My Movie Favourites

This is a list of films I’ve mentioned in my blog, and a selection of other movies I’ve liked over the years, that aren’t in My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection. I’ve organised them in a rough order of my favourite genres.

I already know about any sequels, prequels, spin-offs, remakes, etc for the films listed below and on my DVD page, so you don’t need to recommend those to me. If I haven’t listed them, it simply means I haven’t watched them yet, but I might check them out in the future. You are welcome to suggest other films I might like though, based on my tastes.



Science Fiction



Biographical Dramas



During my childhood I naturally enjoyed lots of classic Disney films, including Aladdin & The Lion King to name just a couple of my favourites. I don’t watch animated films much these days, but I still see one or two occasionally. Films I’ve mentioned in this blog include: