Journal – March-April 2009

Here’s a bumper batch of journal entries. In March I had a lot of fun with a few of my friends while taking an extended break in Exeter, plus I enjoyed Comic Relief on TV, and there were various things I bought and watched as usual. But I’ve also included my first entry from April as well, because next time I’ll be doing a special post about my holiday to Spain. So there’s a lot to get through here, I hope you enjoy it!

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Journal – October 2002

Here’s another look at some of my journal entries. Here you’ll find out the subjects I’ll be tackling on my next year at university, and more of the DVDs, TV, music and video games I’ve been enjoying. I hope you find it interesting!

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Journal – June 2002

Here we go again, with another month’s worth of entries from my journal. My entries are getting much longer now, and I hope they continue to interest you.

I’m not a football fan in general, but I do like to support our country in the World Cup, so it does get mentioned a lot this month. But there’s also the special Golden Jubilee concert for the Queen, socialising with friends, my final exams from my first year at university, and more purchases of music, VHS videos and DVDs. So there’s quite a bit to get through here. I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – January-March 2002

Welcome to my first ever set of personal journal entries. This is the first time I’ve started keeping a diary, and the first time I’ve written anything about my life online. I just thought I would start these during my first year at university to see how it goes. I’ve edited entries where necessary to protect the privacy of myself and others, remove out of context references, etc. But I’ll be adding relevant links, photos and videos where possible too.

For those who are curious, I am using assistive technology at university, funded with help from the Disabled Students Allowance, as I use magnification and speech software, a CCTV video magnifier, and a scanner with OCR software so I can import typed notes and pages from books. I don’t often use speech generally, but it’s essential when you have a ton of stuff to read! I’m also living at home, as I’m close enough to commute by train, which saves a huge amount on accommodation costs.

But anyway, let’s get on with the journal, which I hope you find of some curious interest and a bit of fun!

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