Your Recommendations

Below is a list of TV shows, movies and other titles that people have recommended for me to check out, which I haven’t already mentioned in my other entertainment posts. If you’ve suggested a title and it isn’t on any of my lists, then that’s just because I wasn’t interested in it.

I’ll never get through the entire list, as I only have so much time and money, and there are other things I want to watch too. But this gives me a lot of things to look at when I have time to do so. I won’t like everything, but hopefully I’ll enjoy some of it.

Thank you to Claire Amoroso, Fashioneyesta, The Irish Nerd, Jack Fenwick, Matthew Lamont & Vincent Grasso, plus many others I follow online and friends I know offline, for their contributions to this list. If you have any new suggestions or want to comment on existing entries, feel free to comment below or contact me, so I can add to the list and credit you above.



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Live Comedy

  • Ardal O’Hanlon:
    • Live
  • Ben Elton:
    • Definitive Live Collection – His 4 tours are only available in a boxset, as the first 3 have been deleted for some time.
  • Bill Bailey:
    • Part Troll
    • Cosmic Jam / Bewilderness
    • Tinsleworm
    • Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra
    • Dandelion Mind
    • Qualmpeddler
    • Limboland
  • Bill Hicks:
    • The Complete Collection – Despite there being only 5 live shows, this boxset has an extra 6th disc.
  • Billy Connolly:
    • Classic Connolly – Billy Bites Yer Bum Live / Hand Picked By Billy
    • An Audience with Billy Connolly
    • Billy And Albert – Live at The Royal Albert Hall
    • Live at The Odeon Hammersmith London
    • Two Night Stand 1997
    • Erect for 30 Years
    • One Night Stand/Down Under
    • Live in Dublin 2002
    • Live in New York
    • Was It Something I Said?
    • Live in London 2010
    • You Asked for It
    • High Horse Tour
  • Bob Monkhouse:
    • Three Great Shows – Has all 3 live shows included, and the second two aren’t available to buy separately.
    • An Audience with Bob Monkhouse
  • The Chuckle Brothers:
    • In Trouble
    • Pirates of The River Rother
    • Spooky Going Ons Live
    • Indiana Chuckles and The Kingdom of The Mythical Sulk
  • Dawn French:
    • Thirty Million Minutes
  • Eddie Izzard:
    • Unrepeatable
    • Definite Article
    • Glorious
    • Dress to Kill
    • Circle
    • Sexie
    • Stripped
    • Forced Majeure
  • Frank Skinner:
    • The Complete Collection – Although 4 of his tours have been released on DVD in the past, the only way to own all 6 is to buy this boxset.
  • Graham Norton:
    • Live at The Roundhouse
  • Jasper Carrott:
    • 24 Carrott Gold – The Best Of
  • Jo Brand:
    • Barely Live
  • John Cleese:
    • The Alimony Tour
  • Johnny Vegas:
    • Live at The Benidorm Palace
  • Lee Hurst:
    • Live
    • Live At The Backyard Comedy Club
  • Lenny Henry:
    • So Much Things To Say
  • Marcus Brigstocke:
    • Planet Corduroy
  • Miranda Hart:
    • My, What I Call, Live Show
  • Noel Fielding:
    • An Evening with Noel Fielding
  • Norman Lovett:
    • Bags & Biscuits
  • Paul Foot:
    • Tis a Pity She’s a Piglet
  • Peter Kay:
    • Live At Manchester Arena – Contains most of the same material as the 2003 tour. Also has a tour documentary and 2 versions of the Amarillo video.
    • Special Kay – Compilation of clips from Top of The Tower, Bolton Albert Halls & Manchester Arena, plus the music video for (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles.
    • Live & Back On Nights – Just a documentary of The Tour that Didn’t Tour.
  • Phil Jupitus:
    • Quadrophobia
  • Rhod Gilbert:
    • The Award-Winning Mince Pie
    • The Cat That Looked Liked Nicholas Lyndhurst
    • The Man with The Flaming Battenburg Tattoo
  • Rob Brydon:
    • Keith Barret Live
  • Romesh Ranganathan:
    • Irrational
  • Sarah Millican:
    • Chatterbox
    • Thoroughly Modern Millican
    • Home Bird
    • Outsider
    • Control Enthusiast
  • Tony Robinson:
    • Cunning Night Out
  • Victoria Wood:
    • Victoria At The Albert
    • Live
    • Live in Your Own Home
    • An Audience with Victoria Wood
  • Secret Policeman’s Ball – The Ball In The Hall / Secret Policeman’s Ball 2012
  • We Know Where You Live – Live (Hosted by Eddie Izzard)




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