My Outings & Adventures

Last Updated: 23 September 2017

I moved to London at Christmas 2016, which made it a lot easier and more tempting to get out and about, compared to where I used to live. So I’ve been having fun exploring the city and various other places, trying new things and meeting new people along the way.

This page therefore gives a summary of things I’ve been up to since I arrived in London, with links to relevant blog posts, videos or photos where possible. It should give you a good sense of the variety of stuff I’ve been up to already. You can also browse all of my out & about blog posts, watch my London videos, see lots of photos on my Instagram, and browse a list of London websites that I’ve bookmarked.

And if you know of something that you think I ought to check out, then please feel free to comment below or tweet me to let me know, I’d love to hear about it! I’ve also created a To-Do List page of places I want to go and things I’d like to try, so I’ll keep adding to that as I get ideas, if you want to leave comments there too.



Food & Drink

  • Marquis Cornwallis, Marchmont Street (Thinking Bob – Sunday Roast)
  • Meat House London, Pentonville Road (Thinking Bob – Steak Night)
  • My Old Dutch, High Holborn (Thinking Bob – Sunday Pancakes)
  • Pizza Express, Dean Street (Thinking Bob – Pizza & Jazz)
  • Pizza Express, Sevenoaks (with Emily Davison)
  • Standard Balti House, Brick Lane (Thinking Bob – Curry Night) x2
  • Theodore Bullfrog, John Adam Street (Thinking Bob – Friday Night Drinks)
  • TGI Fridays, Westfield Stratford City (with friends)
  • Ye Olde Watling, Watling Street (Thinking Bob – New Member Drinks)

Games & Quizzes

Museums & Galleries

Social Groups

Sport (Watching)


Tube Stations

Based on an idea from Geoff Marshall, I’ve been ticking off the Tube stations that I’ve been entering or exiting. Stations I’ve used only as interchanges do not count – I must have crossed the gateline and done something specific in the local area near the station.

Click here to see my map (PDF) with the used stations highlighted. If you know of anything interesting I should look for around stations that I haven’t yet visited, feel free to tell me so I have good reason to go there. I’d love to tick all the stations off eventually!

TV & Radio Audiences

Walking Tours


All of these have been solo walks except where indicated otherwise.


The following list includes holidays I’ve taken prior to moving to London at Christmas 2016, with links to blog posts and videos where available. I’ve only covered a few of my

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