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This page contains disability-related blogs and Youtube channels that I follow and recommend. Please also check out my other links pages about disability information and assistive technology.

Firstly, these are my top 5 favourite bloggers right now, particularly regarding their posts about visual impairment and general lifestyle, and how friendly they’ve been towards me since I started blogging:

  • Fashioneyesta (also on YoutubeTwitterFacebookAudioboom and Instagram)
    Emily Davison was the primary inspiration for me to start blogging in the first place, and she does such an incredible amount. She regularly posts informative and well-produced blog entries and videos about blindness, disability, beauty, fashion, literature and much more, offering something for everyone. She also helps with disability campaigns for charities like Scope, and regularly appears as a guest on RNIB Connect Radio (formerly Insight Radio), among other things. And she’s given very kind responses to comments I’ve left on her videos.
  • Life Of A Blind Girl (also on Facebook and Twitter)
    Holly writes many great posts about living with a visual impairment and how she uses assistive technology, as well as topics including beauty and lifestyle. She’s also given me a mention on her list of favourite bloggers, which is very flattering!
  • Luke Sam Sowden (also on Youtube and Twitter)
    Luke posts blogs and videos on a wonderful variety of things, including disability, beauty, fashion, food, books, films and more. He’s also given me a mention in one of his Spotlight posts, which was a wonderful surprise!
  • My Blurred World (also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)
    Another very well-written blog, with lots of interesting posts about living with visual impairment, along with beauty and fashion. She has also very kindly given me a mention on her list of favourite bloggers, so thank you!
  • Thinking Out Loud (also on Facebook and Twitter)
    Sassy is another friendly blogger who writes about topics including living with a disability, her love of beauty products and more.

But there are many lovely bloggers out there of course, so here’s a list of others that I follow and enjoy:

  • Accessibility Insights
    Reviews and recommendations on technology and devices to assist the visually impaired.
  • Amanda Gene (also on Twitter)
    Amanda has a degree in print journalism, and writes about disability awareness, her personal life and anything else that interest her.
  • Blind Moving On (also on Twitter)
    Ashley writes a great blog about living with blindness and other aspects of her daily life.
  • Blind Not Bored (also on Twitter)
    Youtube channel by two visually impaired ladies, Mared and Megan. There are only a few videos here, but they’re worth watching.
  • The Blind Spot
    Youtube channel by Sam, with lots of videos about assistive technology and other tips that can help make day-to-day life easier if you can’t see.
  • Bold Blind Beauty (also on Twitter)
    Stephanie’s blog about blindness, beauty and more.
  • Caasi 619 (also on Youtube and Twitter)
    Caasi posts blogs and videos covering all sorts of topics relating to disability and various other topics.
  • Catch These Words (also on Youtube and Twitter)
    Holly posts blogs and videos about living with her visual impairment, disability awareness issues, book reviews, and her general day-to-day life.
  • Charlotte Eades (also on Twitter)
    Charlotte was a very strong, beautiful and inspirational young lady, who posted lots of great videos on Youtube documenting her life with cancer. Her family have generously kept those videos online since her sad and untimely death, and have expanded the channel further with videos discussing Charlotte’s life in more detail.
  • Chatty Chelby (also on Twitter)
    Chelby is a blind vlogger, and she updates her channel on a regular basis.
  • Double Vision (also on Twitter)
    Blog run by twin sisters Joy & Jenelle, writing about their experiences with sight loss and motherhood.
  • Girl Gone Blind (also on Twitter)
    Maria’s blog about living with blindness and being a mother.
  • Gleamed (also on Twitter)
    Blog by visually impaired artist Kimberly, writing about her disability and illustrations.
  • Inside The Hairy Classroom
    Blog by Laura, who is blind and studying to become a teacher.
  • The Invisible Vision Project (also on Twitter)
    This lady writes about her personal journey, experiences, thoughts and feelings living with blindness.
  • Jessylrk (also on Twitter)
    Jessica has nystagmus and posts daily vlogs about her disability, her love of Pokemon and her general daily life.
  • Jordan Sheehy (also on Twitter)
    Jordan posts regular videos about her daily life, disability, book reading, Christianity and veganism.
  • Landie (also on Twitter)
    Wheelchair user Landie posts vlogs and funny videos on his channel.
  • Life Unscripted (also on Twitter)
    Blind Beader writes about living with visual impairment and her love of reading.
  • A Little More Understanding
    Alice writes about living with dyspraxia and nystagmus, as well as other issues relating to disability, mental health, politics, education and more.
  • Living, Laughing & Loving With Wobbly Eyes (also on Twitter)
    Sophie’s blog about nystagmus and other general things that interest her.
  • Molly Burke (also on Youtube and Twitter)
    Visually impaired activist, TV presenter and motivational speaker, with lots of posts and videos about living with a visual impairment
  • Nataemily (also on YoutubeTwitter and Instagram)
    Natalie creates blog posts and videos about living with nystagmus and her love of art and fashion.
  • Navigating Chloe’s World
    Blog written by the mother of Chloe, a deafblind child.
  • Nystagmus Mum (also on Twitter)
    Blog written by the mother of a child with nystagmus
  • Sandy’s View (also on Facebook and Twitter)
    A blog created by The Chicago Lighthouse, to answer commonly asked questions about living with visual impairment.
  • Scope’s Blog (also on Youtube and Twitter)
    UK charity that campaigns to raise greater awareness and understanding of disability issues, to try and ensure that all disabled people have equal opportunities.
  • See My Way (also on Twitter here and here)
    Blog written by Elin Williams, a young visually impaired person, demonstrating how she lives day to day with her condition.
  • Tales Of Northwick (also on Twitter)
    A blog written through the wobbly eyes of Northwick Bear who, like his owner Frank, has nystagmus. It has lots of stories about how the condition affects them.
  • The Shifty Eyes Blog
    A blog by nystagmus sufferer Jo, featuring various posts about living with the condition, as well as other topics.
  • The Smile Finders (also on Youtube and Twitter)
    Through her blog posts and videos, this visually impaired blogger, who suffers with nystagmus, wants to help everyone feel positive and find reasons to smile in their daily lives.
  • Tech Expo
    Blog by the Disability Services and Legal Center in Santa Rosa, California, looking at assistive technology and other support for the disabled.
  • The Tommy Edison Experience (also on Youtube and Twitter)
    Tommy is a blind radio presenter and film critic, and regularly posts videos answering people’s questions about sight loss.
  • Where’s Your Dog? (also on Twitter)
    Meagan’s blog about living with a visual impairment, the technology she uses to help her, and other relevant topics that interest her.
  • Wibbly Wobbly Eyes (also on Twitter)
    A blog by Leah about nystagmus and her daily life.
  • Yesterday’s Wishes (also on Youtube and Twitter)
    Lucy creates many lovely blog posts and videos about blindness and beauty.