Virgin Media Installation

I’ve been in London for just over a month now, and so far things are going well. As anticipated and hoped, it’s been a much needed and refreshing change of routine, and the last few weeks have been pretty busy as you can imagine. I’ll write about the many things I’ve been up to soon.

The one thing we have had trouble with, however, is getting the internet set up, which is why I’ve been so quiet here. We had been assured by BT that they could transfer our broadband account to our new property without any problems, which we were glad to hear. But unfortunately, as I explained in detail in my Christmas journal, their system got completely confused by the additional homeworking line my employer had installed. So the transfer kept failing, and after spending ages on the phone we cancelled our account.

We then signed up to Virgin Media instead, taking advantage of a generous offer via my employer’s benefits scheme, whereby I got free installation and a £10 per month discount for the first year. Since then I’m happy to say that the switch to Virgin has been successful so far. They’re not perfect – who is? – but on the whole we’re very happy with what we’ve got. So I thought I’d do a review of their service to give my first impressions.

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Journal – April 2006

It’s time for another set of entries from my journal. We’ve now got broadband at home for the first time, I’ve got some equipment to help me do my job from Access To Work, and I’ve attended another printing trade show with my work colleagues. There have also been more DVD and music purchases, the return of Doctor Who for its second series, and various other bits and pieces as usual. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – March 2006

Welcome to the next set of posts from my journal. This month started off pretty quiet, much like the previous two, but things got very busy near the end with a brand new PC, preparations for the installation of broadband, repairs for other equipment, new DVD and music purchases, and various other little things. So quite a bit happened in the end, and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

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