Journal – April 2006

It’s time for another set of entries from my journal. We’ve now got broadband at home for the first time, I’ve got some equipment to help me do my job from Access To Work, and I’ve attended another printing trade show with my work colleagues. There have also been more DVD and music purchases, the return of Doctor Who for its second series, and various other bits and pieces as usual. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – January-February 2005

Welcome to another set of journal highlights. I’m combining 2 months together here, as I haven’t written a huge amount for each. But I’m currently in the early stages of a new temporary job with my local council, working in their Printing department. There won’t be always a lot to say about it, and there are some details I’ve left out for confidentiality, but you should still get a good sense of how I’ve been getting on. And as always there’s plenty of entertainment I’ve been enjoying, plus another top 100 list from the TV, about music videos this time. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – November-December 2004

Here’s another instalment of entries from my journal, bringing us to the end of 2004. I’ve been doing a work experience placement at my local council, and I’ve continued to enjoy my music and DVD purchases as usual.

Unfortunately, however, I don’t have any entries for December as they were accidentally deleted! So I’ve just briefly mentioned the key points from the month, and added another top 100 list to make up for it. That anomaly aside, however, I hope you find these entries interesting!

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Journal – January-March 2002

Welcome to my first ever set of personal journal entries. This is the first time I’ve started keeping a diary, and the first time I’ve written anything about my life online. I just thought I would start these during my first year at university to see how it goes. I’ve edited entries where necessary to protect the privacy of myself and others, remove out of context references, etc. But I’ll be adding relevant links, photos and videos where possible too.

For those who are curious, I am using assistive technology at university, funded with help from the Disabled Students Allowance, as I use magnification and speech software, a CCTV video magnifier, and a scanner with OCR software so I can import typed notes and pages from books. I don’t often use speech generally, but it’s essential when you have a ton of stuff to read! I’m also living at home, as I’m close enough to commute by train, which saves a huge amount on accommodation costs.

But anyway, let’s get on with the journal, which I hope you find of some curious interest and a bit of fun!

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