Journal – January-March 2002

Welcome to my first ever set of personal journal entries. This is the first time I’ve started keeping a diary, and the first time I’ve written anything about my life online. I just thought I would start these during my first year at university to see how it goes. I’ve edited entries where necessary to protect the privacy of myself and others, remove out of context references, etc. But I’ll be adding relevant links, photos and videos where possible too.

For those who are curious, I am using assistive technology at university, funded with help from the Disabled Students Allowance, as I use magnification and speech software, a CCTV video magnifier, and a scanner with OCR software so I can import typed notes and pages from books. I don’t often use speech generally, but it’s essential when you have a ton of stuff to read! I’m also living at home, as I’m close enough to commute by train, which saves a huge amount on accommodation costs.

But anyway, let’s get on with the journal, which I hope you find of some curious interest and a bit of fun!

Sunday January 6, 2002

Right then, my first ever journal entry. I don’t know why I’ve decided to start one so I’ll see how it goes. What’s happened today? My gran’s gone home after staying with us for 3 weeks and I’ve got ready to go back to uni for the 2nd term of my first year. I’ve got exams in a few weeks time.

Monday January 7, 2002

I’ve finally got rid of a cold that’s been bugging me the past few days. Today went ok. I hate Mondays, though, as I’m at uni from 9am-6pm. I have 5 hours of lessons spread over that period. Still, I have Fridays off at the moment, so it makes up for it. 

Tuesday January 8, 2002

Today was fine. I forgot to mention yesterday that I bought Jak & Daxter for the PS2. I started playing it last night and it’s an ace game. Super graphics, sound and gameplay. Plus, there’s no loading times! How cool is that?

Wednesday January 9, 2002

I’ve bought The Matrix Revisited on DVD (it’s an extra special features thing they’ve done) and the Bottom film, Guest House Paradiso, also on DVD. I’ll watch both of them at the weekend probably. I’ve also bought a CD called School which has some great stuff on it (Baggy Trousers, Don’t Stop Me Now, The Final Countdown, Rockin’ All Over The World, etc, to name just a few of the 40 tracks).

Friday January 11, 2002

No lectures at uni today for me! My timetable at the moment has nothing on a Friday. I’ve been doing revision though, but that’s going ok. The Matrix Revisited DVD is ace, and the hidden extras are cool. If you want to know how to find them (or Easter eggs in any software or DVD package) go to It’s a great site.

Tuesday January 15, 2002

It’s been a few days since I’ve written in here, but there still isn’t a lot to say. Exams are looming ever closer. Revision’s going ok.

Thursday January 17, 2002

I’ve got a bit more time to write in here now. Next week my exams are on Tuesday and Thursday. There are no lessons that week. As I don’t have any on Fridays anyway, and today is Thursday, that means I get 4 days at home! It’ll be a good opportunity to revise.

Sunday January 20, 2002

Exams coming up on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Still, there’s no lessons so I get Monday, Wednesday and Friday off, so that’s cool. I’m fairly confident, but I don’t know when we’ll get the results. 

Monday January 21, 2002

Accountancy exam tomorrow. Should go ok *crosses fingers*. I’ll tell you here how it went anyway.

Tuesday January 22, 2002

The exam went ok, I think. I won’t bore you with the details though. 2 more exams on Thursday. 

Friday January 25, 2002

I would have written in here yesterday but I couldn’t log on last night at all. I kept getting a “page not found” error. Incidentally, if anyone’s reading this, go to and read it carefully! You’ll think you’ve got a standard error message, but read it and you haven’t. It’s not a page I’ve done, I just got told to look it up.

Anyway, Statistics and Accounting exams went well yesterday. Stats was multiple choice, but by mistake the lecturer left on the marks to show the correct answers on the form! It was promptly taken away from us all but it was quite funny. It was a fairly easy exam anyway. Law was harder, but should be ok. Not much else to say really.

Saturday January 26, 2002

Ah, the weekend. Best time of the week. Well, I have to do some work today but it won’t take long, I’ll make sure of that. Right now I’m listening to a Lynyrd Skynyrd box set (3 CDs) that I’ve had for ages. I heard them when I went to the USA and have loved them ever since. Queen’s still my favourite group but Skynyrd’s cool too. Perhaps I ought to mention what I listen to more often in here.

Sunday January 27, 2002

Relaxing and listening to Queen Live At Wembley ’86. Heaven!

Tuesday January 29, 2002

Just come back from the dentist where I had a filling, so my mouth is numb right now – at least he’s a nice dentist I suppose. The worst thing will be when it wears off and for a little while it’ll probably feel sore where he injected the anaesthetic.

Friday February 1, 2002

I’ve started a Management Concepts and Practices module this week, which should be interesting. We’ve got to do group projects and individual projects, all ending in presentations to the class.

Tuesday February 5, 2002

I received an invitation to a wedding reception of one of my friends, that’s cool. It’s in May, so it’s a long way away yet. Also, if anyone is reading this, can you tell me if I am the only person who can’t stand Pop Idol, Popstars, etc? It seems that I am right now!

Wednesday February 6, 2002

I got the maximum possible marks in my stats exam – 40. Anything over 40 is rounded down to 40 again anyway (the top mark was between 60 and 70). It counts for 40% of the module overall (I’ve got to do another exam in June that counts for the other 60%) so that’s why it’s rounded down if you get a high mark.

Monday February 11, 2002

Again, nothing much to say. Lots of work to do, as I have a group presentation to do on Friday.

Wednesday February 20, 2002

Hey, if anybody’s trying to keep up with my life, sorry I’ve been away. I’m quite busy right now. Here’s what I have to do at the moment:

  • Economics assignment (for February 28)
  • Accounting group project (for March 6)
  • Management group project with presentation (for March 1)
  • Management solo essay and presentation on it (for March 1 also)
  • Plus questions for tutorials and stuff.

See what I mean?

Friday February 22, 2002

Woohoo! I’ve got some of my work out of the way! Not so much to do at the weekend, phew. Still won’t be online that often though. My busy spell isn’t over yet. 3 weeks of term, then a 5 week holiday (very useful, I will need to do revision in that time). 

Wednesday February 27, 2002

I might start writing a bit more regularly like I used to last month. It’s just that I’ve had quite a bit of stuff to do, various things need to be in this week and next week. After next week the major stuff is mostly out of the way. Apparently my accounting results are due out this week. If anyone’s reading this (unlikely, but you never know), then I’ll post them here when I get them.

Apart from that, on Monday I purchased some DVDs – Father Ted Series 2 Part 2 and Minder Series 3 (4 DVD box set). I now have all the Father Ted and Minder DVDs released to date, they’re both cool shows. I’ve got the full theme tune to Minder on CD too, called I Could Be So Good For You, which I love. And online I also found the Christmas song they released, performed by the 2 main characters, called What Are We Gonna Get ‘Er Indoors?, along with its B-side Quids & Quavers. Both of those songs are funny as well.

Friday March 1, 2002

I finally got my accounting result yesterday – 62%, which I’m very pleased with. I’ve got another accounting exam to come in June, plus there’s a group project to be in soon for this module. Other than that, not much else. See ya for now.

Tuesday March 5, 2002

I’m happy today. These are the results for the January exams:

  • Statistics – 40 (multiple choice, max. mark)
  • Accounting – 62%
  • Business Law – 76%

I’m slightly amazed I did that well but I’m pleased all the same!

Other than that, our group project for accounting will be handed in tomorrow so that will be out of the way. And at the end of next week we break up for 5 weeks. So I’ve got lots to be happy about. Woohoo!

I found a fairly addictive game on too – Inklink. I’d recommend it for a laugh, just go in as a guest and have some fun. Basically, people have to draw a phrase they are given and the others have to guess what it is. Simple but fun.

2020 Update: That game no longer exists, but the closest I’ve found is the site Let’s Draw It. You can watch footage of the original Inklink game on Youtube though.]

Friday March 8, 2002

Ah, the weekend, what more can I say? I’m still happy, things seem to be going very well right now. One more week to go before the holidays – 5 weeks off! If anyone’s reading this, I hope your days are going ok, I know studies can be stressful, I know how you feel. 

Friday March 15, 2002

Is it really nearly a week since I last wrote in here? Oh dear, people must be wondering where I’ve been! Well, I’m still here, and term has just finished for me! 5 weeks off to relax and revise for the exams at my leisure. Next term we have about 5 weeks before the exams start. I won’t have so many lectures either as we have completed the modules for accounting and economics for this year (although we have to go on a bookkeeping course in June for 3 days, dammit). Hopefully I’ll do ok, like I did in January, we’ll see what happens. So overall, I am very happy.

Monday March 18, 2002

I’ve been spending money to treat myself lately:


  • Dad’s Army (one I haven’t got in a boxset I got before Christmas).
  • One Foot In The Grave (great show that I’ve never bought before, I ordered most of them but they weren’t all on the list, I’ll have to look out for the rest).


That’s it. I’ve got many Queen CDs, but my collection certainly isn’t complete yet. I’ll get more soon. I haven’t listened to all my new CD’s yet, but what I have heard so far is cool.

Wednesday March 20, 2002

I went out with a friend to a university fair today as he wanted me to help him find stuff there. It was busy, but interesting and he came away with a lot.

And I’ve been shopping… again! I had to pop into HMV and get some more CD’s. In case you think I’m mad, I got some vouchers to get money off, quite a bit too, and they expire soon so I thought I’d use a couple this week. I bought Capital Gold Legends III (a compilation of 60s-80s music, cool songs) and 3 more Queen albums: Queen, Sheer Heart Attack and Hot Space. Not only that, but yesterday the videos I ordered on Sunday night arrived on Tuesday morning! That is fast!

Thursday March 21, 2002

Not much to say really, I’ve started my revision now, but I’m not going to do too much at once. Just thought I’d write to say that Queen are definitely my favourite group now I have most of their albums. I knew they were my favourite before, but now I know exactly why. If you only have the greatest hits, get the albums too, trust me they are well worth the money. Other than that, the weather is nice and I’m enjoying being lazy. See ya.

Sunday March 31, 2002


Don’t overdo the chocolate and be sick!

The Queen Mother has sadly left us, she lived to 101. It’s a shame it’s in the year of the Jubilee but there you go. Something else for the Queen to cope with, what with Princess Margaret dying last month as well.

But anyway, apart from that, Happy Easter again!! See ya for now.

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