Journal – May 2014

If you’ve been following these journal posts for a while then (a) thank you so much and (b) no, you’re not missing anything, there really has been a 5-month gap.

I didn’t write any journal entries for the first part of this year, as nothing happened that was of any interest. Our planned move to London still hasn’t gone ahead, as for various reasons we haven’t been able to get much work done on our current house before we can sell it, which has been unavoidable but frustrating. And there hasn’t been a lot else going on either.

This month, however, I have met up with some friends, I’ve got some updates from work, and we’ve had devastating weather that completely destroyed a vital artery of Devon’s railway network. So that’s given me a variety of bits and pieces to mention here. And as always, I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – July 2006

Here’s another set of journal entries for you to look through. This hasn’t been a particularly busy month for me, but I spent a nice weekend with a friend, enjoyed the finale of the second series of Doctor Who and bought some more DVDs, and there are various other things to mention as well. So I hope you find it interesting as always!

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