Blogs & Videos – London

This is a list of London blogs and Youtube channels that I follow and recommend.

Be sure to check out the other links pages in the menu bar, as well as my own posts & videos about my London adventures, and videos by others about London that I recommend.

If you have any links you think I should add here, feel free to contact me.

  • About London Laura – Laura’s blog about things to see and do in London and elsewhere.
  • The Awkward Blog – Angela’s blog about London, travel and lifestyle.
  • Being Erica – Erica’s blog about London, travel, style and food.
  • Bumpkin Betty – Travel and lifestyle blog by a lady who is actually called Jaclyn.
  • Charlie, Distracted – Charlie’s about London, travel and food.
  • Cheese And Biscuits – Restaurant reviews in London and elsewhere.
  • City Hacks London – Great video guides by Syrus about everything to do with London, for tourists and residents.
  • Country Mouse Claire – Claire’s blog about London, travel and culture.
  • Curious London – Emily’s guide to eating, drinking and things to do in the city.
  • The Foodie Diaries – Ayushi’s guide to the best food in London and Bombay.
  • Guilia Smith – Giulia’s blog about London, travel, food, love and more.
  • IanVisits – Ian’s blog about some of the more unusual events in London, and news about London’s transport systems. His email newsletter of weekly events is great too.
  • John Edwards – Beautiful aerial footage of London.
  • A Lady In London – The adventures of a London-based travel blogger and public speaker.
  • London Planner (also on their website) – Videos all about the best things to do in the city.
  • London’s Screen Archives (also on Youtube) – Historical footage of London collected from various sources.
  • London Wlogger
    Stu’s blog about his exploratory London walks, discovering the city’s history and hidden gems.
  • Londonist (also on YouTube)
    Posts and videos all about London attractions, events, transport, hidden secrets, and lots of other things. It’s an essential site to keep an eye on for upcoming things to do.
  • Love & London (also on Youtube)
    Great guides for London visitors by Jess, inspiring people to explore all that the city has to offer.
  • The Ministry Of Curiosity
    Blog exploring the best of London’s museums, with information on new events and exhibitions.
  • A Peace Of London
    Blog about quiet and unique places in London to explore.
  • Poppy Loves (also on Youtube)
    London lifestyle, food and travel blog by Poppy.
  • Sunny In London (also on Youtube)
    Sunny’s blog about the best things to do in the city.
  • Thinking Bob (also on Youtube)
    Social group that I’m a member of, who put on a huge variety of fun events.
  • Time Out (also on Youtube)
    Extensive guide to what’s happening in London, including events and attractions.
  • Tubemapper
    Photography around the London Underground.
  • Visit London (also on Youtube)
    Official guide to London, with stuff to do, places to go and things to see.
  • We The Food Snobs
    Guide to the best places to eat in London.
  • Winkball
    Video reports on cultural events that have taken place in the city.

Some organisations, attractions and venues also have Youtube channels of their own:

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