Blogs & Youtube – Sight Loss

This page contains a list of blogs, Youtube channels and other people who post about sight loss.

Be sure to check out the other links pages in the menu bar, as well as my posts & videos about my own disability, and videos by others on aniridia, nystagmus & sight loss.

If you have any links you think I should add here, you can contact me on Twitter, Facebook or email.

My Top 10 Sight Loss Blogs

Other Sight Loss Bloggers

  • Accessibility Insights
    Laura’s reviews and recommendations on technology and devices to assist the visually impaired.
  • Alex Man
    Alex is blind and posts videos about accessible technology, including smart devices.
  • All The Eye Things 92
    Shayna’s videos about her experiences being legally blind.
  • Amanda Gene
    Amanda has a degree in print journalism, and writes about disability awareness, her personal life and anything else that interest her.
  • Balls And Balloons
    Blog by mother and wife Janelle, discussing aniridia, sight loss, sensory processing disorders, family life, activities and adventures with her children, and more.
  • Blackbird
    This lady has posted a couple of videos about living with nystagmus.
  • The Blind Life
    Sam makes lots of great videos about assistive technology and other tips that can help make day-to-day life easier if you can’t see (formerly The Blind Spot).
  • Blind Motherhood
    Holly’s blog about being a visually impaired mother, wife and social worker, with technology and lifestyle articles too.
  • Blind Moving On (also on Youtube)
    Ashley writes a great blog about living with blindness and other aspects of her daily life.
  • Blind Not Bored
    Youtube channel by two visually impaired ladies, Mared and Megan. There are only a few videos here, but they’re worth watching.
  • Bluetech
    Videos about visual impairment, accessible technology, unboxings and more.
  • Bold Blind Beauty
    Stephanae’s blog about blindness, beauty and more.
  • Breaking Blind
    Youtube videos by a blind lady who lives life to the full.
  • Cane Adventures
    Blog by Dr Amy Kavanagh on her experiences of going out and about as a visually impaired person, and raising awareness of how to interact with disabled people.
  • Cane And Able
    The experiences and thoughts of a visually impaired guy from the UK.
  • Catch These Words (also on Youtube)
    Holly posts blogs and videos about living with her visual impairment, disability awareness issues, book reviews, and her general day-to-day life.
  • Cayla With A C
    Cayla’s videos about her life and experiences as a blind person with Retinitis Pigmentosa.
  • Chatty Chelby
    Chelby is a blind vlogger, and she updates her channel on a regular basis.
  • Consider Yourself Warned
    Kelsey’s blog about his life, experiences and interests as a blind person.
  • Crafty Blind Chick
    Regular vlogs and craft videos by Nicole, who is blind.
  • Created by Samantha Bonouvrie (also on her website)
    Professional photography, videos and design by Sam, who has nystagmus.
  • Double Vision
    Blog run by twin sisters Joy & Jenelle, writing about their experiences with sight loss and motherhood.
  • Easy On The Eyes
    Phil’s videos about life with a visual impairment.
  • Girl Gone Blind
    Maria’s blog about living with blindness and being a mother.
  • Gleamed
    Blog by visually impaired artist Kimberly, writing about her disability and illustrations.
  • How I See Things I Love (also on her blog)
    Videos by Brandi, a Texas mother, on the topics of her visual impairment, family life and their animals.
  • Ian Treherne (also on his photography site)
    Videos by Ian, a blind photographer and filmmaker, and ambassador for Sense Deaf/Blind UK.
  • Illegally Sighted
    Videos about technology and gaming from the perspective of a legally blind person.
  • Inside The Hairy Classroom
    Blog by Laura, who is blind and studying to become a teacher.
  • The Invisible Vision Project
    Blog by Xin (Carol) Sun, who writes about her personal journey, experiences, thoughts and feelings living with blindness.
  • Jake Sawyers
    Jake is a severely sight impaired actor, photographer and comedian.
  • James Rath (also on his website)
    An accomplished activist, filmmaker and public speaker, James posts a lot of very well produced and informative videos about his sight loss experiences, accessible technology and much more.
  • JC5 Productions
    Short movies by blind filmmaker Juan.
  • Jess Marion
    Videos by Jess about her sight loss and her experiences.
  • Jessylrk
    Jessica has nystagmus and posts vlogs about her disability and her daily life.
  • Jordan Sheehy
    Jordan posts videos about her daily life, disability, book reading, Christianity and veganism.
  • Joy Ross
    Joy’s videos about her experiences while living with sight loss.
  • Just Call Me Elm Or Something
    Elm’s blog about living with blindness, and the things she enjoys and gets up to.
  • Katie
    Kate’s videos about living with sight loss.
  • Katies Vision – Katie’s blog about living with the visual impairment Stargardts, and how it doesn’t stop her going travelling and having lots of fun experiences.
  • Kika Guide Dog
    Watch the world through Kika’s eyes as she takes her owner Amit around London, with videos showing the good and the bad about their journeys together.
  • Kody Keplinger (also on her website)
    Kody, a successful author, makes videos about disability, beauty, fashion, writing and her dog Cory.
  • Lauren & Sheba
    Videos by Lauren, who has albinism and sight loss, about her experiences.
  • Legally Blind Lifestyle
    Nia’s blog about her experiences as a visually impaired person, with a particular focus on makeup and beauty as well as other general advice.
  • Life After Sight Loss (also on Youtube)
    Derek’s inspiring, motivational videos about coping with sight loss and using assistive technology.
  • Life As A Cerebral Palsy Student
    Blog by student and public speaker Chloe, who has Cerebral Palsy and is also visually impaired, raising awareness and sharing her experiences.
  • Life Unscripted
    Blind Beader writes about living with visual impairment and her love of reading.
  • A Little More Understanding
    Alice writes about living with dyspraxia and nystagmus, as well as other issues relating to disability, mental health, politics, education and more.
  • Living, Laughing & Loving With Wobbly Eyes
    Sophie’s blog about nystagmus and other general things that interest her.
  • Lizzie Capener
    Blind soprano and cricketer, and the first blind female TV judge on the BBC’s All Together Now.
  • Lucy Edwards (also on Youtube)
    Lucy’s videos about living with sight loss (formerly Yesterday’s Wishes).
  • Luke Sam Sowden (also on Youtube)
    Luke posts blogs and videos on disability, beauty, fashion, food, books, films and more. He’s also mentioned me in one of his Spotlight posts.
  • Molly Watt (also on Youtube)
    Molly is deafblind due to Usher’s Syndrome, and is a public speaker advocating the provision and use of assistive technology for people with sensory impairments.
  • My Take On Disability
    Blog by Divya, who is visually impaired, raising awareness for people with disabilities and promoting inclusion.
  • Nataemily (also on Youtube)
    Natalie creates blog posts and videos about living with nystagmus and her love of art and fashion.
  • Navigating Chloe’s World
    Blog written by the mother of Chloe, a deafblind child.
  • Nicola J Ogston
    Nicola’s blog about being a parent living with visual impairment and chronic illness.
  • Nystagmus Mum
    Blog by Sue, the mother of a child with nystagmus. She also runs the Nystagmus Network in the UK.
  • Quinny44
    Youtube channel about a lady’s experiences with nystagmus.
  • Photo Narrations
    Blog promoting photo narration to make images accessible to the visually impaired.
  • Random Musings of a Dyspraxic
    Blog by Phillippa about her daily life with dyspraxia, partial sight and scoliosis.
  • Rafie Cecilia
    Researcher at UCL who I’ve worked with on her study into accessibility at museums for the visually impaired. Not a blogger, but she does tweet many interesting links, and her project has very exciting goals.
  • RD Ramblings
    Emma’s thoughts and observations as a retinal detachment patient.
  • Rock For Disability
    A blog by Emma, who has cerebral palsy and is blind, about her love of gigs, concerts, films, sports, arts and other entertainment.
  • Samantha Coleman
    Videos by Deafblind actor and inclusivity activist Samantha.
  • Sandy’s View
    A blog created by The Chicago Lighthouse, to answer commonly asked questions about living with visual impairment.
  • The Secret Blind
    This blogger shares their experiences of living with sight loss, showing that it is still possible to lead a positive life, because “there is a beauty in difference”.
  • See My Way
    Blog written by Elin Williams, a young visually impaired person, demonstrating how she lives day to day with her condition.
  • The Shifty Eyes Blog
    A blog by nystagmus sufferer Jo, featuring various posts about living with the condition, as well as other topics.
  • Sightless Musings
    Anél’s blog about her experiences as a blind person and raising disability awareness.
  • Sightly Imperfect Stagey
    Leah’s blog about accessible theatre experiences for visually impaired and disabled people.
  • Six Blind Kids (also on Youtube)
    Posts and videos by the Bartling family, who have adopted 6 children who happen to be blind, sharing their fun times and experiences.
  • Skit Twins
    Videos by visually impaired sisters Chloe and Judith, including spoofs and parodies, podcasts and more.
  • Stories From The Edge Of Blindness
    Susan’s experiences living with retinitis pigmentosa, along with her poetry and creative writing.
  • Suddenly Sightless (also on Youtube)
    Podcast series by Laura & Alex on daily life with sight loss.
  • Tales Of Northwick
    A blog written through the wobbly eyes of Northwick Bear who, like his owner Frank, has nystagmus. It has lots of stories about how the condition affects them.
  • The Thinking Mom (also on Youtube)
    Blog and videos by Effie, a psychologist, whose daughter Sofia has aniridia.
  • The Tommy Edison Experience (also on Youtube)
    Tommy is a blind radio presenter and film critic, who has made fun and positive videos answering people’s questions about sight loss. He now does other projects, but his videos are still available. Also check out behind-the-scenes clips and other videos by his friend Ben Churchill.
  • Through My Lenses
    Stunning images by internationally renowned legally blind photographer David Katz.
  • Tina Franziska Paulick
    Tina is a visually impaired German blogger living in Ireland, writing about her experiences and adventures.
  • Unseen Beauty (also on her English teaching site)
    Blog by Kirsty, a blind English teacher, about visual impairment, beauty, travel and everything else she enjoys.
  • Veronica With Four Eyes
    Veronica’s blog about visual impairment, assistive technology and accessibility.
  • VI Blind Resources (also on Youtube)
    Chelsey’s blog, designed to give information to the visually impaired community and show that people with sight loss can do anything.
  • VI Critic
    Reviews of theatre shows in Essex and London’s West End by Alex, who is visually impaired.
  • Where’s Your Dog?
    Meagan’s blog about living with a visual impairment, the technology she uses to help her, and other relevant topics that interest her.
  • Wibbly Wobbly Eyes
    A blog by Leah about nystagmus and her daily life.
  • Wilmot’s Writings
    Laura’s blog in which she writes about being visually impaired and a guide dog owner, as well as college, gender equality, LGBT issues, entertainment and politics.

Sight Loss Organisations

Some sight loss organisations also have blogs and Youtube channels of their own, as listed below.

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