Fun & Games

I enjoy having a laugh and playing with friends, so here are some games and fun experiences I’ve enjoyed, with links to blog posts where available, plus a long list of gaming venues to check out, mainly in London but occasionally elsewhere in the UK too. If you have any links you think I should add here, feel free to contact me.

My Experiences

Board Games

Card Games

Escape Rooms


Outdoor Pursuits




Ten Pin Bowling


Venues are in London unless otherwise stated.

Board Games

Video Games

Virtual Reality Games

  • DNA VR – Single player, multiplayer and free-roaming virtual reality games.
  • Limitless VR – VR & Gaming Lounge Bar. “Our venue hosts 6 HTC Vive stations, retro consoles, table footie and more. Our hidden basement lounge and club space called ‘LVR’ (open Thurs-Sat) also has sofa areas… each with a PS3/4 console.The bar is quickly becoming known for its eclectic events, including theme parties and a host of local DJ talent!” Also on Facebook.
  • The Otherworld – “A playground for the senses, hosting sixteen unforgettable experiences. Climb Mount Everest. Fight a zombie apocalypse deep in Arizona. Go on adventures with a tiny mouse. Blow up robots with laser cannons…” (See Secret London article & BBC Click Report)

Escape Rooms

Ten Pin Bowling

Pool Clubs


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