My Disability Posts

The primary focus of this blog is disability and visual impairment. I want to show that my eye conditions aren’t a barrier to me living my life, while discussing other relevant issues as well.

So below is the complete list of posts that I’ve made on that subject in this blog, divided into headings in case you want to focus on a particular type of post. I hope you enjoy reading them. I’ve also made guest posts for various other sites as well that you may like to check out.

And if there are any aspects of disability and visual impairment that you would like me to make a post or a video about, do feel free to suggest them, either by commenting on one of my existing posts, or contacting me on Twitter or Facebook, or using the email address on my About Me page.

Aniridia & Nystagmus

Communication & Interaction

Entertainment & Media



Guide Dogs


Public Speaking

Q&A Tags




Youtube Video Playlists


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