My TV Favourites

This is a list of my favourite TV shows and online series that I’ve mentioned in my blog, and a selection of some other programmes I’ve liked over the years, that aren’t in My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection.

For each show I’ve seen all episodes to date unless otherwise stated, and I’m already aware of further series, spin-offs, DVDs, audiobooks, online streams, merchandise, and other general information. If I haven’t bought a show on DVD, it’s either because I’m not interested or it’s unavailable.




Stand-Up Comedy

Sketch Shows

Comedy Chat Shows

Comedy Documentaries

Charity Telethons

Variety Shows


Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Games & Quizzes


See My Music Reviews for programmes about specific artists.



I don’t watch or listen to sport regularly, but I do sometimes pay a bit of attention to the bigger events that are taking place, as mentioned in the journal entries and blog posts indicated below.


Other Shows

  • Christmas – 2017, 20182019 & 2020 – See these posts for the one-off Christmas & New Year programmes I enjoyed each year, and festive specials from my favourite series.
  • Childhood – Animations, Games & Other Shows