My Photo Gallery

This page contains many photos of me that have been posted in the blog, with links to blog posts where applicable.

If you’ve got my consent to use an image of me, then you’re welcome to use any of the photos on this page. Otherwise, please don’t repost these photos without my permission.

And if you’ve just stumbled across this page when casually browsing, I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite personal photos!

Annual Collages


Collage of 9 photos of Glen in 2018. The tall central photo shows Glen, Claire and James smiling and giving thumbs up below the tall Orbit Tower after their abseil. A column of 4 photos on the left shows Glen flying over Hogwarts castle on a broomstick, sitting in front of the London Eye, standing by the Freddie Mercury waxwork, and smiling while holding a plunger with a small model toilet on his head. The column of 4 photos on the right show Glen posing with members of East London Vision, student artist Nihan Karim, Aniridia Network members Fern and Jenny, and South East London Vision events organiser Jessica.


A collage of 9 images of me, including at a quiz night, at an escape room, in a TV audience, with Emily Davison, posing with sunglasses by an old building, posing with a crowd on a football pitch, posing with 2 ladies on Tower bridge, looking at a piece of fur with a lady at the Natural History Museum, and giving a public talk.




Selfie in my sunny back garden, in which I'm smiling and wearing my green tinted sunglasses.

Selfie of me wearing green-tinted sunglasses and smiling.

London Eye:

Selfie of Glen smiling and wearing sunglasses, with the London Eye behind him on the opposite side of the River Thames.

Knole House:

Glen smiling and wearing a red t-shirt and green tinted sunglasses, standing in front of the large Knole House building, which is blurred in the background.
Photo Credit: Emily Davison

Hyde Park Corner:

Selfie of Glen in front of the huge gateway to Hyde Park, consisting of 3 tall archways separated by many stone columns.

Motivational Quote

“My impairment’s just a dropped stitch in life’s rich tapestry. I’m successful, independent, it’s no barrier to me.” – Written by me for Yoocan.

Glen smiling and holding up a piece of paper showing a handwritten quote that says - My impairment’s just a dropped stitch in life’s rich tapestry. I’m successful, independent, it’s no barrier to me.

Aniridia Network

Aniridia Network Conference 2018

With Galina Gening & James Buller:

Glen, Galina and James posing and smiling together at the Aniridia Network Conference.

With Fern Lulham & Jenny Langley:

Fern, Glen and Jenny posing and smiling together at the Aniridia Network Conference. Fern's golden coloured guide dog is on the floor next to her.

Aniridia Day 2018

With James Buller:

Glen and James smiling and wearing white Aniridia Network t-shirts, while sitting in front of a laptop computer on which there is a presentation slide from a live webinar they're watching.

Nystagmus Network

Charity Abseil for Nystagmus Research

With Matthew Dawson (dressed as Tigger!) & Claire Amoroso:

Matt, Glen and Claire posing together and smiling, in their white Moorfields Eye Charity abseil t-shirts. In the centre of the t-shirt, large black text says I Abseiled For hashtag TeamMoorfields. To the left of that is the Moorfields Eye Charity logo - a blue circle with a smaller black circle in the centre, resembling an eye with a pupil. A silhouette of a person is abseiling down a rope from the pupil.

Matt, Claire and Glen ready to abseil in their harnesses and helmets. Matt and Glen also have GoPro cameras attached to their helmets. Glen and Claire are wearing their Moorfields Eye Charity t-shirts and normal trousers, but Matt is wearing an orange furry Tigger bodysuit, to look like the character from the Winnie The Pooh stories. It has black tiger stripes, a yellow chest, and a big round grey nose poking out from under his helmet.

Over the edge:

Glen holding on to the abseil rope, sitting in mid-air as he steps off the main platform on to the ledge beneath, while the instructor holds the rope tightly above him.

In the air:

Photo by a spectator on the ground, zoomed in on Claire and Glen at the top of the tower, abseiling in mid-air a short distance below the platform.

Photo by a spectator on the ground almost directly below the tower, looking up towards the underside of the circular platform at the top. The photo is zoomed out so that most of the tower is visible. Claire and Glen can be seen abseiling on the right side of the tower.

Victory poses with Claire Amoroso & James Buller:

Glen, Claire and James smiling and giving a thumbs up, posing in their Moorfields Eye Charity abseil t-shirts, as the Orbit Tower stands high over them in the background.

Glen, Claire and James smiling as they pose in their Moorfields Eye Charity abseil t-shirts, in front of the tall Orbit Tower, with the London Stadium visible just behind it.

Nystagmus Network Open Day 2017

Giving a talk:

Me speaking in front of a large group of people, wearing a white shirt with dark tie and trousers.


London Vision East

London Marathon Supporters

With Carol from Metro Blind Sport and Nicola from London Vision East on Tower Bridge:

Me with Carol from Metro Blind Sport and Nicola from East London Vision on Tower Bridge.
Me with Carol from Metro Blind Sport and Nicola from East London Vision on Tower Bridge. Photo credit: East London Vision

Motown The Musical Touch Tour

Glen pretending to use an old rotary dial phone.
Photo by East London Vision

Music Workshop

Glen sitting and smiling with a long wooden drum across his lap. It has lengths of string that cross over as they stretch from one end of the drum to the other in diagonal lines. A further length of string goes around Glen's neck, with each end attached to the side of the drum. Glen's hands are positioned on each side of the drum, ready to tap out a beat using both ends of it.

London Vision South East

February 2018 Pub Social

Selfie of Glen in a pub, smiling and holding a pint of cider.

Christmas Meal 2018

With Jessica Beal:

Glen with his arm around Jessica as they sit together and smile at the camera. Both are wearing Christmas hats from their Christmas crackers. Glen is wearing an Only Fools And Horses Christmas jumper, with large yellow letters saying Cushty Christmas above the yellow 3 wheeled van owned by the Trotters in the TV show, surrounded by snowflakes. Jess is wearing a white top covered in little Christmas trees, holly leaves, etc, with red sleeves.

Thinking Bob

Escape Room – Leo’s Path

Myself a lady standing beside a model of a shark head by the wall. The other guy in our group is crouched down inside the shark's gaping mouth. A graphic at the bottom shows our team name - Something bob - with a time of 55 minutes and 23 seconds, and the date of February 6th 2017.
Photo credit: Archimedes Inspiration

Big Bob Quiz Of The Year 2016

Me among 5 people sat around a pub table, with drinks and quiz sheets on the table.
Photo credit: Thinking Bob

Tubeopoly Medal

Glen wearing his Thinking Bob medal. Gold surrounds a white circle in the centre, which contains the text My Clever Medal -


Harry Potter Studio Tour

Broomstick ride:

Glen in a brown robe, smiling and waving as he hovers on a broomstick over Hogwarts Castle.

Overhead view of Glen in a brown robe with yellow inner lining, flying on a broomstick over Hogwarts Castle.

With Hagrid model:

Selfie of Glen standing in front of a model of Hagrid holding a glowing lantern.

Madame Tussauds

With Freddie Mercury waxwork:

Glen smiling and wearing a white t-shirt featuring the colourful crest for the band Queen, as he stands next to a waxwork of Freddie Mercury. Freddie has a red jacket and white trousers on, and is punching the air with his left hand as he sings loudly into the microphone held in his right hand.

With Emma Watson waxwork:

Glen smiling as he sits with a waxwork of Emma Watson, who is wearing a sparking black dress.

With Mo Farah waxwork:

Glen next to a waxwork of Mo Farah, copying the Mobot stance that Mo is doing, placing both hands on top of his head with his fingers pointing downwards.

There are also photos of me with waxworks of The Beatles, Benedict CumberbatchJimi Hendrix &Chewbacca (Star Wars).

Natural History Museum

Feeling zebra fur:

Glen holding a square piece of zebra fur with Sarah, one of the guides at the Natural History Museum.
Picture credit: East London Vision

Camberwell College Of Arts – Student Art Show

With art student Nihan Karim:

Glen and Nihan standing next to her artwork made up of pieces of coloured fabric on the wall, each a different colour and size, and either square or rectangular in shape, and each containing a message in braille.

Me standing in front of a very large artwork, considering of large colourful panels, mainly squares and rectangles, but some have diagonal edges on one side.

Postal Museum

Glen smiling as he poses next to a red post box, resting his left arm on top of it. He's wearing a red top and light coloured cargo trousers, and has his monocular around his neck.

Glen smiling as he sits in one of the small carriages of the red Mail Rain train.

National Theatre Backstage Tour

Glen standing with a large wooden frame horse model used in War Horse.

Out & About

Fashioneyesta Meetup

Myself and Emily smiling as we sit next to each other chatting on the train.
Image Credit: Emily Davison
Emily and Glen sitting next to each other on the grass in the shade
Photo Credit: Emily Davison
Emily and Glen smiling while walking along a street.
Image Credit: Emily Davison

The Last Leg Studio Audience

Screenshot of the audience laughing on The Last Leg, including Glen on the right wearing a navy t-shirt with thin white and light-blue stripes.

Screenshot of the audience applauding on The Last Leg, including Glen on the right wearing a navy t-shirt with thin white and light-blue stripes.

London Loo Tour

Glen outside on a busy London street, smiling and wearing his sunglasses, with a small model toilet on his head and a large plunger in his hand.

All The Stations – British Rail Logo Event

Me standing in the middle of a football field surrounded by many other people. I'm wearing sunglasses, and a white t-shirt with a colour logo saying All The Stations.
Photo credit: James Buller

Paddington Station

Selfie of me sitting on a bench that's decorated with a painting of Paddington Bear, so it looks like he's sitting next to me and joining in the selfie with a smile.

Underground District Line Mug

Me holding a green mug, which has District Line in big white letters in the centre. Below that, in smaller white print, is the London Transport roundel logo, with the words Making London Simple.


A picture of me at school with 2 female friends, each of us holding a white symbol cane in front of us, diagonally across our legs. I'm in the middle, wearing a grey jumper and black trousers, whilst the girls are wearing red jumpers and either a pink or grey skirt respectively.

Me in the scouts as a kid, wearing blue trousers, a top that's half blue and half white, a green coat, and a blue and orange neckerchief. My face is painted with triangular marks all along my jaw (pointing up) and forehead (pointing down), and my nose is also painted. I'm standing in a field with 2 boys, who are wearing dark red sweaters with the Scout Association logo on.

Me and another boy in a swimming pool, our goggles raised up to our foreheads so we can look at the camera without them in the way.

Me as a young child, smiling and leaning against Santa Claus, who has his arm around me. It's my grandad dressed up. We're in front of the Christmas tree and presents, next to the living room window.


My graduation photo. Dark navy suit and tie, with light blue strap around the neck, and a mortar board on my head.


Glen smiling and wearing a red and white Santa hat.

A selfie of me standing in front of the massive Covent Garden Christmas tree, which is covered in bright lights.

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