My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection

This is a complete list of my DVDs & Blu-rays, with links to posts where I mention or review them. None of the product links are sponsored or affiliated. You can see other things I like on my TV, movietheatremusic pages.


Comedy Series

Doctor Who

These are all from the new era of the show (2005 onwards) and are all Blu-ray steelbooks, unless otherwise stated. All discs include audio navigation & audio description.

Other related Doctor Who content that I’ve seen or listened to includes:

  • Classic Era Episodes – I’ve only seen a few of these, but I don’t own any in my collection. I will probably watch more at some point in the future, and will decide then if I want to buy them.
  • Audiobooks – I own a few of these, all of which are good, and I will listen to more one day.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures – I’ve seen Series 1 of this spin-off plus the later episodes featuring David Tennant & Matt Smith, and I might see the other episodes at a later date. I’m not interested in buying it though.
  • Class – I saw some of this spin-off series but it wasn’t very good, so I won’t be buying it.
  • I’m well aware of the other spin-offs, but I haven’t seen any of them yet. I might check some of them out in the future.

I’ve also mentioned a few other things to do with the show in my posts:

Other Drama Series

TV Documentaries

Live Comedy



Mum’s Collection

These are the DVDs that my mother owns. I don’t watch them myself, but I’m listing them here for completeness, so you can avoid suggesting things to me that we already have. There’s no need to recommend titles for Mum to get, as she doesn’t watch DVDs very often and already has everything she wants.

Mum’s TV DVDs

Mum’s Movie DVDs

Future Releases

I’m always aware of upcoming releases, as I keep an eye on Amazon, social media, newsletters, etc. Titles that I plan to buy or am currently considering will be listed here as I become aware of them.