, food and accommodation by a visually impaired traveller.
  • The Blind Truth – Blog
    Blog by Anna Tylor, Chair of Vision Foundation, about her experiences as a visually impaired person.
  • The Blind Warrior – Blog
    Blog by Laura, who was born and raised in Chicago with the condition Retinopathy of Prematurity.
  • Blind Woodturner – Youtube
    Videos by Chris from his wood turning workshop
  • Blue Butterfly Enterprises – Blog
    Blog posts and videos by author, life coach and motivational speaker Rebecca, about her experiences living with blindness.
  • Bluetech – Youtube
    Videos about visual impairment, accessible technology, unboxings and more.
  • Bold Blind Beauty – Blog / Podcast
    Stephanae’s blog about blindness, beauty and more.
  • Breaking Blind – Youtube
    Youtube videos by a blind lady who lives life to the full.
  • Catch These Words – Blog / Youtube
    Videos by Connor Scott-Gardner, a blind transgender man, documenting his transition from female to male.
  • Cayla With A C – Youtube
    Cayla’s videos about her life and experiences as a blind person with Retinitis Pigmentosa.
  • Chelby Farley – TikTok / Youtube
    Chelby is a blind vlogger, and she updates her channel on a regular basis.
  • Chloe Tear – Blog / Youtube
    Chloe’s blog about living with cerebral palsy and visual impairment. I met her at Naidex 2019.
  • Delagrande – Blog / Youtube
    Blogger, photographer and motivational speaker Demi posts about her experience of losing her vision, beauty and fashion, daily life, and more.
  • Double Vision – Blog
    Blog run by twin sisters Joy & Jenelle, writing about their experiences with sight loss and motherhood.
  • Gabby Mendonca – Youtube
    Gabriella’s videos about her life with blindness.
  • Girl Gone Blind – Blog / Podcasts
    Maria’s blog about living with blindness and being a mother.
  • Gleamed – Blog
    Blog by visually impaired artist Kimberly, writing about her disability and illustrations.
  • Harris’ Inkwell – Blog / TikTok / Youtube
    Amanda has a degree in print journalism, and writes about disability awareness, her personal life and anything else that interest her.
  • How Casey Sees It – Youtube / Podcast
    Casey’s videos about living with her visual impairment, along with general advice and opinions on various disability topics.
  • How I See Things I Love – Youtube
    Videos by Brandi, a Texas mother, on the topics of her visual impairment, family life and their animals.
  • Ian Treherne – Website / Youtube
    Photos and videos by Ian, a blind photographer and filmmaker.
  • Illegally Sighted – Youtube
    Videos about technology and gaming from the perspective of a legally blind person.
  • Inside The Hairy Classroom – Blog
    Blog by Laura, who is blind and studying to become a teacher.
  • The Invisible Vision Project – Blog
    Blog by Xin (Carol) Sun, who writes about her personal journey, experiences, thoughts and feelings living with blindness.
  • Jake Sawyers – Blog
    Jake is a severely sight impaired actor, photographer and comedian.
  • Jazmin Ruiz – Blog
    Jazmin’s blog about sight loss, disability, society and culture.
  • Jordan Sheehy – Youtube
    Jordan posts videos about her daily life, disability, book reading, Christianity and veganism.
  • Joy Ross – Youtube
    Joy’s videos about her experiences while living with sight loss.
  • Just Call Me Elm Or Something – Blog
    Elm’s blog about living with blindness, and the things she enjoys and gets up to.
  • Justin Holland – Youtube
    Jason’s videos about his life as a blind bodybuilder.
  • Katie – Youtube
    Katie’s videos about living with sight loss.
  • Katie’s Vision – Blog
    Katie’s blog about living with the visual impairment Stargardts, and how it doesn’t stop her going travelling and having lots of fun experiences.
  • Kika Guide Dog – Twitter Videos
    Watch the world through Kika’s eyes as she takes her owner Dr Amit Patel around London, with videos showing the good and the bad about their journeys together.
  • Kristin Smedley – Website / Youtube
    Kristin, a mother of 2 blind children, is a disability advocate, motivational speaker, author and blogger, raising awareness and supporting those living with sight loss.
  • Lauren’s Inspirations – Blog / Youtube
    Lauren posts about her life with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, assistive technology, music, crafts, beauty and more.
  • Lauren & Sheba – Youtube
    Videos by Lauren, who has albinism and sight loss, about her experiences.
  • Legally Blind Geek – Youtube
    Mike’s videos about Mac accessibility and other topics.
  • Life After Sight Loss – Youtube
    Motivational videos by Derek Daniels about coping with sight loss and using assistive technology.
  • Life Unscripted – Blog
    Blind Beader writes about living with visual impairment and her love of reading.
  • A Little More Understanding – Blog
    Alice writes about living with dyspraxia and nystagmus, as well as other issues relating to disability, mental health, politics, education and more.
  • Live Accessible – Youtube
    Carrie and her son Pablo Joseph have aniridia like me, while her husband Pablo is totally blind. Here they share tips, advice, tutorials and information to help families with sight loss to live in a more accessible way.
  • Low Vision UK: Terry’s View – Blog / Youtube
    Terry’s blog about his experience of living with visual impairment.
  • Lucy Edwards – Website / TikTok / Youtube
    Lucy’s videos about living with sight loss, and her love of beauty and fashion.
  • Luke Sam Sowden – Blog / TikTok / Youtube
    Luke’s posts and videos on disability, beauty, fashion, food, books, films and more.
  • Mel’s Blind Life – Youtube
    Mel’s videos from Australia about living with her visual impairment.
  • Miranda’s Musings – Blog
    Blog by Miranda, a Christian raising awareness of the challenges and experiences of being blind.
  • Molly Burke – Website / TikTok / Youtube
    Molly is a blind activist, TV presenter and motivational speaker, who entertains and educates her millions of followers with videos about her life with sight loss.
  • Molly Watt Talks – Blog / Youtube
    Molly is deafblind due to Usher’s Syndrome, and is a public speaker advocating the provision and use of assistive technology for people with sensory impairments.
  • My Life, My Story – Blog
    Blog by Ellie, sharing her experiences and opinions as a woman within the LGBT community who has a visual impairment, epilepsy and moderate depression.
  • My Take On Disability – Blog
    Blog by Divya, who is visually impaired, raising awareness for people with disabilities and promoting inclusion.
  • My Visually Impaired Life – Youtube
    Videos by Vincent Grasso about his experiences with sight loss and his use of assistive technology.
  • Navigating Chloe’s World – Blog
    Blog written by the mother of Chloe, a deafblind child.
  • Nystagmus In A Nutshell – Blog
    Sophie’s blog about nystagmus and other general things that interest her.
  • Nystagmus Mum – Blog
    Blog by Sue, the mother of a child with nystagmus. She also runs the Nystagmus Network in the UK.
  • Osusome – Instagram
    Anime art by Sophie, who has aniridia like me. I met her at an Aniridia Network meetup.
  • Photo Narrations – Blog
    Blog promoting photo narration to make images accessible to the visually impaired.
  • Planes, Trains & Canes – Youtube
    A series of videos from a blind traveller to different cities by public transport.
  • Quinny44 – Youtube
    Youtube channel about a lady’s experiences with nystagmus.
  • Random Musings Of A Dyspraxic – Blog
    Blog by Phillippa about her daily life with dyspraxia, partial sight and scoliosis.
  • RD Ramblings – Blog
    Emma’s thoughts and observations as a retinal detachment patient.
  • Rock For Disability – Blog
    Blog by Emma, who has cerebral palsy and is blind, about her love of gigs, concerts, films, sports, arts and other entertainment.
  • Rock The Cane – Facebook
    A campaign to change the world’s perception about sight loss.
  • Samantha Bonouvrie – Youtube
    Art and photography videos by Samantha, who has nystagmus.
  • Samantha Coleman – Youtube
    Videos by Deafblind actor and inclusivity activist Samantha.
  • Sandy’s View – Blog
    Blog created by The Chicago Lighthouse, to answer commonly asked questions about living with visual impairment.
  • The Secret Blind – Blog
    This blogger shares their experiences of living with sight loss, showing that it is still possible to lead a positive life, because “there is a beauty in difference”.
  • See My Way – Blog
    Blog written by Elin Williams, discussing her volunteering work in Belgium and her general experiences of living with sight loss. I got to meet her at a Christmas meal in December 2018.
  • See The World Thru My Eyes – Blog
    Blog by Antonia, a blind millennial, about her experiences.
  • The Shifty Eyes Blog – Blog
    Blog by nystagmus sufferer Jo, featuring various posts about living with the condition, as well as other topics.
  • Sightless Musings – Blog
    Anél’s blog about her experiences as a blind person and raising disability awareness.
  • Sightly Imperfect Stagey – Blog
    Leah’s blog about accessible theatre experiences for visually impaired and disabled people.
  • Sinéad Kane – Blog / Youtube
    Dr. Sinead Kane is a blind athlete and public speaker who has aniridia like me.
  • Six Blind Kids – Youtube
    Videos by the Bartling family, who have adopted 6 children who happen to be blind, sharing their fun times and experiences.
  • Steve Fox & York The Guide Dog – Youtube
    Videos by an Australian surfer and paddle boarder about his activities and life with Retinitis Pigmentosa.
  • Stories From The Edge Of Blindness – Blog
    Susan’s experiences living with retinitis pigmentosa, along with her poetry and creative writing.
  • Story Of A Blind Life – Blog / Youtube
    Diana’s blog about living with sight loss, along with reviews of books and software, relationship advice, and more.
  • Suddenly Sightless – Podcast / Youtube
    Podcast series by Laura & Alex on daily life with sight loss.
  • Tales Of Northwick – Blog
    A blog written through the wobbly eyes of Northwick Bear who, like his owner Frank, has nystagmus. It has lots of stories about how the condition affects them.
  • The Thinking Mom – Youtube
    Videos by Effie, a psychologist, whose daughter Sofia has aniridia like me.
  • Tommy Edison – Website / TikTok / Youtube
    Tommy is a blind radio presenter and film critic, who has made fun and positive videos answering people’s questions about sight loss.
  • Theory Of A Blind Man – Youtube
    Whistler’s videos about blindness, entertainment, gaming and more.
  • This Blind Hijabi Can – Blog
    Blog by Khafsa Gulam about life as a blind Muslim in the UK.
  • Through My Lenses – Blog
    Stunning images by internationally renowned legally blind photographer David Katz. See my mention of his speech at the Nystagmus Network Open Day.
  • Tina Franziska Paulick – Blog
    Tina is a visually impaired German blogger living in Ireland, writing about her experiences and adventures.
  • Undercover Superhero – Blog
    Ami’s blog about living with Transverse Myelitis, Ataxia, hearing difficulties, central vision loss, and other health conditions.
  • Unsightly Opinions – Youtube
    Videos by a blind lady with albinism from Canada.
  • Veronica With Four Eyes – Blog
    Veronica’s blog about visual impairment, assistive technology and accessibility.
  • VI Blind Resources – Blog / TikTok / Youtube
    Chelsey’s blog and audio described vlogs about life with sight loss.
  • VI Critic – Blog
    Reviews of theatre shows in Essex and London’s West End by Alex, who is visually impaired.
  • Visually Impaired Designer – Youtube
    Angela’s videos about visual impairment, technology, braille and advice on designing for people with sight loss.
  • Was That A Dinosaur? – Blog
    Blog by Lynne about her life with Charles Bonnet Syndrome.
  • Where’s Your Dog? – Blog
    Meagan’s blog about living with a visual impairment, the technology she uses to help her, and other relevant topics that interest her.
  • Wibbly Wobbly Eyes – Blog
    A blog by Leah about nystagmus and her daily life.
  • Wilmot’s Writings – Blog
    Laura’s blog about being visually impaired and a guide dog owner, plus posts about college, gender equality, LGBT issues, entertainment and politics.
  • Your Canadian Blind Girl – Youtube
    Ashley’s videos about her life with blindness, along with makeup tutorials and more.

Disability Bloggers

  • Andrea Lausell – Website / TikTokYoutube
    Andrea’s videos about living with spina bifida and other disability issues.
  • Andy Signs – Youtube
    Andy’s videos spreading awareness of deaf culture and American Sign Language.
  • Annie Elainey – Youtube
    Annie’s videos on issues relating to disability, chronic illness, body image, gender, LGBT+ race, mental health, and her own creative arts work.
  • Bendy Blogs – Blog
    Blog by Sophie, a disability rights campaigner, about living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).
  • Blindly Wheeling – Blog
    Wheelchair user Paul is a keen advocate and promoter of accessibility for all, and is the founder of Disabled Access Day.
  • Brains On Wheels – Blog / Youtube
    Ailsa’s blog about life with cerebral palsy and the things she enjoys.
  • Can I Play That? – Blog
    Accessibility resource for players and developers of video games, with reviews, commentaries, opinions, accessibility guides and community engagement.
  • Carrie-Ann Lightley – Blog
    Carrie-Ann’s accessible travel blog, featuring reviews, guides and tips for travelling as a wheelchair user in the UK and abroad. I met her at the AccessAble stand at Naidex 2019.
  • Charlotte Eades – Youtube
    Charlotte was a very strong and inspirational young lady who posted videos documenting her life with cancer. Her family have kept her channel online since her untimely death, expanding it with further videos about Charlotte’s life and the Charlotte’s BAG charity set up in her memory.
  • Colly Of The Wobbles – Youtube
    Shelly, who has a heart condition and EDS, posts a variety of videos on her channel, about books, disability, body image, poetry, LGBTQ+, and other things she enjoys.
  • Cool Breeze & Dirty Knees – Blog
    Blog by Hannah, a disability campaigner and music lover, who has EDS and writes about her experiences and anything else that interests her.
  • Deafie Blogger – Blog
    E’s blog about her daily barriers, challenges and achievement’s as a deaf person.
  • Diary Of A Disabled Person – Blog
    Emma’s biographical blog about her life as a wheelchair user.
  • Disability Visibility Project – Blog
    Posts content about ableism, intersectionality, culture, media and politics from a disabled perspective.
  • From Sarah Lex – Blog
    Sarah’s blog about disability, beauty and lifestyle.
  • Gem Turner – Blog / Youtube
    Gem’s blog about life as a wheelchair user and all the things she enjoys, including fashion, beauty and technology.
  • Gin & Lemonade – Blog
    Blog by Lorna, who has cerebral palsy, about her thoughts and experiences.
  • Ginny Butcher – Website
    Ginny is an experienced disability activist with Muscular Dystrophy, working with a wide variety of individuals and organisations to advocate and educate.
  • Hannah’s Hope – Blog
    Hannah’s blog about her experiences as a powerchair user, her work as a disability activist and her support of Starlight Children’s Foundation.
  • I Need A Cool Name – Youtube
    Vlogs by Isaac about his adventures as a disabled person.
  • Jay On Life – Youtube
    Jay is a disabled blogger who promotes accessible places to visit in London and posts about other places she’s visited around the world.
  • Jessica Kellgren-Fozard – Blog / Youtube
    Jessica, a deaf lesbian, TV presenter and producer, publishes posts and videos about disability, travel, films, food, fashion and more.
  • Just Geeking By – Blog
    Heather’s blog focusing on geekiness, disability and beauty topics.
  • Landie – Youtube
    Wheelchair user Landie posts vlogs and funny videos on his channel.
  • Life Of Pippa – Blog
    Pippa’s blog about living with a chronic illness, her love of books and theatre, and more.
  • Life On The Slow Lane – Blog
    Blog by Carrie, who has Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, writing about her own experiences and interviewing other disabled people.
  • A Life On Wheels – Blog
    Ross has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and blogs about his experiences and disability access.
  • The Life Quadriplegic – Blog
    Blog by Alex, a quadriplegic powerchair user, talking about disability, technology, mental health, travel, music festivals and more.
  • Lifestyle & Living – Blog
    Melanie’s blog about living with an auto-immune conditon.
  • Living Able – Youtube
    Kristen’s videos giving advice, support and inspiration to other disabled people to transform their lives, and discussing her own experiences.
  • Lucy Watts MBE – Blog / Youtube
    Lucy is a disability activist, charity ambassador, public speaker and blogger, raising awareness of issues affecting people with chronic illnesses.
  • Mik Scarlet – BlogYoutube
    Mik is a broadcaster, journalist and musician, and posts about disability, accessibility, fitness, TV appearances, music videos and other projects.
  • Moanments & Memories – Blog
    Melany’s blog about chronic illness, accessibility, lifestyle and travel.
  • Neuro Wonderful – Blog / Youtube
    Amythest’s videos and posts about autism, neurodiversity and disability.
  • No Superhero – Blog
    Blog by Heather, who has cerebral palsy and Scheuermann’s, about disability, mental health and lifestyle.
  • Notebook Of A Neckbreather – Blog
    Blog by wheelchair user Alex, about disability, lifestyle, beauty, football and travel.
  • The One Arm Wonder – Blog
    Blog by a lady with only one arm, to show that she can still do what she loves.
  • pppphd – Blog
    Blog by Dr Alex Lee, a PhD researcher, about her life with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  • Rev. Rebecca Writes – Blog
    Rebecca’s blog about disability awareness, faith, books and poetry.
  • Rikki Poynter – Website / TikTok / Youtube
    Rikki is a deaf vlogger who posts videos about deaf awareness, accessibility, mental health issues and much more.
  • Sam Downie – Website / Youtube
    Sam is a neurodiverse TV and radio presenter, podcaster, actor, filmmaker, model, motion capture performer and public speaker.
  • Shona Louise – Blog / Youtube / Photography Website
    Shona regularly posts about her experiences as a powerchair user, campaigns for accessibility and inclusion, and showcases her love of theatre.
  • Simply Emma – Blog / Youtube
    Blog by Emma, a powerchair user, reviewing accessible travel and concerts.
  • Steph Weller – Blog / Youtube
    Steph has Spondylolisthesis and is a model, actress, singer, business owner, blogger and inspirational speaker.
  • Tincture of Museum – Blog
    Blog by Claire Madge about autism in museums, her work as a museum volunteers, and reviews of exhibitions. See also her website about Autism In Museums.
  • Uncanny Vivek – Blog / Youtube
    Vivek Gohil, a wheelchair user, posts about accessible gaming, assistive technology, comic books, mental health and disability representation. I joined him and 2 other guests on a CXcon accessibility panel discussion in 2020.
  • View From A Walking Frame – Blog / Youtube
    Nicola Golding’s blog posts and videos about her life with cerebral palsy.
  • Wandering Everywhere – Blog
    Amy hasn’t let Chron’s Disease stop her from travelling all over the world and exploring lots of wonderful places, as her blog proves.
  • Wheelescapades – Blog
    Gemma’s blog about life as a wheelchair user, including trips around the UK, festivals and gigs, eating out and drinking tea, general musings and much more.
  • When Tania Talks – Blog / Youtube
    Tania’s blog about life with chronic illnesses including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, where she discusses disability, fashion, beauty, parenting and more.
  • Wonder Moms – Blog
    Information and advice from 3 mothers on bringing up special needs children.

Organisations – Sight Loss & Disability

You can see details of my involvement with some of these organisations (and others) in my blog entries relating to Visual Impairment & AccessibilityMedia & Public Speaking, Guest Posts & Interviews and Mentions & Tags.

Podcasts – Sight Loss & Disability

London Blogs & Videos

My Top 10

  • Geoff Marshall – Youtube
    Videos about the Tube and London railway network, and train travel across the UK. See my posts about the All The Stations project.
  • IanVisits – Blog
    Ian’s blog about some of the more unusual events in London, and news about London’s transport systems. His email newsletter of weekly events is great too.
  • Jay Foreman – WebsiteYoutube
    Jay makes educational videos that are incredibly well edited, very funny and really interesting, including his great Unfinished London and Map Men series.
  • A Lady In London – Blog
    The adventures of a London-based travel blogger and public speaker.
  • Londonist – Website / YouTube
    Articles and videos all about London attractions, events, transport, hidden secrets, and lots of other things. It’s an essential site to keep an eye on for upcoming things to do.
  • London Wlogger – Blog
    Stu’s blog about his exploratory London walks, discovering the city’s history and hidden gems.
  • Time Out – Website / Youtube
    Extensive guide to what’s happening in London, including events and attractions.
  • Tubemapper – Blog
    Photography around the London Underground.
  • Visit London – Website / Youtube
    Official guide to London, with stuff to do, places to go and things to see.
  • Watched Walker – Youtube
    Real-time videos walking through parts of London, and other locations in the UK & abroad.

Other London Creators

  • About London Laura – Blog
    Laura’s blog about things to see and do in London and elsewhere.
  • Being Erica – Blog
    Erica’s blog about London, travel, style and food.
  • Bumpkin Betty – Blog
    Travel and lifestyle blog by a lady who is actually called Jaclyn.
  • Charlie, Distracted – Blog
    Charlie’s about London, travel and food.
  • Cheese And Biscuits – Blog
    Restaurant reviews in London and elsewhere.
  • City Hacks London – Youtube
    Video guides by Syrus about everything to do with London, for tourists and residents.
  • Experience London – Blog
    Blog by Transport for London highlighting things to do.
  • The Foodie Diaries – Blog
    Ayushi’s guide to the best food in London and Bombay.
  • John Edwards – Youtube
    Beautiful aerial footage of London and other places.
  • Joolz Guides – Youtube
    London history walks, plus travel documentaries in other locations.
  • London Planner – Website / Youtube
    Free app and videos showcasing the best things to do in the city.
  • London’s Screen Archives – Website / Youtube
    Historical footage of London collected from various sources.
  • Love & London – Blog / Youtube
    Great guides for London visitors by Jess, inspiring people to explore all that the city has to offer.
  • The Ministry Of Curiosity – Blog
    Blog exploring the best of London’s museums, with information on new events and exhibitions.
  • Perry O’Bree – TikTok / Youtube
    London theatre and entertainment reviews and videos, including accessibility reviews with wheelchair user and blogger Shona Louise.
  • Poppy Loves London – Blog / Youtube
    London lifestyle, food and travel blog by Poppy.
  • Rob’s London – Youtube
    Videos exploring the city’s history, transport, true crime stories and more.
  • Sunny In London – Blog / Youtube
    Sunny’s blog about the best things to do in the city.
  • Thinking Bob – BlogYoutube
    Social group who put on a wide variety of fun events.

Other London Youtube Channels

Entertainment Sites & Videos

4 thoughts on “Blogs, Videos & Podcasts”

  1. Thank you for featuring us, and thank you for such a wonderful list! You gave me lots of blogs and Youtube channels to follow. We have a youtube channel too. Pretty new to be honest, but… 🙂

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      1. Yeah, you’ll be fine. We’re all pretty clueless when we start out, and even now I can’t claim to be an expert! But as you produce more content and play about with things, the more you’ll figure out what works best for you. It’s a learning curve, but an interesting one. 🙂


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