Journal – May-June 2011

Time for my next set of journal entries, looking back at another busy period, with plenty of socialising and a barn dance, dealing with the last financial affairs from Dad’s estate, the UK local elections, the death of Osama Bin Laden and various other things. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – May 2010

Welcome back to my journal, and this has been a really busy month, including socialising, a barn dance, Nintendo Wii bowling, the General Election, Doctor Who, DVDs, Eurovision and even a volcano! So I hope you enjoy.

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Journal – May 2009

Just a single entry this month, but it’s a long one, as I’ve been very busy at work, my Dad’s got a new Blu-ray player, I’ve bought several DVDs, and there’s much to discuss about the Parliamentary expenses scandal and the Eurovision Song Content. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – May 2008

Here’s the next set of entries from my personal journal. This month I’ve had a nice time meeting up with a friend in Teignmouth, and I attended a workshop all about dealing with change. Plus i’ve highlighted various news stories and mentioned a few other things as usual. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – March 2008

Here’s another month of entries from my journal. I didn’t do an awful lot this month, although work has been keeping me busy. And I have mentioned some TV, DVDs and news stories as always. Plus there’s a Top 25 list, and I haven’t included a poll like that for a long time. So it’s a still a fair mixture of stuff. I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – March 2007

Welcome to another set of entries from my journal. This isn’t a particularly exciting month, as there hasn’t been a lot going on. But I did do a bit of socialising, and there are the usual mentions of TV shows, DVDs, news stories, etc. So there’s still a variety of things in here, and I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – May 2005

Welcome to the next instalment of my journal posts. There’s plenty packed in here, including career updates, entertainment highlights, top 20 lists, little bits of news and sport, and the start of a fun little getaway. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – March 2005

Here’s another set of entries from my journal. This month there are updates on my temporary contract at work, and various bits of entertainment news, including a top 100 poll about cartoons, an extensive review of the Red Nose Day telethon, and my initial reaction to the highly anticipated relaunch of a certain sci-fi show. So I hope you enjoy as always!

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Journal – April-May 2004

Welcome to the latest selection of my journal posts. I’ve combined a couple of months together again, as I haven’t had huge amounts to write for each, while busy revising for exams and preparing for my graduation. But I’ve also continued to buy DVDs and music of course, and there are a couple more music polls I’ve found as well. So I hope you find these entries interesting as usual!

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Journal – May 2003

Here we go again, with another bundle of journal posts. My time was mainly spent revising for my upcoming exams this month, but there has also been an IQ test on TV, the most recent Bond film, a list of the worst Britons, and our now infamous Eurovision performance that earned the UK “nul points”. So I hope you enjoy!

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