Journal Archive

This is a list of old journal entries from my years in Devon before I moved to London, where I talk about my home life, university, career, socialising, travel, TV, movies, DVDs, music, news stories, and more. I’ve mentioned the main highlights for each post below, and I hope you enjoy looking through them!

I’m currently publishing these journals in instalments as a weekly Throwback Thursday feature, so do keep an eye on the blog regularly to see more.

1990s Holiday Photos

2000-2001 Holiday Videos


  • January-March – Jak & Daxter, The Matrix Revisited, School Disco compilation, Lynyrd Skynyrd box set, Queen albums, Minder.
  • April – Queen Mother’s funeral & Queen albums.
  • May – Bjorn Again (ABBA tribute band), friend’s wedding reception, Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert DVD, VH1’s 100 Greatest Men.
  • June – University Year 1 result, Exeter pizza and bowling, World Cup, Party At The Palace, School Disco compilations.
  • July-August – 19th birthday, university commendation, seagull down our chimney, charity It’s A Knockout, Exeter pizza and bowling, Wimbledon, Commonwealth Games, European Athletics Championship, Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring DVD.
  • September – London holiday, HMV music haul, National Theatre backstage tour, 9/11, Grand Theft Auto 3, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.
  • October – University Year 2 starts, Grand Theft Auto 3, Queen, Madness, Angus Deayton leaves Have I Got News For You.
  • November – Friend’s birthday pizza, scratchcard win, Grand Theft Auto 3, School Disco compilation, Children In Need, BBC Radio 2’s Top 100 Number 1 Singles, BBC’s 100 Greatest Britons.
  • December – Christmas, college reunion disco, Freddie Mercury Solo Collection, British Comedy Awards, Joe Strummer’s death, Only Fools & Horses.


  • January-March – Columbia disaster, Comic Relief, Led Zeppelin, digital radio.
  • April – Exeter pizza and bowling, police visit, London Marathon, David Jason’s award, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? cheating scandal.
  • May – Test The Nation IQ test, Die Another Day, Channel 4’s 100 Worst Britons, Eurovision.
  • June – Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone film, Queen: Live At Wembley, Led Zeppelin, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • July-September – University Year 2 result, 20th birthday, college reunion disco, old vinyl records, World Athletics Championship, David Blaine’s box stunt.
  • October – University Year 3 starts, Derren Brown’s Russian Roulette stunt, The Bill’s first live episode.
  • November-December – Christmas, Queen’s Greatest Video Hits 2, England’s Rugby World Cup victory, Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers DVD, final episode of Only Fools And Horses, BBC Big Read poll, New Year Honours.


  • January – Bournemouth holiday, Burnout 2, Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, Channel 4’s 100 Worst Pop Records.
  • February-March – Burnout 2, Janet Jackson’s Superbowl incident, Madrid terrorist attacks, BBC’s Best British Sitcom poll.
  • April-May – Digital radio, Blender’s 50 Worst Rock Songs & 50 Worst Artists.
  • June – Final university exams, D-Day 60th anniversary, European elections, Euro 2004, BBC Radio 2’s Sold On Song Top 100.
  • July – University graduation, job hunting, Queen, Led Zeppelin.
  • August – Full university results, graduation souvenirs, 21st birthday, Dad’s hospital admission, Athens Olympics, Animal Games, Queen, Led Zeppelin.
  • September – Job hunting & placement offer, Burnout 3.
  • October – Work experience placement, John Peel’s death.
  • November-December – Work experience leads to temporary contract, front garden development, UK Music Hall Of Fame, Children In Need, Christmas, Planet Rock’s Top 100 Classic Rock Songs.


  • January-February – Temporary contract continues, Asian tsunami tributes & charity concert, Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King DVD, Live Aid DVD, The Bill’s police station fire, Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Music Videos.
  • March – School friend dies, Doctor Who: Series 1 launch, Comic Relief, Two Ronnies Sketchbook, Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Cartoons,
  • April – Temporary contract extended, Exeter socialising, drain problems, Queen Mania, Pope John Paul II dies, Two Ronnies Sketchbook & documentary, Amarillo charity single, Channel 4’s 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches & 100 Greatest Albums.
  • May – Exeter socialising, General Election, VE Day 60th anniversary, Champions League Final, Britain’s Most Watched TV.
  • June – Week in Exeter, Living Coasts, old college visit, Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith, Doctor Who: Series 1 finale, Queen’s Birthday Honours.
  • July – Live 8, London Olympics bid success, London bombings, Richard Whiteley’s death, Amir Khan’s boxing debut.
  • August – Job application & interview, 22nd birthday, JVC HDD/DVD/VCR recorder.
  • September – Job offer accepted, The Green Green Grass,  Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, ITV’s 50th anniversary, Queen & Paul Rodgers live album.
  • October – Digital Print World exhibition, Ronnie Barker’s death, Nine Million Bicycles single.
  • November – RNIB work equipment assessment, Bournemouth holiday, Children In Need.
  • December – Access To Work travel support, Christmas at home, Christmas meal with colleagues, Exeter socialising, Freeview digital TV, Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion.


  • January-February – Exeter socialising, building work, Tom Baker voice text messages.
  • March – New Dell PC & Windows XP: Media Center Edition, BT Broadband preparation, Two Pints Of Lager: Series 6, Commonwealth Games.
  • April – Access To Work assistive technology, International Printing Exhibition, BT Broadband installation, Doctor Who: Series 2 launch, ITV Play.
  • May – Mac training course, Exeter curry and quiz night, Bournemouth social visit, MSN Messenger.
  • June – Health & Safety course, iTunes Store, World Cup.
  • July – Exeter socialising, Doctor Who: Series 2 finale, World Cup, Sport Relief.
  • August – 23rd birthday, work CCTV magnifier, Exeter socialising, terrorist plot foiled.
  • September – Colleague’s wedding reception, James Bond box set, Freddie Mercury: Lover Of Life & Singer Of Songs, Danger Mouse, Steve Irwin’s death, Richard Hammond’s dragster crash.
  • October – Exeter socialising, building work, DVD & music purchases.
  • November – Bournemouth holiday, Sony TV & home cinema system, Doctor Who DVD audio navigation, PDF vs Word at work, Dad’s eye operation, Children In Need.
  • December – Christmas at home, Christmas meal with colleagues, Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride & celebration concert.


  • January – Exeter socialising, arranging trips to Blackpool & Spain, MSC Napoli cargo ship crash.
  • February – Blackpool students conference, Exeter socialising.
  • March – Exeter socialising, Comic Relief, premium rate phoneline scandals.
  • April-May – Bournemouth & Exeter social visits, Spain holiday preparations, Virginia Tech university shooting, GMTV phone-in scandal, Madeleine McCann disappearance.
  • May (Spain Holiday) – Torremolinos, accommodation, food & drink, shopping, Málaga, Ronda (including photos).
  • June-July – Social outing with colleagues, Doctor Who: Series 3 finale, London 2012 Olympics logo, floods.
  • August-September – 24th birthday, Portsmouth social visit, Exeter socialising, Nokia 6300 phone, Northern Rock.
  • October-November – London visit for Nan’s 100th birthday (with photos), Bournemouth visit for best mate’s birthday, Exeter socialising.
  • December – Christmas at home, Christmas meal with colleagues, Led Zeppelin reform, missing canoeist John Darwin, New Year Honours.


  • January-February – Exeter New Year party and socialising, norovirus, phoneline fault.
  • March – Work PC repair, Bionic Woman, UK earthquake, Prince Harry news blackout, Heathrow Terminal 5 opening, oldest recording of the human voice, Radio Times Top 25 TV Put-Downs.
  • April – Exeter socialising, Friends Reunited contact, European Computer Driving Licence, bank account glitch, Queen + Paul Rodgers: C-lebrity, Doctor Who: Series 4 launch, BBC flying penguins.
  • May – Plymouth shopping, Teignmouth weekend with friends, Change Workshop. Josef Fritzl, Exeter explosion, Eurovision.
  • June – Exeter socialising, Plymouth shopping, office technical problems, Paul Merton Collection DVD, Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Concert.
  • July – Exeter socialising, Doctor Who: Series 4 finale, Torchwood: Series 1 DVD, strange names in New Zealand.
  • August – 25th birthday, Torchwood: Series 2 DVD, Beijing Olympics.
  • September – Exeter socialising, Queen + Paul Rodgers: The Cosmos Rocks, Ross Noble: Unrealtime, Sony HDD & DVD Recorder, Beijing Paralympics.
  • October-November – Exeter socialising, Plymouth shopping, Dad’s new phone, Torbay lifeboats award, Andrew Sachs prank calls, President Barack Obama elected, Children In Need, We Are Most Amused.
  • December – Exeter socialising, Bristol trip with friend, Christmas at home, Woolworths closure, New Year Honours.


  • January-February – Exeter party & socialising, Total Wipeout, snowy weather, President Barack Obama’s inauguration, Hudson River plane landing, New York plane crash.
  • March-April – Exeter socialising & school visit, job evaluation results, Comic Relief.
  • April (Spain Holiday) – Benalmádena, Hotel Bali, food & drink, marina, shops, La Paloma Park, Fuengirola Zoo, day trip to Tangier in Morocco (including photos & videos).
  • May – Tender & election printing, Job Evaluation, website accessibility testing, new Blu-ray player, new DVDs, Eurovision, MPs expenses scandal.
  • June-July – Customer Service NVQ, Exeter socialising & summer ball, Michael Jackson’s death, Harry Potter films.
  • August-September – 26th birthday, Exeter socialising, Pure Evoke Flow DAB radio, Harry Potter audiobooks, Derren Brown’s lottery ‘prediction’.
  • October-December – Customer Service NVQ, Exeter socialising, Nokia 6303 phone, Doctor Who, Christmas at home.


  • January-April – Job Evaluation results, Paignton socialising, Nan’s delirium, snow, Doctor Who: The End Of Time & Matt Smith’s debut, jokes, Haiti earthquake.
  • May – Exeter socialising, barn dance, Nintendo Wii Bowling, Chuck, General Election, Iceland volcano, Eurovision.
  • June-July – Friend’s Dad’s birthday, Exeter socialising, charity cricket match, World Cup, Derrick Bird & Raoul Moat shootings.
  • August (Portsmouth Holiday) – 27th birthday, Spinnaker Tower, sci-fi exhibition, Humanware demonstration, guide dogs, Exeter socialising.
  • September-October – Dad goes into hospital, Exeter socialising, friend’s seaside baptism, building work, new external hard drive & headset, talking Freeview box, Ricky Gervais Show DVD, Sherlock launch, paraprosdokian jokes.
  • November-December – Dad in hospital, RNIB Penfriend, RNIB Talking Books, The Beatles on iTunes, Children In Need, tuition fees protests, Christmas meal with colleagues, Christmas at home.


  • January – Dad’s death & funeral, legal arrangements, sorting out the house, meeting a friend, London plans, Victor Reader Stream.
  • February – London weekend break, Wildlife Photographer Of The Year exhibition, M&S shopping, Dad’s estate, Egypt revolution.
  • March – Becoming Mum’s attorney, financial year-end and election work, Guernsey weekend break, Comic Relief, Libya revolution, Japan earthquake & tsunami.
  • April – Printing trade conference & free drinks, colleague’s retirement dinner, elections work, Dad’s finances, William & Kate’s Royal Wedding.
  • May-June – Exeter & Torbay socialising, barn dance, finalising Dad’s estate, local elections, Osama Bin Laden’s death.
  • July – Sorting out the loft, work experience students at work, jokes, News Of The World closure, Norway terror attacks, Amy Winehouse death.
  • August – 28th birthday, USB turntable & old vinyl records, Rowcroft Hospice shop donations, jokes, London riots.
  • October – Bournemouth weekend, Waitrose delivery, old vinyl records, Doctor Who: Series 6 finale, jokes, Steve Jobs death.
  • November-December – Exeter socialising, Christmas meal with colleagues, Christmas at home, Nan’s accidental improvement, digitising old vinyl records, jokes, Occupy protests, Greek debts, Kim-Jong Il’s death, George Michael’s pneumonia recovery, Children In Need, Military Wives Christmas single.


  • February-June – Exeter socialising, bank savings, roof repair, jokes, Fabrice Muamba’s cardiac arrest, France shootings, Boat Race, Grand National, London Marathon, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Olympic Torch Relay.
  • July – Meeting Jimmy Carr while attending his Gagging Order show.
  • July-September – London Olympics & Paralympics, Bristol software supplier visit, friend’s death & funeral, Michael McIntyre’s Life And Laughing.
  • November – Nan’s death, funeral and sorting out her house in London, flooding in the Westcountry.

To be continued, look out for the next instalment every Thursday.

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