Guest Posts

Since starting this blog and my Youtube channel, I’ve been asked to write a number of guest posts for other sites, or have given permission for my videos to be featured. I’m very flattered and grateful to have been approached in this way, and have therefore been very happy to contribute.

It would be a shame if they got buried and forgotten about, especially as the websites and organisations deserve the recognition. So below are all the links to my contributions, and I hope you enjoy them. Thank you to everyone that has featured me! 🙂

On Youtube, I’ve also been adding captions to a lot of Fashioneyesta’s videos, I’ve edited a few videos for the Aniridia Network UK, and I produced the promo video for the first ever Aniridia Day. You can see all of these videos in my contributions playlist.

If you would like me to contribute something to your site, I’d be happy to be discuss it. You can contact me using the email address on my About Me page, or you can tweet me to arrange a DM or email conversation. 🙂