Christmas 2019 Favourites

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and have a wonderful and prosperous 2020 ahead. 🙂

2019 was a bit of a rollercoaster year for me, but it worked out well overall. I was very busy and active for the first half, with highlights including a holiday in Liverpool, filming my What Is Normal? documentary, giving a speech at the Aniridia Network Conference, attending the Naidex event and seeing the Only Fools And Horses musical.  Then there was a big dip during the summer, with health issues, my PIP application, and my first relationship in London coming to an end after a year (but we’re still very close friends). Then the final few months gave me a chance to recharge and get back to normal, before I made TV & radio appearances to talk about digital accessibility. So there’s been a lot going on, and you can find out all the details in my Favourites posts from the year.

So December was very good for me all in all, and I was kept happily occupied over Christmas as usual. So there’s lots to mention, including a podcast appearance, museum visits, Christmas displays, socialising in London & Devon, Christmas food, TV shows, movies and audio entertainment, and more. As always, I’ve not been paid or gifted for anything I mention here, I’m simply expressing my own opinions. So I hope you enjoy this festive post and video roundup!

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May 2017 Favourites

Hello again, and welcome to my latest monthly roundup. I’ve continued to settle in well and enjoy a variety of experiences in London over the last few weeks, including more social events, museum visits, festivals, walks and tours, plus I’ve taken a trip to see my old friends in Devon. So there’s loads to get through, and I hope you enjoy reading about it all!

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Barking Up The Right Track #AllTheStations

While looking online for things to do in London, and other places I might want to travel to, I came across the excellent videos by Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe that have been published by Londonist and on Geoff’s own channel. These include videos about secrets of the Underground, the least used stations in the country, facts about London, vlogs and more.

So railways are a big passion of theirs, but they’re not trainspotters either, and you don’t need to be into trains and railways in a big way to enjoy them. Their videos are accessible, fun and informative, without being nerdy or patronising, as they look more closely at the history and features of the rail network that millions of people use and take for granted on a daily basis.

And right now they’re embarking on their most ambitious project yet, called All The Stations, which is the reason behind my latest outing this weekend.

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