Journal – October 2011

Welcome to another batch of journal entries. I didn’t write anything in September, as there wasn’t much going on, but this month I had a lovely long weekend in Bournemouth with some friends. So that’s the main topic here, along with updates from home, things I’ve enjoyed watching, and a few more jokes I’ve been sent. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday October 5, 2011

Well, it’s been a little while since I updated this. But then nothing special happened during September, so there wasn’t really much to write about. This month, however, I’m spending a couple of days in Bournemouth with SM & TB. They went up there on Tuesday, while I’m travelling up by coach tomorrow and returning home on Saturday afternoon, the same day they’re going home.

I had today off work as well though, so Mum and I decided to try ordering online from Waitrose, as we saw they now deliver from the Torquay store, with no delivery charge if you spend at least £50. They’re not generally a cheap store, but they do match a lot of Tesco’s own brand prices, and we found that we didn’t spend an awful lot, as our order came to less than £100, which we hadn’t expected. The delivery came bang on time, and a smartly-dressed guy (dark trousers and jacket, white shirt and yellow tie) carried the bags into the hallway for us. Their bags seem bigger and stronger than those from Tesco. Plus, as we’re new customers, they also gave us a welcome pack with a couple of magazines and other little bits and pieces. And from what little we’ve tried so far today, their food seems very nice, as we knew it would be.

So I think we’ll probably be shopping in the one in the new Westfield Stratford City shopping centre sometimes once we’re up in London. Apparently, from Mum’s conversations with Nan, my Aunt went to that new centre with one of her friends this past week. She was intending to look around for about an hour, but ended up being there for at least three, as there’s so much! She doesn’t usually like enclosed shopping centres, like Bluewater and places like that, but because this one’s so big, it was fine. Anyway, next weekend we’ll have a big Tesco delivery as usual, but we’ll probably shop at Waitrose again I’m sure.

Apart from that, we’re getting towards the end of the old books we’ve been donating to the Rowcroft Hospice charity shop, and I’m going through the fourth suitcase of vinyl records. It’s quite nice being able to hear and keep what’s on them, and they’re all coming out pretty well considering their age. Probably because all the LPs were kept in their proper sleeves in the suitcases, so they haven’t been able to get too dusty. The 45’s and 78’s have been in boxes or suitcases as well, but they only have flimsy paper sleeves, so it’ll be interesting to see how those have fared when I get around to them.

I haven’t ordered any more DVDs yet, but I will shortly, as there are some I need to catch up on, and there will be plenty more coming out, especially comedies, in the run up to Christmas. But I’ve watched the extended edition of the last Lord Of The Rings film again now, so just need to go through the extras for those. And I’ve seen the first of the Star Wars films, which looks great on Blu-ray, and has good extra features too, so I’ve got 5 more of them to do.

And no mention of sci-fi can go without reference to the series finale of Doctor Who, The Wedding Of River Song, which I thought was very good, wrapping up a lot of the story threads from the series very nicely.

There’s a Christmas special to look forward to, then the next series will be split in half across 2012 and 2013, the second year being the 50th anniversary, of which there are many rumours of a multi-doctor story, which will be cool if true.

As for work, that’s been pretty uneventful, although I was apparently nominated by someone for one of the awards during National Customer Service Week, which was this week just gone when I was away for most of it. I won’t have won it, but it’s flattering that someone decided to put my name forward! Other than that, there’s all the usual talk of possible cuts and savings and stuff, so nothing’s certain. Hopefully it won’t affect me too much, when it comes to moving to London anyway, which Mum and I are still talking about and looking forward to, when we look into that properly next year.

Thursday October 6, 2011

I got the coach to Bournemouth today without any problems. SM, TB & I are staying at the West Cliff Premier Inn. I’ve never stayed in a Premier Inn before, though it’s similar to a Travelodge, which I have stayed in once. And it’s nice, considering it’s relatively cheap (£88 for two nights). I’ve got an en-suite bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, plus a TV with all the Freeview channels and, best of all, a nice big comfortable double bed all to myself.

I got to the hotel about 3:30pm, and SM & TB met me at my room after I texted them the room number. I’m in 325 on the third floor, while they’re in 134 two floors below. It’s quite easy to find the rooms though, the signposting there was pretty good.

SM & TB have already had a nice couple of days in Bournemouth. They even went clubbing on Wednesday night, which I wouldn’t have fancied – and wouldn’t have been able to keep up with either, considering they didn’t leave the club until 3:30am!

Anyway, today we went for a walk into the town centre, which is only a quarter of an hour’s stroll away. We went into the big park and had a game of mini-golf first, which was good fun as always. I won too, which was a surprise! We had a little walk along the seafront after that to see if there was an arcade with an air hockey machine open. But there wasn’t, so we walked back up into town and went to the Moon In The Square pub for a drink. It was then time for tea, so we went to an Indian restaurant, where I had lamb shank for my mains, which was very nice.

After that, we got a bus to visit one of SM’s friends, MG, at her house, which she shares with a couple of her friends. SM, TB, MG & I sat in the lounge, chatting and having a couple of drinks, and one of MG’s friends and her boyfriend popped in and out during that time. We had the TV on as well – a nice big 42-inch flat screen it is too – with Dave on, which had Jo Brand’s Big Splash, a comedy show all about water, followed by an episode of Russell Howard’s Good News, so we had a laugh watching those.

The TV was on a stand – it was on the wall at one point apparently, but the brickwork started coming away, so they took it off pretty quick! It was all repaired though, so we didn’t see where any damage had been. It’s a nice house in general too, and MG is really friendly and welcoming. After that, SM, TB & I got a taxi back to the hotel and returned to our rooms for the night.

Friday October 7, 2011

This morning we left the hotel by about 11am, and had another walk into town. We drew some money out, and SM & I got a couple of tickets for that evening’s Thunderball and EuroMillions draws (I hadn’t realised they did an extra Thunderball draw on Fridays now), plus a couple of scratchcards. Out of all of that, SM got £5 on the Thunderball that evening. We didn’t win the £101 million EuroMillions jackpot (but one UK ticket did apparently). Anyway, after that we went to Pizza Hut for lunch, for their all-you-can-eat buffet, before taking a walk to the sweet shop in the town and getting some treats for ourselves, which we took back to the hotel. We then lazed in SM & TB’s room for half an hour or so, before going out again.

We then walked in the opposite direction of the town for at least half an hour or so, to get to the bowling alley. We had 3 games there, and we all did pretty well. We all got at least one pair of strikes, and a few other spares and strikes. TB in particular isn’t usually very good at bowling, but did pretty well. And SM & I weren’t doing too badly either. So that was good fun. SM got the highest score out of all of us in one game, with 130.

We walked back up to the hotel after that. TB didn’t fancy having anything to eat for tea, as she was tired and wanted a sleep. So, after relaxing and watching The Big Bang Theory on TV, SM & I went downstairs to the Premier Inn restaurant, only to find out that you have to book to go in there. Which surprised us at first, though they can obviously only fit so many people in, so they wouldn’t be able to get all of the guests in at once.

So SM & I went for a walk into town instead, through the park and to the seafront, where we went to Harry Ramsden’s. I had a large cod and chips, followed by lemon meringue pie, while SM had a chicken and vegetable pie, followed by a cheesecake. Then we went back to the hotel and had a cider at the bar to finish the evening, while watching the end of England’s last qualifying game for Euro 2012 against Montenegro. We drew 2-2, which was enough to get us through, even though Rooney did get sent off near the end.

Saturday October 8, 2011

Today we met up at 11am, and left the hotel with our things at about 11:30, as we had to check out by noon anyway. We went into town and met SM’s friend CH for lunch. I had the Smothered Chicken at the pub we went to this time (chicken covered in bacon and cheese and barbecue sauce, with chips and peas), and SM had their Mega Steak Pie, which he managed to finish off despite its size! CH had sausages and mash, and TB had a vegetarian lasagne. So we had a nice chat there for an hour or so. Then we made our way to the coach station so they could see me off. My journey home was pretty uneventful, and I got in about 7:15pm, which wasn’t bad. And that’s it, the end of a nice couple of days away.

Sunday October 9, 2011

I spoke to SM today, as he rang to check I’d got home alright. Apparently they went to Asda for him to get some money from their cashpoint for his train fare, only for him to lose his card in the machine! He put in his PIN and selected the cash he wanted, but then it just got stuck on a ‘processing’ screen. They waited for a few minutes, but nothing, so CH went inside and asked a member of staff, only to be told they couldn’t do anything about it, as they don’t actually control the cash machine. So then they saw a freephone number on the front of the machine – which they rang, but were again told there was nothing the company could do, suggesting that SM cancel his card. So they had to leave it. TB lent SM some money for him to get the train to the airport, so he did get home alright, and he’s going to go into town tomorrow on his way to work to sort it out with the bank.

There’s nothing to report from home. But in the news, the most recent big story has been the death of Steve Jobs, head of the Apple corporation, at just 56. He’d had pancreatic cancer. When the US president and UK prime minister are among those giving tributes to his passing, you know just what a massive influence he was on the technology world, and the many things Apple achieved under his leadership, so it is a big loss to the technology world.

And that’s it really, I can’t think of anything else important to mention at the moment. This month would have been Dad’s birthday and Mum & Dad’s anniversary of course, so that does feel a bit strange and sad, but otherwise we’re doing fine. So my next entry will probably be next month, unless anything surprising happens in the meantime.

Sunday October 16, 2011

Forwarded from a friend:

  • My girlfriend took hours dressing to go out.
    Finally the door opened and she asked: “Do I look fat in this?”
    I replied: “Yes love, but it’s a small bathroom.”
  • I met a fat girl in the pub and said: “You’re a big girl!”
    “Tell me something I don’t know!” She replied.
    So I said: “Salads taste nice!”
  • A policeman came to my door and showed me a photograph.
    “Is this your wife sir?” He asked.
    “Yes it is.” I replied, shocked.
    “It looks like she’s been hit by a bus sir.” He said.
    I replied: “I grant you that, but she’s great with the kids.”
  • My mate told me he cries uncontrollably after sex.
    Mind you, he is in prison.

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