Fun & Leisure

Apart from museums, theatres and walks, there are many other ways I like to enjoy myself. So here are some other things I’ve done, bought or seen, in London and elsewhere, with links to relevant posts.


Social Groups

Disabled Social Groups

Non-Disabled Social Groups

  • Meetup
  • Smudged Lipstick
  • Thinking Bob
    • January 2017 – New Members Social, Kensington Gardens Walk & Talk, Big Bob Quiz Of The Year, Cards Against Humanity, Friday Night Drinks, Sunday Roast, Cocktails & Cryptic Crosswords, Curry Night, ClueTrace: Mind Crime escape room.
    • February 2017 – Tubeopoly treasure hunt, Archimedes Inspiration: Leo’s Path escape room, Cards Against Humanity, Pizza And Jazz, Steak Night, Curry Night, Pancakes.
    • April 2017 – Ultimate Pub Quiz, V&A Museum: Saints & Sinners Tour.
    • May 2017 – Bobily Fortunes, National Gallery: Renaissance Event.
    • June 2017 – The Question Bobbers
    • July 2017 – Never Mind The Bob-Cocks
    • August 2017 – Pointless
    • October 2017 – Halloween Movie
    • December 2017 – Christmas With The Stars
    • January 2018 – Harry Potter Studio Tour
    • February 2018 – Apsley House Tour
    • January 2019 – Cards Against Humanity

Sports & Games

Not including socials already listed above.

Food & Drink

Events & Festivals



Computer Games

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