Business Collaborations

Since starting this blog there have been a few occasions where I’ve done posts in collaboration with business organisations (e.g. product and service suppliers). The following is a list of such posts. I have not been paid or gifted in any of these cases.

Thank you to the companies that have worked with me so far. If any other companies wish to collaborate with me, than you are welcome to contact me with suggestions, provided they are relevant to the type of content I publish here. If you clearly haven’t read my blog and therefore don’t understand what it contains, I will not work with you.

I am happy to receive things like PR samples and gifts, provided you understand that I will always declare them in my posts for transparency, and any reviews or reactions I post will be my own personal opinions, whether they be positive or negative.

You can email me at, or message me on Facebook or Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

The businesses I have collaborated with so far are as follows: