These notes are provided for clarity and transparency.

The Well Eye Never name, branding, blog site, Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram profile, Bloglovin’ page and any other connected pages are the property of Glen Turner (i.e. me). The following points apply to all of my sites. And if you’d like to get in touch, feel free to contact me.

All text, images and video footage are my own property unless indicated otherwise. Please do not use any of my content without my permission and without crediting me as the source.

All opinions expressed are my own. My reviews of places, products and services are not sponsored or endorsed by the companies or individuals who provide them. I appreciate that positive reviews can sometimes feel like adverts, but I promise you they’re not.

I have not been paid or gifted to produce any of my content or express any particular opinions. In the very rare cases where a company or individual has given me a freebie or discount or other special treatment, it is clearly stated in the relevant posts. All opinions still remain my own in those situations. Special benefits do not guarantee positive reviews.

There are no affiliate links or adverts on this site. I produce my content for pleasure and do not make any money from it.

Naidex Note: My promotion of this event is a case in point. As an ambassador, my agreement with Naidex is simply to give them a bit of publicity, in return for them promoting my own blog. I do not receive any money or gifts or other special treatment from them, and I pay all of my own expenses in order to attend (trains, hotel, food, etc). All opinions I post about the event are my own.

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