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This page contains a regularly updated selection of information and entertainment links, which I hope are useful to you during these strange times. If there’s anything else you think I should add, feel free to let me know. And also be sure to check out:


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Educational Videos

Visually Impaired & Disabled People

Here you’ll find a variety of links giving help and support to disabled people. Accessible online entertainment is included in the relevant sections further down the page.

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Conspiracies, Fake News & Misleading Information

Although the situation is big and scary, it does not mean there’s a big conspiracy.  Yet there are many false theories, cures and misinterpretations out there, which are debunked in the links below. So please be very careful about what you read and share. False information increases confusion and anxiety, and leads to dangerous behaviour.

Conspiracy theorists and scammers provide their “evidence” in many ways, including:

  • No Evidence – They make claims without any proof at all. And if you ask for it, they tell you to do your own research instead.
  • Biased Sources – They complain about media bias, yet they link to conspiracy websites that are completely biased to their own views.
  • Misinterpreted Evidence – They provide links to official statistics, news articles or scientific papers, which they’ve completely misinterpreted. They will cherry-pick words or figures that seem concerning, without any context or understanding.
  • Forwarded Messages – A friend or family member forwards you a message that was sent to them, which claims to be by a doctor, scientist or another official, but with no evidence of its source. These fake messages are designed to spread panic.
  • Screenshots & Graphics – These show quotes from articles and people, without any links to the original sources. So you don’t know if they’re genuine, or from biased sources, or have been misinterpreted and taken out of context.
  • Falsely Claimed Expertise – They will pretend that they are a qualified doctor or scientist, or that they know someone who has such expertise, without any proof.
  • Abuse – They resort to abuse when challenged, using names like ‘sheep’ or more offensive terms, whereas genuine people will discuss their findings politely.

So again, please be very careful. Always get information from official sources, and only direct your queries and concerns to trusted professionals who have proven expertise.

The following links will help you deal with a lot of the misinformation out there:

Arts & Culture

Theatre Shows & Concerts – Online Streams

Some shows are only available for a limited period. Please read the descriptions of videos carefully to ensure you don’t miss out.

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