Journal Archive

This is my collection of journal entries from my years in Devon before I moved to London, where I talk about my home life, university, career, socialising, travel, TV, movies, DVDs, music, news stories, and more. I’ve mentioned the main highlights for each post below, and I hope you enjoy looking through them!

1990s Holiday Photos

2000-2001 Holiday Videos


  • January-March – Jak & Daxter, The Matrix Revisited, School Disco compilation, Lynyrd Skynyrd box set, Queen albums, Minder.
  • April – Queen Mother’s funeral & Queen albums.
  • May – Bjorn Again (ABBA tribute band), friend’s wedding reception, Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert DVD, VH1’s 100 Greatest Men.
  • June – University Year 1 result, Exeter pizza and bowling, World Cup, Party At The Palace, School Disco compilations.
  • July-August – 19th birthday, university commendation, seagull down our chimney, charity It’s A Knockout, Exeter pizza and bowling, Wimbledon, Commonwealth Games, European Athletics Championship, Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring DVD.
  • September – London holiday, HMV music haul, National Theatre backstage tour, 9/11, Grand Theft Auto 3, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.
  • October – University Year 2 starts, Grand Theft Auto 3, Queen, Madness, Angus Deayton leaves Have I Got News For You.
  • November – Friend’s birthday pizza, scratchcard win, Grand Theft Auto 3, School Disco compilation, Children In Need, BBC Radio 2’s Top 100 Number 1 Singles, BBC’s 100 Greatest Britons.
  • December – Christmas, college reunion disco, Freddie Mercury Solo Collection, British Comedy Awards, Joe Strummer’s death, Only Fools & Horses.


  • January-March – Columbia disaster, Comic Relief, Led Zeppelin, digital radio.
  • April – Exeter pizza and bowling, police visit, London Marathon, David Jason’s award, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? cheating scandal.
  • May – Test The Nation IQ test, Die Another Day, Channel 4’s 100 Worst Britons, Eurovision.
  • June – Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone film, Queen: Live At Wembley, Led Zeppelin, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • July-September – University Year 2 result, 20th birthday, college reunion disco, old vinyl records, World Athletics Championship, David Blaine’s box stunt.
  • October – University Year 3 starts, Derren Brown’s Russian Roulette stunt, The Bill’s first live episode.
  • November-December – Christmas, Queen’s Greatest Video Hits 2, England’s Rugby World Cup victory, Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers DVD, final episode of Only Fools And Horses, BBC Big Read poll, New Year Honours.


  • January – Bournemouth holiday, Burnout 2, Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, Channel 4’s 100 Worst Pop Records.
  • February-March – Burnout 2, Janet Jackson’s Superbowl incident, Madrid terrorist attacks, BBC’s Best British Sitcom poll.
  • April-May – Digital radio, Blender’s 50 Worst Rock Songs & 50 Worst Artists.
  • June – Final university exams, D-Day 60th anniversary, European elections, Euro 2004, BBC Radio 2’s Sold On Song Top 100.
  • July – University graduation, job hunting, Queen, Led Zeppelin.
  • August – Full university results, graduation souvenirs, 21st birthday, Dad’s hospital admission, Athens Olympics, Animal Games, Queen, Led Zeppelin.
  • September – Job hunting & placement offer, Burnout 3.
  • October – Work experience placement, John Peel’s death.
  • November-December – Work experience leads to temporary contract, front garden development, UK Music Hall Of Fame, Children In Need, Christmas, Planet Rock’s Top 100 Classic Rock Songs.


  • January-February – Temporary contract continues, Asian tsunami tributes & charity concert, Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King DVD, Live Aid DVD, The Bill’s police station fire, Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Music Videos.
  • March – School friend dies, Doctor Who: Series 1 launch, Comic Relief, Two Ronnies Sketchbook, Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Cartoons,
  • April – Temporary contract extended, Exeter socialising, drain problems, Queen Mania, Pope John Paul II dies, Two Ronnies Sketchbook & documentary, Amarillo charity single, Channel 4’s 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches & 100 Greatest Albums.
  • May – Exeter socialising, General Election, VE Day 60th anniversary, Champions League Final, Britain’s Most Watched TV.
  • June – Week in Exeter, Living Coasts, old college visit, Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith, Doctor Who: Series 1 finale, Queen’s Birthday Honours.
  • July – Live 8, London Olympics bid success, London bombings, Richard Whiteley’s death, Amir Khan’s boxing debut.
  • August – Job application & interview, 22nd birthday, JVC HDD/DVD/VCR recorder.
  • September – Job offer accepted, The Green Green Grass,  Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, ITV’s 50th anniversary, Queen & Paul Rodgers live album.
  • October – Digital Print World exhibition, Ronnie Barker’s death, Nine Million Bicycles single.
  • November – RNIB work equipment assessment, Bournemouth holiday, Children In Need.
  • December – Access To Work travel support, Christmas at home, Christmas meal with colleagues, Exeter socialising, Freeview digital TV, Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion.


  • January-February – Exeter socialising, building work, Tom Baker voice text messages.
  • March – New Dell PC & Windows XP: Media Center Edition, BT Broadband preparation, Two Pints Of Lager: Series 6, Commonwealth Games.
  • April – Access To Work assistive technology, International Printing Exhibition, BT Broadband installation, Doctor Who: Series 2 launch, ITV Play.
  • May – Mac training course, Exeter curry and quiz night, Bournemouth social visit, MSN Messenger.
  • June – Health & Safety course, iTunes Store, World Cup.
  • July – Exeter socialising, Doctor Who: Series 2 finale, World Cup, Sport Relief.
  • August – 23rd birthday, work CCTV magnifier, Exeter socialising, terrorist plot foiled.
  • September – Colleague’s wedding reception, James Bond box set, Freddie Mercury: Lover Of Life & Singer Of Songs, Danger Mouse, Steve Irwin’s death, Richard Hammond’s dragster crash.
  • October – Exeter socialising, building work, DVD & music purchases.
  • November – Bournemouth holiday, Sony TV & home cinema system, Doctor Who DVD audio navigation, PDF vs Word at work, Dad’s eye operation, Children In Need.
  • December – Christmas at home, Christmas meal with colleagues, Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride & celebration concert.


  • January – Exeter socialising, arranging trips to Blackpool & Spain, MSC Napoli cargo ship crash.
  • February – Blackpool students conference, Exeter socialising.
  • March – Exeter socialising, Comic Relief, premium rate phoneline scandals.
  • April-May – Bournemouth & Exeter social visits, Spain holiday preparations, Virginia Tech university shooting, GMTV phone-in scandal, Madeleine McCann disappearance.
  • May (Spain Holiday) – Torremolinos, accommodation, food & drink, shopping, Málaga, Ronda (including photos).
  • June-July – Social outing with colleagues, Doctor Who: Series 3 finale, London 2012 Olympics logo, floods.
  • August-September – 24th birthday, Portsmouth social visit, Exeter socialising, Nokia 6300 phone, Northern Rock.
  • October-November – London visit for Nan’s 100th birthday (with photos), Bournemouth visit for best mate’s birthday, Exeter socialising.
  • December – Christmas at home, Christmas meal with colleagues, Led Zeppelin reform, missing canoeist John Darwin, New Year Honours.


  • January-February – Exeter New Year party and socialising, norovirus, phoneline fault.
  • March – Work PC repair, Bionic Woman, UK earthquake, Prince Harry news blackout, Heathrow Terminal 5 opening, oldest recording of the human voice, Radio Times Top 25 TV Put-Downs.
  • April – Exeter socialising, Friends Reunited contact, European Computer Driving Licence, bank account glitch, Queen + Paul Rodgers: C-lebrity, Doctor Who: Series 4 launch, BBC flying penguins.
  • May – Plymouth shopping, Teignmouth weekend with friends, Change Workshop. Josef Fritzl, Exeter explosion, Eurovision.
  • June – Exeter socialising, Plymouth shopping, office technical problems, Paul Merton Collection DVD, Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Concert.
  • July – Exeter socialising, Doctor Who: Series 4 finale, Torchwood: Series 1 DVD, strange names in New Zealand.
  • August – 25th birthday, Torchwood: Series 2 DVD, Beijing Olympics.
  • September – Exeter socialising, Queen + Paul Rodgers: The Cosmos Rocks, Ross Noble: Unrealtime, Sony HDD & DVD Recorder, Beijing Paralympics.
  • October-November – Exeter socialising, Plymouth shopping, Dad’s new phone, Torbay lifeboats award, Andrew Sachs prank calls, President Barack Obama elected, Children In Need, We Are Most Amused.
  • December – Exeter socialising, Bristol trip with friend, Christmas at home, Woolworths closure, New Year Honours.


  • January-February – Exeter party & socialising, Total Wipeout, snowy weather, President Barack Obama’s inauguration, Hudson River plane landing, New York plane crash.
  • March-April – Exeter socialising & school visit, job evaluation results, Comic Relief.
  • April (Spain Holiday) – Benalmádena, Hotel Bali, food & drink, marina, shops, La Paloma Park, Fuengirola Zoo, day trip to Tangier in Morocco (including photos & videos).
  • May – Tender & election printing, Job Evaluation, website accessibility testing, new Blu-ray player, new DVDs, Eurovision, MPs expenses scandal.
  • June-July – Customer Service NVQ, Exeter socialising & summer ball, Michael Jackson’s death, Harry Potter films.
  • August-September – 26th birthday, Exeter socialising, Pure Evoke Flow DAB radio, Harry Potter audiobooks, Derren Brown’s lottery ‘prediction’.
  • October-December – Customer Service NVQ, Exeter socialising, Nokia 6303 phone, Doctor Who, Christmas at home.


  • January-April – Job Evaluation results, Paignton socialising, Nan’s delirium, snow, Doctor Who: The End Of Time & Matt Smith’s debut, jokes, Haiti earthquake.
  • May – Exeter socialising, barn dance, Nintendo Wii Bowling, Chuck, General Election, Iceland volcano, Eurovision.
  • June-July – Friend’s Dad’s birthday, Exeter socialising, charity cricket match, World Cup, Derrick Bird & Raoul Moat shootings.
  • August (Portsmouth Holiday) – 27th birthday, Spinnaker Tower, sci-fi exhibition, Humanware demonstration, guide dogs, Exeter socialising.
  • September-October – Dad goes into hospital, Exeter socialising, friend’s seaside baptism, building work, new external hard drive & headset, talking Freeview box, Ricky Gervais Show DVD, Sherlock launch, paraprosdokian jokes.
  • November-December – Dad in hospital, RNIB Penfriend, RNIB Talking Books, The Beatles on iTunes, Children In Need, tuition fees protests, Christmas meal with colleagues, Christmas at home.


  • January – Dad’s death & funeral, legal arrangements, sorting out the house, meeting a friend, London plans, Victor Reader Stream.
  • February – London weekend break, Wildlife Photographer Of The Year exhibition, M&S shopping, Dad’s estate, Egypt revolution.
  • March – Becoming Mum’s attorney, financial year-end and election work, Guernsey weekend break, Comic Relief, Libya revolution, Japan earthquake & tsunami.
  • April – Printing trade conference & free drinks, colleague’s retirement dinner, elections work, Dad’s finances, William & Kate’s Royal Wedding.
  • May-June – Exeter & Torbay socialising, barn dance, finalising Dad’s estate, local elections, Osama Bin Laden’s death.
  • July – Sorting out the loft, work experience students at work, jokes, News Of The World closure, Norway terror attacks, Amy Winehouse death.
  • August – 28th birthday, USB turntable & old vinyl records, Rowcroft Hospice shop donations, jokes, London riots.
  • October – Bournemouth weekend, Waitrose delivery, old vinyl records, Doctor Who: Series 6 finale, jokes, Steve Jobs death.
  • November-December – Exeter socialising, Christmas meal with colleagues, Christmas at home, Nan’s accidental improvement, digitising old vinyl records, jokes, Occupy protests, Greek debts, Kim-Jong Il’s death, George Michael’s pneumonia recovery, Children In Need, Military Wives Christmas single.


  • February-June – Exeter socialising, bank savings, roof repair, jokes, Fabrice Muamba’s cardiac arrest, France shootings, Boat Race, Grand National, London Marathon, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Olympic Torch Relay.
  • July – Meeting Jimmy Carr while attending his Gagging Order show.
  • July-September – London Olympics & Paralympics, Bristol work visit, friend’s death & funeral, Michael McIntyre’s Life And Laughing.
  • November – London weekend visit (Nan’s funeral and sorting out her house), flooding in the Westcountry.
  • December – London weekend visit (exploring the area and sorting out Nan’s house), homeworking discussion, Australian DJs prank calling Kate Middleton’s hospital, Fifty Sheds Of Grey quotes.
  • Christmas (London Holiday) – Getting around the city, Oxford Street, RNIB Shop. Westfield Stratford, South Bank, Covent Garden, The Lion King, food and drink with friends, Christmas food, cats, sorting out Nan’s house, homeworking discussion.


  • January – Hereford weekend with friends, visiting Royal National College For The Blind.
  • March – Updating ownership of Nan’s house and other preparations to move, The Big Bang Theory, Oscar Pistorius murder case, horse meat scandal & related jokes.
  • April – Easter weekend in London, moving plans, jokes, Margaret Thatcher’s death, Boston Marathon bombing.
  • May (Friend’s Wedding) – Attending the ceremony & reception, and meeting other mates in Exeter.
  • July-August – Bristol work visit & software training, Exeter socialising, 30th birthday.
  • October-December – New Apple Mac, builder’s visit, Exeter socialising, local Post Office robbery, Christmas food, Matt Smith’s final episodes as Doctor Who.


  • May – Exeter socialising, Dawlish railway storm damage, builder’s visit, work software training.
  • July – Building work, friend’s engagement & best man invite, work budget cuts, Rik Mayall’s death, jokes.
  • December – Christmas food shopping, Christmas meal with colleagues, employee savings scheme.


  • January-February (Guernsey Holiday) – Staying with my best mate, visiting his planned wedding venues, meeting his family, walking around the harbour, going bowling, playing N64 & PC games, visiting his local bar, my first time getting drunk.
  • March – Colleague’s retirement, electoral work, builder’s visit, friend’s wedding preparations, Roku 3 streaming box.
  • April-May – Colleague’s farewell dinner, builder’s visit, meeting a friend’s new baby.
  • July-August (Guernsey Holiday) – Best mate’s stag do, wedding suit fittings, video games, seafront walk, Mac hard drive repair, 32nd birthday, my first iPhone.
  • September (Guernsey Best Man) – Giving a speech at my best mate’s wedding in Guernsey, socialising in Paignton, shopping in Torquay, building work, my first blog & video about interacting with disabled people.


  • January (Guernsey Holiday) – Christmas roundup, awkward bus trip, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, card games, David Bowie’s death.
  • May-June – EU Referendum, Torbay & London mayoral votes, building work, having a clear-out, choosing an estate agent, my first proper attempts at blogging.
  • July (London Visit) – Having my best friend over to stay, Olympic Park walk, Westfield Stratford City, getting around London, Devon house sale updates.
  • August – Devon house sale updates, London socialising research (Thinking Bob), 33rd birthday, Rio Olympics.
  • October-November (London Visit) – Devon house sale updates, colleague retirement party, stand-up comedy show with colleagues, London explorations, Sight Village, Aniridia Network meetup, homeworking line installation, captioning videos for Emily Davison (Fashioneyesta).
  • December 2016 (Moving Preparations) – Devon house sale updates, packing up, hiring a removal firm, homeworking preparations, telephone & post transfers, concessionary travel enquiries.
  • Christmas 2016 (Moving To London) – Settling into our new house, shopping, switching from BT to Virgin Media, homeworking preparations, meeting friends in the city, registering with Thinking Bob, long walks in the city, George Michael’s death, Rick Parfitt’s death, Carrie Fisher’s death, festive TV & films.

See my Monthly Favourites for details of my adventures from 2017 onwards.

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