My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection

This is a complete list of titles that I own on DVD & Blu-ray, plus a few related bits and pieces. I’ve included links to posts where I mention or review them.

Links to the products are also included for reference, but they may not always be the exact editions I purchased. In addition, to keep things simple, many of the links for TV shows and movies point to complete box sets, even if I bought each series or film individually. But if I did buy a box set, then I do mention it in the list.

This video shows my DVD & Blu-ray collection as at January 2020. Some titles have been added and removed since then, so do continue reading below for my current list. I will make a new video for 2021.


TV Comedy

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TV Drama

To see other dramas that I’ve enjoyed on TV and online, go to My TV Favourites.

TV Documentaries

To see other factual programmes that I’ve enjoyed on TV and online, go to My TV Favourites.

Live Comedy

See my Theatres & Concerts page for live comedy I’ve seen in person, and My TV Favourites for other live comedy that I’ve enjoyed on TV and online,


To see other films that I’ve enjoyed on TV, online and at the cinema, go to My Movie Favourites.


See My Music Collection for details and reviews of the albums and songs that I own, my Theatres & Concerts page for live music I’ve seen in person, and My TV Favourites for music I’ve enjoyed on TV and online.

Recorded DVDs

The following DVDs – which are not as high quality as professional discs but are good enough for my purposes – were created from:

  • Freeview TV & Radio – Produced on old JVC & Sony hard drive recorders. I am no longer able to record from TV and radio in this way.
  • VHS Tapes – Dubbed on to DVD using my old JVC recorder.
  • Internet Downloads – Created on my computer, but only occasionally, and only if I can’t buy proper DVDs.

Recorded Comedy DVDs

Recorded Doctor Who DVDs

Recorded Olympics & Paralympics 2012 DVDs

Recorded Music DVDs

Mum’s Collection

These are the DVDs that my mother owns, which are much more of interest to her than me. But I’m listing them here for completeness, in case you want to check that you don’t recommend something to me that we already have.

Mum’s TV DVDs

Mum’s Movie DVDs

Future Releases

Upcoming titles that I plan to buy. Details may change prior to release.