Journal – June 2006

Welcome to another set of entries from my journal. This month isn’t as eventful as the previous one, but there are still various bits and pieces to mention, including a training course at work, the World Cup, music downloads and DVD purchases, and other bits and bobs. So I hope you enjoy!

Friday June 9, 2006

I haven’t written in here for over a week because there hasn’t been much to talk about, things are pretty much back to normal.

Work’s been fairly quiet. We have had 2 lots of cream cakes this week though, as 2 colleagues both had their birthdays. And there is also a World Cup sweepstake in the office, but I missed out as I was away on the Friday that they sorted it out (16 people got 2 teams each). Never mind.

And yes, the World Cup has started today. As I write, Germany are playing Costa Rica in the very first match. It was 2-1 to Germany after just 17 minutes! England’s first game, against Paraguay, is tomorrow. And Rooney has been the only subject of discussion on the news about it, which has got rather boring. He’s been trying to get his foot fixed in time to be able to play, and he has been given the go-ahead to be there. He might play in the group stages, but it’s more likely (and would make more sense) to wait until the quarter-finals onwards. Whether he is fully fit, we don’t know, and surely he’ll be a target for some of the more devious players, who may only have to trip him up to bring the injury back.

Anyway, I don’t know if we’ll win, but we should be able to give it a pretty good shot. It’ll be interesting to see how the young Theo Walcott gets on as well. I’m not a very big fan of football, but it’s not hard to pay some attention with a big tournament like this. It is only once every 4 years after all.

At home, I’ve started buying stuff via the iTunes Music Store. First I got the great version of Dancing In The Street by David Bowie & Mick Jagger, which they did for Live Aid.

The single for My Sharona by The Knack was next, as I like the song, and the compilation edits I own don’t have the full guitar solo in the middle. Their next single, Good Girls Don’t, is pretty good too.

I also got the non-album B-sides from Status Quo’s most recent singles. And I got the full version of The Best by Tina Turner. It’s very easy to buy and download stuff, which is cool. And at 79p per song, pretty good value – you don’t have to buy full CDs, which is brilliant. If I’ve already got songs from a compilation, I can just get the ones I don’t have.

I’ve also downloaded, and started listening in bed to, Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone. I’ve only done 3 chapters, but it seems good to me so far, and Stephen Fry is a great reader.

Mum and Dad have met the new guy next door, and I’ve said a quick hello as I was coming in from work. They like him, and he’s not got any young, noisy kids. He’s got 2 daughters (12 and 17) and a son (19). I think he’s split or divorced, as Mum said he wanted to live there instead of with his wife. He’s also said he’ll soon talk to the kids outside here if they start kicking balls at the garage or are generally too noisy. They haven’t actually moved in yet, that’s happening either next weekend or the weekend after. He’s been getting the house up to scratch as much as possible, as it wasn’t in very good condition at all.

And that’s it. So all that’s left to say really is Come On England!

Friday June 16, 2006

It’s been another quiet week. No urgent tasks at work, and various colleagues are having time off to make the most of the nice weather in one way or another. It’ll just be me and one other person in our section of the department on Monday and Tuesday, and there probably won’t be tons of work coming in. Still, I’m not bothered. There are still bits to do, and it’s been a good opportunity to update some bits of documentation now that I’ve finished going through that Mac manual I mentioned last month.

At home, I’ve been downloading more music from iTunes, while getting to know the music store better. In particular, I’ve bought more Queen stuff:

  • Another World [Single] by Brian May – I got all 3 songs, even though the title track is on the album.  But the album version has a hidden track tagged on the end, so if I’m listening to it in a shuffle mix, I get a huge gap of silence. Getting just the track is better for that. The other 2 songs are great, including Hot Patootie – a Rocky Horror song! I never realised he’d covered that.

I also got both versions of Three Lions, because of the World Cup of course. I also notice that the Crazy Frog has done We Are The Champions for the football too – can’t someone strangle that bloody creature, please?!

The music store also has an iTunes Essentials section, which suggests songs for artists, genres, years, etc, and I think I’ll be looking through those for ideas. I’ve already got a few songs I’ve spotted during that:

  • We Are Family by Sister Sledge – The 8 minute version, as opposed to the 3½ minute edit on compilations.

I’m still listening to a chapter of Harry Potter each night, and it’s still good. Podcasts do take priority at weekends though – I don’t listen to Radio 1, but the podcasts they do can be pretty funny, so I get the Chris Moyles and Scott Mills ones. Plus I get the Chris Evans weekly podcast, and the BBC’s Digital Planet technology show, which is cool.

As for our new neighbour, he’s been working hard all week, getting various people in. The electricity people had to cut us off briefly while they sorted out the wires. It seems the original job was a bit cheap, and we had one cable which split to serve both houses. That’s now been fixed to 2 separate wires, for free. We weren’t charged extra for our electricity because of it, but it’s probably safer this way anyway. They should be moving in properly tomorrow I think.

The news has been mainly dominated by the World Cup of course. England won their game against Trinidad & Tobago last night, 2-0. It was a rubbish game, mind you, until we scored those 2 in the last 10 minutes and in stoppage time. Wayne Rooney was brought on after all the hype, but didn’t make much of an impact. Aaron Lennon, who came on at the same as Rooney, was better.

And in TV news, Billie Piper is leaving Doctor Who at the end of this series, although they won’t confirm if she’s being killed off. There had been rumours of her leaving quite early on in this new run, but they’d quietened the stories down initially. But we’re up to episode 10 of 13 this weekend, so they couldn’t keep it quiet much longer. And it’ll make people watch the last few episodes I’m sure. It’s been another great series.

Friday June 23, 2006

Today I joined one of my work colleagues to do the Health & Safety course at South Devon College. It was pretty good for getting the basics, and the guy who taught it was good, getting us involved with ideas and things. There was a 30-question multiple choice test at the end, from which we need to get 20 right. It seemed pretty easy, but we’ll have to wait and see when I get the results. I’m going to ask my manager if I can do the 4-day First Aid course next, as my colleague’s done it and says it was good. She’s got a refresher course on it in November, which you have to do every few years. And it’s useful in general life, not just work.

The day also gave me a chance to get to know this particular colleague a bit better, as we don’t get to chat much as we work in separate rooms (she’s in the admin office). She’s getting married in September (that much I did already know), and their honeymoon is in Hong Kong and Singapore and other places nearby. Her husband’s a gas worker who’s got to be ‘on call’ every so often, in order to deal with emergencies, not just at people’s houses but also places like residential homes – which is a bit frustrating if he had planned to go out in the evenings!

She’s been at the Council for 6 years, which is actually more than another colleague who I thought had been there much longer. She got an NVQ and started working at 17, working with a couple of window companies and another council, before ending up where she is now.

And as for music, she likes older stuff, a bit like me. She likes 60s stuff, Burt Bacharach and that sort of thing, which is cool. She’s not a lot into modern stuff, which surprised me. She doesn’t like it when people re-use or sample music, like with rap songs. She’s like me – her parents played old stuff, so she got into it like that.

And talking of music, I have bought more music from iTunes. That’ll be a regular occurrence now I expect, so I won’t keep listing what I buy. I also got an Amazon order this week though – the next series each of You Rang, M’Lord? and Are You Being Served? on DVD, and I also got some blank DVDs and CDs. I’ve backed up all my music onto DVD now – it took 7 discs, which is pretty impressive. The CDs might come in handy, but not as I’d hoped – it turns out you can’t make MP3 CDs of music and audiobooks from the iTunes Store, as it’s copy-protected. So I couldn’t burn the Harry Potter audiobook on to a disc for my parents, which is a bit annoying. But it’s not important, just a frustration.

As for the news this week, there have been a few little bits here and there:

And that’s about all I can think of. Next week is pretty much back to normal at work with everyone back. But there is the World Cup and Wimbledon for the sports fans. It’ll be interesting to see how far Tim Henman gets before he loses…

Friday June 30, 2006

It’s been a very quiet, uneventful week to be honest. At work, we’ve got a new preview tool up and running (a couple of glitches, but nothing too bad). And at home, nothing important has happened, other than me being booked in for a dental check-up at the end of next month.

As for the news, that’s been fairly quiet as well, apart from various things in the Middle East, and Labour doing badly in the UK by-elections. In the World Cup, England are playing Portugal tomorrow in the quarter final. And in Wimbledon, Tim’s already out – he was drawn against Federer, one of the top world players, in the second round, so he never had much of a chance.

And that really is about it. Not all weeks can be jam-packed of stuff. At least the sun’s out, so it’s nice and warm summer weather!

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