TV Favourites

This is a selection of shows I’ve mentioned in my blog posts, and some others I’ve enjoyed over the years, that are not already in My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection. It’s not a list of every show I’ve ever watched, just some of the ones I like best.

Comedy Series

See also the comedy series I own on DVD.

Stand-Up Comedy

See also the shows I’ve been to in person and the shows I own on DVD.


See also the dramas I own on DVD, including the modern Doctor Who.


See also the documentaries I own on DVD.


Apart from the comedies above, I don’t watch other gameshows very often. But I have mentioned a few in my posts:


See also the music DVDs I own and other reviews of albums, songs, TV shows, etc.


I’m not heavily into sport, but I do sometimes pay a bit of attention to bigger events.


The results of some polls that I mentioned in my old journal posts.

Other Shows

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