My Photo Gallery

This page contains many photos of me that have been posted in the blog, with links to blog posts where applicable. Click the images to see larger versions. You can also see my tagged photos on Instagram, which includes some images not shown below.

If you’ve got my consent to use an image of me, then you’re welcome to use any of the photos on this page. Otherwise, please don’t repost these photos without my permission.

And if you’ve just stumbled across this page when casually browsing, I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite personal photos!

Annual Collages

For 2017, 2018 & 2019


What Is Normal? – 2019 student documentary

5 News interview discussing digital accessibility

Sunglasses – At home, the London Eye, Knole House and Hyde Park Corner

“My impairment’s just a dropped stitch in life’s rich tapestry. I’m successful, independent, it’s no barrier to me.” – Motivational quote I created for Yoocan

Aniridia Network Conferences 2018 & 2019

Aniridia Day 2018 with James Buller

Charity Abseil for Nystagmus Research with Claire Amoroso, James Buller & Matthew Dawson (dressed as Tigger!)

Giving a talk at Nystagmus Network Open Day 2017


Supporting the London Marathon 2017 with Carol from Metro Blind Sport and Nicola from London Vision East on Tower Bridge

London Vision South East socials – February 2018 Social & Christmas 2018 Meal (with Jessica Beal)

Thinking Bob events – Escape Room – Leo’s Path, Big Bob Quiz Of The Year 2016 & medal for Tubeopoly


Harry Potter Studio Tour – Broomstick ride & Hagrid model

Madame Tussauds – Freddie Mercury, Emma Watson & Mo Farah waxworks. There are also photos of me with waxworks of The Beatles, Benedict CumberbatchJimi Hendrix & Chewbacca (Star Wars). More photos of me posing with various waxworks are on Instagram here and here.

Natural History Museum

Camberwell College Of Arts – Student Art Show – With art student Nihan Karim

Postal Museum


Motown The Musical Touch Tour, Music Workshop & National Theatre Backstage Tour

Out & About

Fashioneyesta Meetup

The Last Leg Studio Audience

London Loo Tour

All The Stations – British Rail Logo Event & An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail

London Transport – Paddington Station & District Line Mug


School & University Graduation



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