May 2017 Favourites

Hello again, and welcome to my latest monthly roundup. I’ve continued to settle in well and enjoy a variety of experiences in London over the last few weeks, including more social events, museum visits, festivals, walks and tours, plus I’ve taken a trip to see my old friends in Devon. So there’s loads to get through, and I hope you enjoy reading about it all!

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Journal – June 2008

Time for another batch of my journal entries. I went out and about to do some more socialising and shopping this month, and we had a few technical issues at work. Plus I’ve mentioned things like DVDs and news stories as usual. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – August 2005

After the madness of July, this month has been much calmer and happier, though still busy with plenty to talk about. My main focus has been preparing for my first ever job interview, which took place at the end of the month. And I celebrated another birthday by getting a combination VHS, DVD & Hard Drive recorder, along with various DVDs and music purchases as well. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – January-March 2003

Welcome to my next instalment of journal entries. I’ve combined the first few months of the year here, as they haven’t been particularly eventful, so the entries are fairly short. I’ve continued to buy some nice things to keep myself entertained though, and I’ve got some more results for my university work, plus there are a couple of other notable events (one good, one not so good). So I hope you enjoy looking through it all!

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