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This page contains a variety of links related to assistive technology that you may find useful. They are divided into headings if that helps you jump through the page. Please also check out my other links pages dedicated to bloggers I followdisability information and London.

Other bloggers have also posted their own links, such as Holly’s resources for blind and visually impaired people. Please do check them out, as they will contain resources and links that I haven’t mentioned here. It’s also thanks to them that I was inspired to do my own list in the first place. So I hope you find the following links useful.

General Technology Information

  • Ability Net – Accessible services and support.
  • Apple Vis – Information for disabled users of Apple products.
  • Cool Blind Tech – News and reviews about assistive technology.

Gadgets & Aids

Daily Living

Magnifiers & Text-To-Speech

  • Anyview – Portable and desktop video magnifiers.
  • Associated Optical – Electronic and hand-held magnifiers.
  • BAUM Retec – Braille displays and video magnifiers.
  • Enhanced Vision – Electronic magnifiers.
  • GiveVision – Have developed a headset called SightPlus that can help visually people see the world around them better.
  • Humanware – Handheld magnifiers, desktop CCTVs, braille notetakers, Victor Stream audio players, and more.
  • Olympus – Cameras and audio devices.
  • Optelec – Magnifiers and text to speech readers.
  • Optima – Magnifiers, CCTVs and monoculars.
  • OrCam – A camera that attaches to your glasses, which speaks back text that you point to, and recognises faces and products. Check out Holly’s review – Me and My OrCam for a user’s experience.
  • Pamtrad – Electronic magnifiers, text to speech devices and other useful gadgets.
  • Professional Vision Services – Video magnifiers, software and braille devices.
  • VisionAid – Low vision aids and lighting solutions for the visually impaired.
  • Zoomax – Developer and manufacturer of technology for people with vision impairments. Based in China, with distributors of their products worldwide.

Mobile Phones

  • Doro – Smartphones designed for the visually impaired.
  • Fuss Free Phones – Smartphone featuring a button that connects you to an operator, who can assist you with calls, text messages, internet searches, etc.
  • Synapptic – Smartphones designed for the visually impaired.

Mobility & Navigation

  • ADI Access – Their Roommate product gives audio assisted navigation of disabled toilets.
  • Advantage Carbon Fibre Canes – Long canes to assist with mobility.
  • Easy Pay Mobility – Mobility scooter hire specialists.
  • Live Braille – Navigation devices for the visually impaired.
  • Motability – Scheme allowing disabled peopel to exchange their mobility allowance to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair.
  • UKS Mobility – Family business supplying mobility equipment and healthcare products
  • Ultracane – A hi-tech long cane with ultrasound assistance.



Screen Reading & Magnification

Text-To-Speech Apps

  • KNFB Reader – An app that converts printed text to speech, by scanning it with your device’s camera.
  • Prizmo – Scanning app with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and speech output, to convert printed material to readable text on your device.
  • RoboBraille – A free website that converts files and web pages to accessible formats.
  • Voice Dream Reader – Converts text to speech for various file types, including Word and PDF.
  • Voice Dream Writer – Allows you to proofread your documents using text to speech assistance.

Object Recognition & Camera Apps

  • Aipoly – An app that describes objects and colours to the visually impaired in real-time.
  • Be My Eyes – Connects blind people with sighted helpers over video connections. This allows the blind person to point their camera at something and receive descriptions and assistance as necessary, talking to a real person in real time.
  • LookTel Money Reader – Recognises and describes currency to you using speech.
  • LookTel Recognizer – Another app that recognizes and describes objects to you using speech.
  • Seeing AI – Free Microsoft app giving voice narration for the visually impaired, capable of reading short text, documents and handwriting, and describing products, scenes, people, colours, currency, light levels, etc.
  • Selfiex – Lets you take selfies using the rear camera on your phone, giving you audible instructions to guide you.
  • Tap Tap See – Take a photo of something and this app will speak a description of it to you.

Navigation Apps

  • Ariadne GPS – A GPS app that is compatible with Voiceover, making maps and directions accessible to the blind.
  • Blindsquare – Accessible app that helps you find places of interest nearby.
  • Soundscape – Free Microsoft app to help visually impaired people navigate their surroundings, using 3D audio to pinpoint places, streets and other features of interest.

Other Apps

  • Apple Accessibility – All Apple products have features like Voiceover, magnification and more built-in, so you don’t need to buy any extra software.
  • VIA App Directory – An accessible app that gives a comprehensive selection of many other accessible apps.
  • LookTel Voiceover Tutorial – This is an app that will teach you how to use Voiceover.

Audio Books & News

Audio Description

Audio Description Information

Audio Described TV & Films

Audio Described Theatre, Cinema & Museums

Videos About Audio Description