My Lush Purchases

9 Lush products - 3 tubs, 2 round soaps, a pumice stone shaped soap, and 3 rectangular soap bars.

Thanks to Fashioneyesta in particular, along with other bloggers I’ve seen raving about them, my mother and I have started getting products from Lush on a fairly regular basis.

So, for my reference as much as any interest you might have, this is a list of stuff we’ve bought from them. We particularly like their soaps, shampoo bars and moisturisers the most.

I am not affiliated with Lush or sponsored by them, it’s just a store that I know is popular with bloggers, and it’s been enjoyable for us to explore what they have to offer, as it’s still very new to us. So if you have any recommendations of other Lush products we might want to try, do let me know.

Shopping Dates

  • 2017: August (Online) & November (Oxford Street)
  • 2018: March (Online) & May (Online)


Creams & Lotions

Shampoo Bars


  • Veganese – Nov 2017, Mar 2018, May 2018

Bath Bombs

Bath Oils

Bubble Bars


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