Music Collection – A

I love listening to music, I always enjoy having it on in the background. Most of what I like best is classic rock and pop from the 1950s to the 1980s (especially the 70s and 80s) and some early 90s, and soundtracks to TV shows or films I particularly like, but there are other bits and pieces I enjoy¬†as well. So in the interests of adding a bit of variety to my blog, I thought I’d work through my extensive iTunes collection by artist, picking out tracks I particularly like.

I won’t pick out every song I like by every artist I mention, as that would go on forever. But it will still be a big selection, so you can see the variety of tracks I have, and hopefully you’ll like some of them too. Suffice to say, this will get rather random sometimes. ūüôā

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iPhone Apps I Use

Following on from my previous post how I use my iPhone, I’ll run through some of the apps I use here. I’m still relatively new to the iPhone, so I haven’t got anything too obscure for the most part, and there are bound to be other programs I should check out, so I’m open to suggestions. But these are the ones I use at the moment.

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Using My iPhone

Some people are naturally curious about how visually impaired and blind people can use smartphones, given that modern devices rely heavily on touch screens instead of having many buttons. So I thought I’d write about how I’ve set mine up, to make it easier for me to use. I’ve also made a video on the accessibility features I use as well, which you may like to watch.

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While¬†looking around Youtube channels and blogs by other visually impaired people, I’ve seen the VIP (Visually Impaired Person) Tag come up numerous times. And thanks to the wonderful¬†Emily Davison from Fashioneyesta, I was finally¬†tagged to do it.

It was originally created by Chatty Chelby, and it’s an interesting way of telling the community about yourself. So I’ve put my answers together in this post, and have also produced a¬†video version¬†too. I hope you enjoy my responses!

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Accessibility Awareness

I don’t have a guide dog, because I can see well enough not to need one. But I have many friends who do use them, and I would certainly consider applying for one if my sight ever deteriorated to a level where it might be useful. They are the most beautiful and amazing animals, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for them, and for those who train and use them. They aren’t just pets, they’re a real lifeline to their owners, enabling so much freedom and independence.

And yet, sadly, there are still people out there who don’t understand or respect guide dogs or the blind¬†people who need¬†them¬†– something which has, yet again, become clear in the past few days.

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Growing In Confidence

A summary of this post¬†was featured in Scope’s blog¬†for Anti-Bullying Week. If you’ve come here via¬†that article, welcome! I’ve also posted¬†a video about my school days as well.

Today I wanted to look back and do a post about how my confidence has developed over the years, after a difficult start. At home it’s never been a problem – my parents are both visually impaired, so they and my relatives have always been understanding and supportive from the outset. But away from the family, it hasn’t always been as easy.

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No Offence

One of the things that some non-disabled people find surprising about me is that I’m not easily offended, and that I’m more than happy to make jokes at my own expense. I touched on that point fleetingly in my previous post, but I wanted to go into it a little more.

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