Thank You!

Glen sitting and smiling by his computer, which has a photo of the Arcelormittal Orbit Tower on the screen.

On this page I’m going to thank everybody who has donated towards my charity abseil for nystagmus research. Friends and followers will get shoutouts, fellow bloggers will get promoted with links to their content, and anonymous donors will get praised without being named. At the end, this list will go into the blog post I write about the day.

You can see the current total and donate at:

If you’ve donated any amount already, thank you so, SO much! It means the world to me, because it’s a great boost to my confidence, and it will make a huge difference to the tens of thousands of people living with nystagmus. Your money fund pioneering research into the condition at Moorfields Eye Hospital and the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology (see the blog post for details).

So, big shoutouts and thanks to…


  • Richard Osman – Yes, the guy from Pointless. Genuinely. He donated £250 (plus £62.50 Gift Aid)! He has nystagmus like me, which he has discussed in interviews, so I figured I’d tweet him among other people in case he might like or share it. To get any donation from him would be unexpected and amazing, so to get such a large amount was a total shock! Thank you so much sir!

Blogging Friends

London Friends

School Friends

  • Dean & Rhona Dunbar – A staff member at school I became great friends with, and his wife. Dean is blind and takes part in many extreme sports, as well as doing motivational speaking. So do check out his Extreme Dreams website, Youtube channelFacebook and Twitter for details of his adventures.
  • Irene, Dave & Marie – Friends of mine who sent me a cheque.
  • Jenny Langley – A close long-term friend from school who donated by text.
  • Pauline Edwards – One of my teachers from primary school.
  • Simon De La Mare – My best mate since school, I was even his best man.

Work Colleagues

  • Ian Westwood
  • Jon Bell
  • Nick Jones
  • Terry Baldwin
  • Wendy Urban
  • Other Colleagues – Sponsored £43 in offline donations

Other Friends

  • Fiona Underwood – Online friend from Canada and keen Youtube follower.
  • Samuel Pattimore – Friend from the Channel Islands.
  • Sarah Hewitt – A friend who I saw doing a charity abseil last year, so that partly inspired me when this one came up.

Online Followers

  • Amelia Aslett – A very kind follower of my Facebook page.
  • Emma James – The mother of a son with nystagmus.
  • Katie Matthews – Donated by text after seeing a post by Moorfields Eye Charity.
  • Manca Lipoglavšek – Sponsoring me for their niece and all others with Nystagmus.
  • Sarah Bell – Twitter follower who made a very generous donation.
  • Steven Reid – A fellow supporter of the Nystagmus Network.
  • Veronica van Heyningen CBE – The Patron of Aniridia Network UK. Many people with aniridia also have nystagmus (like myself), so the research will benefit them too.
  • Anonymous Donors – Including other work colleagues and text donations.

Again, many thanks for all your support, you’re all awesome! 🙂