Fun & Leisure

Apart from museums, theatres and walks, there are many other ways I like to enjoy myself when out and about, with friends or by myself. So here are some other things I’ve done or seen, in London and elsewhere, with links to relevant posts.



Disabled Friends & Groups

Non-Disabled Groups

  • Meetup
  • Smudged Lipstick
  • Thinking Bob
    • January 2017 – New Members Social, Kensington Gardens Walk & Talk, Big Bob Quiz Of The Year, Cards Against Humanity, Friday Night Drinks, Sunday Roast, Cocktails & Cryptic Crosswords, Curry Night, ClueTrace: Mind Crime escape room.
    • February 2017 – Tubeopoly treasure hunt, Archimedes Inspiration: Leo’s Path escape room, Cards Against Humanity, Pizza And Jazz, Steak Night, Curry Night, Pancakes.
    • April 2017 – Ultimate Pub Quiz, V&A Museum: Saints & Sinners Tour.
    • May 2017 – Bobily Fortunes, National Gallery: Renaissance Event.
    • June 2017 – The Question Bobbers
    • July 2017 – Never Mind The Bob-Cocks
    • August 2017 – Pointless
    • October 2017 – Halloween Movie
    • December 2017 – Christmas With The Stars
    • January 2018 – Harry Potter Studio Tour
    • February 2018 – Apsley House Tour
    • January 2019 – Cards Against Humanity

Sports & Games

Not including socials already listed above.

Food & Drink

Events & Festivals

Computer Games

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