Scam Email – iTunes

I’ve had another scam email recently that I wanted to quickly share with you, because it’s another one that’s fairly common, similar to ones for Paypal. But this time it’s from someone pretending to be iTunes, which is of course used by millions of people, myself included.

It’s a very short email, and the main red flags are very easy to spot. However, it does have a sneaky trick up its sleeve to be careful of, that I’ve not seen in my other spam emails so far.

Update: Since writing this post, I’ve had a 2nd email, which is identical except for a few minor differences, which I’ve noted that below as well.

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My Assistive iPhone Features & Apps

Thank you to everybody for the lovely reactions to my previous post about My Visual Impairment Aids & Gadgets, especially after the RNIB kindly shared it on Facebook and Twitter, where it got a particularly big response. I’m very glad it’s proven so useful, and it’s been great to see other people sharing what they use as a result.

So this post and video is a follow-up to that, looking at the accessibility features and favourite apps I use on my iPhone. I’m not sponsored by anyone to do this or affiliated with any companies mentioned here, I just wanted to share the things that I use and enjoy. So I hope you find this post interesting, and feel free to share the features and apps that you use too.

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Organising My Music Collection

Over quite a few posts now, I’ve gone through my rather large music collection. And, in summary, my top 40 artists would be Queen (top of my list, including solo work), The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Status Quo, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Electric Light Orchestra, Madness, Monty Python, ABBA, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Eagles, Hank Marvin, The Shadows, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Blondie, Suzi Quatro, Slade, Sweet, T. Rex, Judas Priest, Guns N’ Roses, The Police, Ace Of Base, Fleetwood Mac, Free, Bad Company, Cream, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Ian Dury, Chas & Dave, Murray Gold, Kerry Ellis, The Kinks and ZZ Top.

So, to round it all off, I thought I’d write about how I keep it all organised in iTunes on my computer, which has ended up being quite a long post in itself. Ultimately though, the obvious beauty of having music files stored digitally means you can rearrange them and tag them however you like. You’re not limited to how things are presented to you on CDs or as downloads, you can organise things in whatever way suits you, if you have the time and inclination for it. So over the years I’ve gradually customised my collection in ways that are sometimes different from the original albums I started with.

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Using RNIB Overdrive

Recently I wrote about audiobooks, including an overview of the RNIB Overdrive service, where you can download books for free from the RNIB’s Talking Book library. It’s a brilliant service with a huge number of titles to choose from, so it’s well worth checking out if you enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks. And in this post, I’m going to illustrate how we use it in my household, so you get a feel for how it works.

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50 Random Facts About Me

This is an idea I’ve seen elsewhere that I thought might be fun to do, so you can find out a bit more about me. A few of these facts you’ll know from elsewhere in my blog, but most I’ve never mentioned here before.

Since posting this, I’ve also made a video, which contains some of the same information as this post, but also some different facts as well, so do check it out:

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The VIP Daily Living Tag

There’s a new Visually Impaired Persons Tag doing the rounds at the moment, initiated by My Blurred World and Life of a Blind Girl, and Fashioneyesta has also responded to it at the time of writing. They’re all superb posts by superb bloggers, so they’re worth checking out. Although I’ve not been tagged myself, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and join in anyway, as I do think they’re great questions. So hopefully nobody will mind. 🙂

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Guide Dog Access Denials

I don’t have a guide dog, because I can see well enough not to need one. But I have many friends who do use them, and I would certainly consider applying for one if my sight ever deteriorated to a level where it might be useful. They are the most beautiful and amazing animals, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for them, and for those who train and use them. They aren’t just pets, they’re a real lifeline to their owners, enabling so much freedom and independence.

And yet, sadly, there are still people out there who don’t understand or respect guide dogs or the blind people who need them – something which has, yet again, become clear in the past few days.

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