Journal – October 2006

June 2021 Introduction:

It’s time for another bunch of entries from my old journal. This month we had a lot of building work done on the ground floor of our home, and I met up with my friend in Exeter. Plus I bought some more DVDs and music as usual, and wrote about some news stories that caught my eye, among other bits and pieces. So I hope you enjoy!

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Journal – October 2005

March 2021 Introduction:

Welcome to the next set of old entries from my personal journal. Things were much calmer this month, as I now had job security with my new permanent position at the Council. It meant I was able to get much more support as a visually impaired employee, so there were discussions going on about that. And there were various other bits and pieces to mention about things I was buying, things that caught my eye in the news, the loss of a comedy legend, a few technical mishaps, and a day trip to London with a couple of colleagues for a trade show. So I hope you enjoy!

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