My Outings & Adventures

A collage of 9 images of me, including at a quiz night, at an escape room, in a TV audience, with Emily Davison, posing with sunglasses by an old building, posing with a crowd on a football pitch, posing with 2 ladies on Tower bridge, looking at a piece of fur with a lady at the Natural History Museum, and giving a public talk.

Last Updated: 19 April 2018

I moved to London at Christmas 2016, which made it a lot easier and more tempting to get out and about, compared to where I used to live. So I’ve been having fun exploring the city and various other places, trying new things and meeting new people along the way.

This page therefore gives a summary of things I’ve been up to since I arrived in London, along with a few notable places I’ve visited in the past. I’ve included links to relevant blog posts, videos or photos where possible. It’ll give you a good sense of the variety of stuff I’ve been up to. I have been to other places in London in the past, but I either don’t remember them clearly, or haven’t got any photos or videos to share.

You can also browse all of my out & about blog posts, watch my London videos and holiday videos, and see lots of photos on my Instagram. You can also browse a list of London websites that I’ve bookmarked, many of which are places and activities that I want to check out. And I’m very happy and keen to hear suggestions of places, events, shows, etc I should check out as well.

Monthly Reviews




Disability Conferences & Shows

Events & Festivals

Food & Drink

Games & Quizzes

Museums & Galleries

Parks & Gardens


Social Groups




Tube & Rail Stations

Based on an idea from Geoff Marshall, I’ve been ticking off the Tube and rail stations that I’ve been entering or exiting. Interchange stations don’t count – I must have crossed the gateline and done something specific in the local area. You can see my PDF map with highlighting for all the Tube And Rail Stations Visited. If you know of anything interesting I can look for around stations I haven’t yet used, do tell me so I have good reason to go there. I’d love to tick them all off eventually!

TV & Radio Audiences



Holidays I’ve taken to places outside London over the years, with links to blog posts and videos where available:

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