DVD & Blu-Ray Collection

This is a complete list of my DVDs & Blu-rays, with links to posts where I mention or review them. None of the product links are sponsored or affiliated. You can see other things I like on my TV, movietheatremusic pages.


Comedy Series

See My TV Favourites for some other comedy series I like.

Doctor Who

These are all Blu-ray steelbooks unless otherwise stated, representing the new era of the show from 2005 onwards. They all have audio navigation & audio description.

In terms of other Doctor Who content:

Other Drama Series

See My TV Favourites for some other drama series I like.


See My TV Favourites for some other documentaries I like.

Stand-Up Comedy

See also the shows I’ve been to in person and others I’ve enjoyed on TV & online.


Spin-off movies from TV comedies and dramas are listed with the relevant shows above to keep everything together. See My Movie Favourites for some other films I like.


Mum’s Collection

These are the DVDs my mother owns, just for reference. I don’t watch them myself.

TV Shows


Future Releases

I’m always aware of upcoming releases from Amazon, social media, newsletters, etc. Titles that I’ve pre-ordered or plan to check out include:

  • 06/06/2022 – Morecambe & Wise: The Lost Tapes (DVD) – All 8 restored episodes from Series 1 of their BBC TV show (4 on film & 4 as audio), plus the missing final episode from Series 4, and lots of bonus material. This fills all the gaps in their Complete Collection set, so I won’t need to buy it again if they reissue it (unless they add AD on all shows and/or more extras, but there’s no guarantee they’ll do that).
  • 10/06/2022 – The Rolling Stones: Licked Live In NYC (Blu-ray) – Remastered, uncut version of the Madison Square Garden show from Four Flicks, restoring 4 missing tracks, plus 3 songs from Amsterdam, rehearsal footage & a documentary.
  • 11/07/2022 – The Beatles: Get Back (Blu-ray) – See mention.
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