Journal – June 2002

Here we go again, with another month’s worth of entries from my journal. My entries are getting much longer now, and I hope they continue to interest you.

I’m not a football fan in general, but I do like to support our country in the World Cup, so it does get mentioned a lot this month. But there’s also the special Golden Jubilee concert for the Queen, socialising with friends, my final exams from my first year at university, and more purchases of music, VHS videos and DVDs. So there’s quite a bit to get through here. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday June 1, 2002

Happy Jubilee Weekend! Congratulations to The Queen!

It’s the Jubilee weekend, and it’s sunny! France have lost their first World Cup match, and Germany thrashed Saudi Arabia 8-0! What a score! SA must have been playing very badly indeed. How they managed to qualify in the first place may perhaps be a bit of a mystery now. Then again, Germany had to go into play-offs after our 5-1 win over them, hehe

Most Saturday night TV is rubbish these days, but now the good shows are behaving like buses – you get nothing for ages, then everything comes at once! There are 2 Queen programmes on Channel 4 tonight, a new series of The Brian Conley Show on ITV (he’s funny, plus the classical Jubilee concert on BBC1. The concert on Monday sounds better though, with Queen being there, I’m really looking forward to that.

As for Big Brother, I have no interest at all this year, just like last year. I had some in the first year, but it’s gone since then. I’ve seen bits (it’s only fair before I give a real opinion) and everyone is so boring! One of them walked out of their own accord, saying they didn’t know what it would be like! What?! Hello?!!! Didn’t you see the first 2 series? What did you expect?

Other than that, it is very hot and sunny now, and I’ve managed to get a good bit of revision done today, so I’m happy about that. Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend.

Oh, and one more thing before tomorrow: COME ON ENGLAND!!! It’s a tough group, but I know they will give it their best shot.

Sunday June 2, 2002

The score was 1-1 in the England v Sweden match this morning. It’s better than a loss, but we did play badly in the second half. Let’s hope they improve a bit, it’s Argentina next I think, and they’re harder than Sweden!

On a better note, the 2 Queen programmes last night were good. The classical concert was also brilliant, I saw quite a bit of it. The pop concert is next, that’s tomorrow.

Tuesday June 4, 2002

Well, what can I say about the Party At The Palace pop concert for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee last night? One word – WOW! When we want to celebrate something, we do it in style! It was an excellent concert overall, and the fireworks display that followed was great too. I will have to get it on DVD on 1st July when it comes out (plus the classical concert from Saturday, which was also very good).

The concert started in true style with Brian May performing our national anthem from the roof of Buckingham Palace. Talk about iconic, it was an amazing moment that will go down in music history.

Other performers included Ricky Martin, S Club 7, Atomic Kitten, Blue, Cliff Richard, The Corrs, Toploader, Ozzy Osbourne, Shirley Bassey, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Will Young and many others. Phil Collins was on the drums practically all night, although he did sing once.

Queen also got to have a go of course. Brian May performed on his guitar with many of the artists, but Queen did have a section of their own too, with 4 of their hits. The first was Radio Ga Ga, although not the full version. Roger Taylor was on vocals for a change. He then went back to the drums and out came the cast of the Queen musical We Will Rock You to do the next 3 hits, starting with We Will Rock You, with Brian leading on vocals.

Next was… interesting. We Are The Champions was the song. Who sang it? Will Young. You know, the Pop Idol winner. A perfectly nice guy, but perhaps not the person I’d like to have sung it. It was ok, but I could have thought of many better artists.

Last but not least was… you guessed it… Bohemian Rhapsody! Yay! The cast of the musical did this, with Brian and Roger of course. This was an awesome performance because, with the benefit of the full cast, they could actually perform the middle operatic section live. This is unlike Queen’s concerts where they play the original track for that bit and leave the stage. So it was great, Freddie Mercury would have loved it.

Another highlight was Ozzy Osbourne, who performed Paranoid. He did behave himself, except for the fact that he tried to come on stage too early before his introduction was finished. Eric Clapton was also good, performing the full version of Layla (with the instrumental section on the end). Cliff Richard performed Livin’ Doll, and then Move It with S Club 7. This was S Club 7’s final appearance, as they’re going down to just 6 members apparently, but I’m not bothered about that.

Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys played on behalf of America, and was very good too. Elton John performed his newest song. And Paul McCartney (with others) performed hits such as When My Guitar Gently Weeps and All You Need Is Love, which was sung around the country earlier in the day as the Jubilee ‘anthem’. He then came back with everyone else to perform Hey Jude as a grand finale to the whole show.

I could go on forever, but I won’t. It lasted 3 and a half hours (30 minutes longer than it was scheduled to). With 12,000 people in the Palace gardens to watch it and 1 million watching on screens outside, it was a huge success. The Queen then went and launched a rocket, which fired down the street to light a huge beacon, triggering a big fireworks display on the roof of the palace, all set to music from over the years – including a section of Bohemian Rhapsody, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones), Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley and the Comets), Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Williams) and others. It was great, and the palace was lit up with various images too, from flags to space, it was lovely.

So, all in all, a superb night. There was the odd technical hitch, but in something this size, what do you expect? They were only minor faults anyway. Well done all!

Friday June 7, 2002

I had my Management Concepts and Practices exam today – 2 and a half hours long. I had to answer 3 questions out of 10. Might sound easy, but you haven’t seen the questions! It wasn’t too bad. I managed to pick 3 and type 8 pages of text about them. And thankfully I’ve got the whole of next week off, so I can relax until the bookkeeping course the week after.

Once I left the exam, I went and bought a DVD magazine, and a PS2 magazine with a DVD video on the front, and Father Ted Series 3 on DVD, and Speed: Special Edition on DVD, so there’s plenty to enjoy there.

Oh, and one other thing – England beat Argentina 1-0! Well done England, keep it up! I’m not really a footy fan, but when it comes to the World Cup, and an important match like that, I support my country. Not quite to the mad extent that some do, but I’m still very happy for them.

Tuesday June 11, 2002

Ah, it’s good to have a week off. As an update to my last entry, the DVDs I bought are great. I’ve seen all of Father Ted Series 3 and it is hilarious, I think it’s the best of all the series. Fans of the show have to own it. I’m now in the process of watching the extras for the Speed: Special Edition DVD, there’s quite a few of them.

Anyway, back to today, and France are out of the World Cup! I can’t believe it! Commiserations of course, if any French people happen to read this. But it’s a surprise as the team were favourites. Still, we have to play Nigeria tomorrow and I have my doubts, sadly, as to whether we’ll win or not. First, just because we play well in one game does not guarantee we’ll do well in another. Secondly, we’ve been lucky in that we’ve been playing indoors, in air-conditioned stadiums, up to now. This match is outside, and it’s going to be hot, very hot. The Nigerians are used to that, but our team isn’t. Thirdly, there’s bad weather on the way in the form of a typhoon. It won’t hit directly on them at the time, but the weather will still be quite bad. Still, fingers crossed, we can still get through this. We only need to get a draw. Good luck England!

Oh, and still on sport, well done to Lennox Lewis on beating Mike Tyson in the boxing match this weekend. It’s quite a good week to be British right now – Jubilee celebrations, beating Argentina at football and a British guy winning a boxing match!

Ok, back to today. I went to Exeter to meet up with my best friend, and his cousin who had come over to visit him, and we looked around a couple of shops before heading to Pizza Hut, where we did the “all you can eat” buffet. For just £4.99 you can eat all that you like from a choice of pizza, salad items and pasta. It’s great value. You have to pay for drinks on top of that, but you can get free refills on soft drinks, so it’s basically all you can drink too. And then we decided to go to McDonald’s to get McFlurries to finish off with.

After that we spent 2 and a half hours ten pin bowling at the local Megabowl. They have a special deal where, for £6 each, you can have as many games as you like within a 4 hour period (there are 2 such periods you can do this in). With only 3 of us, we managed to get about 6 games in. I’m not great, but I did fairly well. My friend’s cousin is superb, he does quite a lot of it. His best score was 163! So we had great fun.

I also ended up buying a Father’s Day card (it’s this coming Sunday, don’t forget!). Plus, I got the complete Minder Series 4 on DVD. I have the first 4 series on DVD now, they’re releasing them bit by bit. I started getting them as my parents suggested I might like them, and ot’s a great show! It’s a mixture of comedy and drama, with a bit of cool fighting involved sometimes too. There are 10 series in all, it’s going to take a little while to get them all.

Finally, I got Capital Gold: Rock Legends on CD. Capital Gold are a radio station playing classic music from the last few decades. They’re mainly based in London, if you couldn’t guess by the name, and have been releasing various CDs of great music for a little while now. I’ve got quite a few of the songs on this new double CD, but certainly not all, so it’s another great addition to my collection.

I’m meeting up with my mates again tomorrow. There’s a pool club (as in cues and balls, not water) that my best friend’s a member of, so we may have a few games in there. Other than that, best of luck to our England team for tomorrow – they can do it, let’s hope they do!

Wednesday June 12, 2002

England and Ireland are through to the next stage of the World Cup finals, woohoo! The England match against Nigeria may not have been very exciting, but at least we stopped them scoring. They were already out anyway, the score wouldn’t have made any difference to them, but they would have liked to have beaten us I expect. Plus, both France and Argentina are out! This is despite the fact that people said one of them was likely to win. Hehe!

I met up with my friend and his cousin again today. We showed his cousin around a few shops, as he wanted to get something for Father’s Day and a present for his girlfriend too. We took him to KFC, which he’s never been to before, but he liked it. KFC and Pizza Hut are probably the best for fast food I think. McDonald’s is next, then Burger King is last, I don’t like it there as much. It’s ok, and I will eat there, but it’s not as nice as the others.

We went into a pool club too and had a few games. My friend’s cousin is great at that as well as bowling. We met up with another friend of mine as well and spent a bit of time with her, before we went our separate ways.

Saturday June 15, 2002

Well, what can I say? We made it through the group stage, and now we’ve beaten Denmark 3-0! Well done guys! All were scored in the first half too. The first one was scored after 5 minutes, with some help from Ferdinand but it looks like it was also an own goal by Denmark’s own goalkeeper! Anyway, we’re either playing Belgium or Brazil next. So far so good, but let’s not get our hopes too high yet. We’ve had lots of surprises in the World Cup so far, there are plenty more ahead I expect.

I’ve also started watching Series 4 of Minder that I got on DVD. It’s brilliant, as usual.

Sunday June 16, 2002

The World Cup springs yet more surprises upon us. Senegal are in their first World Cup, and have already beaten Sweden to make it through to the quarter finals. We’re playing either Belgium or Brazil (their match is tomorrow). Our next match is on Friday.

Big commiserations go to the Republic of Ireland though. They came back to equal the score, but that only meant the dreaded Golden Goal. That’s a moment nobody wants to reach, but it’s the knockout stage so there’s no choice. Nobody scored the Golden Goal, so it went to penalties and Spain beat them 3-2. Bad luck guys.

Tomorrow I start that 3-day bookkeeping course, with an exam on the 4th day. Still, it’s the last thing I have to do this academic year, so it’s not too bad.

Monday June 17, 2002

Well, the bookkeeping course is ok. We’ve each got a big folder from KPMG with the handouts about what we have to do. It’s not too tedious as we talk about something for about 10 minutes, then have a go at a big question about it for a while. The next two days are going to be quite long though, it’ll be nice when it’s over. The results of our exam on Thursday are published this Friday (there aren’t many of us, that’s why it’s so quick). I probably won’t go to check them until next week when the others are due to come out, unless I get them through the post anyway (which I should do, I hope).

Elsewhere, England will be playing Brazil on Friday after they beat Belgium 2-0, with both goals being in the second half. Brazil are favourites for the cup, while we’re second favourites. It’s going to be a tough match. Brazil have quite a poor defence, but good forward players. England is capable of beating them, we know that. But whether they can or not is an entirely different matter, they don’t always play at their best. Although I think Sven will make sure they will, but to be honest it’s great just to get this far, especially after knocking out Argentina. The USA beat Mexico this morning 2-0 as well. Let’s just hope the England v Brazil match doesn’t end up being decided over a Golden Goal or – even worse – penalties.

Tuesday June 18, 2002

Turkey have beaten Japan in the World Cup and, even more surprisingly, South Korea beat Italy. It was 1-1 at full time, then a Golden Goal by South Korea clinched it for them. People are getting ready for our match against Brazil on Friday. Brazil and England are the top two favourites in the cup, so it’s very much like how people wanted the final itself to be, but this is only the quarter-final. Whoever wins this match has a good chance to win the whole championship. It’ll be a tough game – but I won’t watch it live as it’s in the morning and after this bookkeeping course finishes on Thursday, I’m going to want a lie-in! The course is going ok, some bits are easier than others, but I should be able to get the 40% needed to pass on Thursday. We’ll soon find out anyway!

Wednesday June 19, 2002

We only had to do a half-day of the bookkeeping course today, the exam is tomorrow morning. It should go ok, it didn’t turn out too bad in the end, it’s not too hard *crosses fingers*. The results come out on Friday for that exam, I think all the others come out next week, so I’ll check them all then. And there’s no football to comment on today for a change!

Thursday June 20, 2002

Well, the bookkeeping course is over. We did a 2-hour exam on it today. The first section was multiple choice (35%) and the second section had 4 longer questions (65%). The results come out tomorrow, but I’m not going in. I should be able to get them next week with all the others, although I don’t know what day they come out.

Anyway, because that exam has been done – that’s it! I have no more work to do for the first year of uni! It’s all over until October now, so I get a nice long lazy summer. I haven’t worked out if I’ll do anything special or not yet. There’s no work, assuming I don’t have to do any resits in September, but I’m pretty confident that I won’t have to do those. But you never know.

Right, on to more important business: COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be a very tough match against Brazil in our quarter-final clash tomorrow morning. I haven’t decided whether or not to get up early enough yet, I think I’ll just see what happens whenever I wake up.

As a bit of fun, I thought you might be interested in a list of 20 coincidences my newspaper pointed out today. They all seem to be pointing to a World Cup win. They are coincidences between the World Cup in 1966 (which we won for those who have no history knowledge at all) and this year, where we are one of the favourites to win. Obviously, this doesn’t all really prove anything, but it is a bit spooky, to be honest, and a bit of a laugh.

The first 15 reasons need to be split for each year…

  • We started with a dismal draw in our first match:
    • 1966: 0-0 with Uruguay
    • 2002: 1-1 with Sweden
  • We beat argentina 1-0:
    • 1966: Geoff Hurst scored
    • 2002: David Beckham scored
  • Our captain was a blonde man from Essex:
    • 1966: Bobby Moore
    • 2002: David Beckham (as if you didn’t know!)
  • The previous champions crashed out in the 1st phase:
    • 1966: Brazil went in the early stages
    • 2002: A shocked France left the tournament early
  • Korea beat Italy:
    • 1966: North Korea beat Italy
    • 2002: South Korea this time
  • Our ‘number 10’ got a hat-trick against Germany:
    • 1966: Geoff Hurst in the #10 shirt scored 3 against Germany in the final.
    • 2002: Michael Owen scored in the qualifying stage. That was our big 5-1 win.
  • Calm, focused managers, even if everyone goes wild:
    • 1966: Sir Alf Ramsey led our team to victory
    • 2002: Sven seems to have done a great job
  • Our team has 3 players from West Ham:
    • 1966: Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters
    • 2002: Trevor Sinclair, Joe Cole, David James
  • Host nation drives on the left:
    • 1966: England won in their home country
    • 2002: The Japanese drive on the left
  • Big crowd support:
    • 1966: Playing at home was obviously a boost for England
    • 2002: We have literally thousands of Japanese England fans
  • A Beatle married a blonde model:
    • 1966: George Harrison & Patti Boyd
    • 2002: Paul McCartney & Heather Mills
  • Labour were in power:
    • 1966: PM Harold Wilson was a fan of Huddersfield Town
    • 2002: PM Tony Blair is a fan of Newcastle
  • Elvis Presley had a chart hit:
  • The USA were at war against an elusive enemy on the other side of the world which few thought could be won:
    • 1966: Vietnam
    • 2002: Afghanistan
  • Britain faced a crisis with a Zimbabwe regime:
    • 1966: Smith
    • 2002: Mugabe

And the other reasons that are common to both years are:

  • Britain and Spain were discussing the future of Gibraltar.
  • The final will be played on the 30th of the month with a ball that is not white.
  • Manchester City were promoted to the English top flight as champions, although this has happened before the 1966 World Cup.
  • Real Madrid are European champions.
  • It is played on islands with a constitutional monarchy. Britain fits that description. Japan is also made of 4 islands and is headed by an emperor.

Oh, and just in case, look at a reason why we won’t win. I think they were struggling to find a reason though, but it’s still a bit weird:

  • Brazil won in 1970 & 1994 –> 1970 + 1994 = 3964
  • Argentina won in 1978 & 1986 –> 1978 + 1986 = 3964
  • Germany won in 1974 & 1990 –> 1974 + 1990 = 3964
  • Brazil won in 1962 & possibly 2002: –> 1962 + 2002 = 3964

Thanks to the Daily Mirror for all that info.

Just thought that would all be fun to look at. If you’re someone who is bored of the World Cup, sorry about all this. I’m not a footie fan normally, but even I want to be behind England all the way, especially with a match like this. Other than that, there isn’t much else to say, except: COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!

Friday June 21, 2002

Brazil beat England 2-1 this morning, so we are out of the World Cup. Brazil are a great side, that cannot be denied. Michael Owen got our goal first in the 22nd minute. Brazil scored 2 minutes into injury time at the end of the first half. Ronaldinho then scored again for them just 5 minutes into the second half – and he got sent off 7 minutes later. With Brazil down to 10 men, perhaps we had a chance, but we just couldn’t get through, despite making 2 substitutions. David Seaman looked quite disappointed about the second goal, as it went over his head. He must be feeling awful right now. But it was a good match, and it’s been great that the England team have got this far to be honest, the players can learn a great deal from it so it hasn’t been in vain. Perhaps we could have performed a bit better in the second half, but we can’t turn back the clock now.

Monday June 24, 2002

I went up to the university today to check the results of the KPMG Bookkeeping Course that I did last week. We needed 40% to pass, and I got 64%, so I’m very happy. The other results will be out later in the week.

After that I went in to meet my mate again this afternoon. We had lunch, then decided to go and do some bowling with that special deal that’s going on – £6 per person for unlimited bowling in a set 4-hour period (2pm-6pm in our case). We didn’t stay all the time, we got there about 3pm and left at about 5pm. It was quite even too, we each got our fair share of strikes and spares, although my mate did do better than me on a couple of games, in one case beating me by approximately 50 points! His highest score was 140! My highest was about 112 I think, so it’s still pretty good. We got 6 games in – as there were only two of us it didn’t take long, so that works out at about £1 each per game, which is very good!

Wimbledon’s started now, more sport to put up with. It’s nowhere near as interesting as the World Cup though. And I’ve also ordered some videos of The Fast Show from the BBC (including the live show) as I haven’t got any of them and there’s not much on TV at the moment.

Wednesday June 26, 2002

Not much to say really, I’ve been fairly lazy, I deserve to be. But I thought I would stick in a few details about exams so that everyone understands what I’m talking about when I get my results. This is quite boring, so if you’re not interested, stop now. That’s all this entry is about.

First, here is how the marks are graded:

  • 0-39% – Fail
  • 40-49% – 3rd
  • 50-59% – 2:2 (lower 2nd)
  • 60-69% – 2:1 (higher 2nd)
  • 70-79% – 1st
  • 80-89% – 1st (exceptional 1st)

Here are the results I have got so far:

  • Statistics – 40% – This was a multiple-choice paper. The maximum mark possible was actually just over 60 in the paper, but anything over 40 was rounded down to 40, and that is the percentage of the Stats course completed so far. So anybody who got the full 40 (most of us) have technically, passed, even though it would be a lower 3rd had we not done the other exam.
  • Accounting:
    • Accounting Exam 1 – 62% – 2:1 – That only counts for 25% of the overall accounting mark, so it counted for 15.5%.
    • Accounting Group Project – 88% – 1st – Another cool result. Only counts for 20% of the accounting marks – 17.6%
    • Overall Accounting Mark So Far – 33.1%
  • Business Law – 76% – 1st – Only one exam required for this module, so this is the overall grade for it too. Pretty good!
  • KPMG Bookeeping – 64% – 2:1 – Not a university course, so probably not graded as a 2:1 by them, but still a good grade, I had to pass to be able to go on to next year.

So, the marks left to be announced are:

  • Computer Skills For Social Studies – Perhaps the most pointless and boring of the modules I took this year, we finished it ages ago and I don’t know if the results were ever published. Apparently they were, but I know I have passed because you get asked to do it again if you haven’t. This mark is unlikely to be published this week because of this, but if I ever find it out I will put it in here.
  • Accounting Exam 2 – Counts for the final 55% of this module.
  • Management Group Project & Exam – Together they give the overall mark for the Management module.
  • Statistics Exam 2 – Counts for the final 60%. Or, if you’re mad, you can reject your result for the first exam and rest the entire 100% on this second exam. But you have to have done extremely badly on the first exam, and I got the maximum mark for it (as did most of the others) so there’s no need to do that.

Right, that’s it! Sorry if this bored people, but I know some people might like to know!

Thursday June 27, 2002

I’m going to see if I can get my results tomorrow. I expect they’ve already been up today, perhaps even yesterday, but I didn’t really want to risk wasting a trip for something that isn’t there. If I were staying in student accommodation I could just wander across campus any time of course. But as I commute from home, as I thankfully live close enough, it’s not worth going in if the results aren’t there yet. Tomorrow is the last day of term though, so they will definitely be up. It should be less busy too if everyone already knows theirs.

Fingers crossed, I haven’t received an e-mail from my personal tutor saying that I’ve failed anything, which is probably what would happen in those circumstances as you need to talk to them about it. But nothing’s certain. I am confident though. I’ll let you know tomorrow anyway.

The Fast Show videos I got are brill, so that’s something else to keep me occupied. I’ll be getting some more DVDs soon as well, so I’ll have plenty to watch for a while, including the videos and DVDs I already have.

One more thing… Will Tim Henman win Wimbledon? It’s unlikely to be honest! He’s ok, but he’s certainly not the best. People are just getting hopeful because it’s the Golden Jubilee year. Still, stranger things have happened!

Friday June 28, 2002


My first year at uni has been a success. The noticeboard showed whether you had passed or failed, and I passed. Sadly, it didn’t show the results of the recent exams that we took, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter now. If I do get them (perhaps they’ll send them to me or something), I’ll let you know, but it’s not the important thing at the moment.

I can now relax until Monday October 7th. So that’s just over 3 months, about 13 weeks! I haven’t got any definite plans, I’ll see what happens.

The only other interesting thing I did today was to buy The Rock: Collector’s Edition on DVD. The Prom At The Palace and Party At The Palace are both out on DVD on July 1st, so I want to get them. Plus, The Simpsons Season 2 comes out on July 8th apparently, and a game called Frequency should be out about now. It looks like a weird game, but it’s not as hard as it looks and is quite addictive, I’ve played a demo of it. They are 3 things I want to get.

Oh, and perhaps I should recommend a game not to get. There is a game out on PSOne, PS2 and PC called London Racer II. It is a sequel to the original game of the same name. Don’t bother getting it. I haven’t. The original was truly awful, despite looking good on the cover (never judge a game by its cover!). You might think I’m joking, but I’m not.

Judging by the way the packaging looks for the sequel, it looks just as bad. The graphics, like the first game, appear to be awful and do not represent London much at all. Gameplay cannot get much worse over the original either. So I would just avoid it.

Saturday June 29, 2002

Why is it that there is not much out that you want to buy for a while, then lots of things come along at once? As well at the stuff I mentioned in my last entry, there’s now also another instalment of the School Disco series.

For those who don’t know, the School Disco series of albums started last year, playing music you would hear in a school disco from the 60s through to the 90s. They do lots of events too, it’s a big thing now. They don’t play modern stuff like trance, garage, etc (which is rubbish anyway in my view).

I have the first 2 CDs, both are great ( and Spring Term). The first album got to #7 in the compilation album charts, and the second one shot in at #1. All of them are double packages with 40 tracks in total. The new album is called Summer Holiday. Some of the tracks I don’t know, but there’s quite a few I do, so it should be interesting.

That’s all I can think of saying today, but next week should be interesting. Some of my old mates from college (including the one I’m always meeting up with) are having an end of year night out at our favourite local pizza restaurant (a great place that specialises in proper pizza, not fast food, so it’s even better than Pizza Hut). So that’s something to look forward to!

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