Journal – April 2009 (Spain Holiday & Morocco Trip)

Hola de nuevo! (Hello again!) After our first trip to Spain in 2007, my friends and I were keen to go back. So this post is all about our return trip, including visits to a local park and Fuengirola Zoo, and a day trip to Tangier in Morocco. I’ve also included some photos that I took on a disposable camera, and video footage shot on my friend’s digital camcorder. I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – May 2007 (Spain Holiday)

Hola! This is a special journal post about my first ever trip to Spain with a couple of my friends, including several photos along the way. I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – April-May 2007

Here we go with another batch of journal entries. During these weeks I had a nice little break in Bournemouth, and a couple of trips to Exeter to meet the friends I’m preparing to go to Spain with. And with that upcoming trip in mind, I’ve also included the first entry from May, so that my next post can be dedicated exclusively to my overseas adventure. So I hope you enjoy!

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