Blogs & Videos – Entertainment

This is a list of entertaining blogs and Youtube channels that I can recommend checking out. You can also look through my own posts about my favourite entertainment as well. If you have any links you think I should add here, feel free to contact me.

TV & Film

  • BBC Click – Website / Youtube
    The BBC’s technology news programme on Youtube.
  • The Last Leg – Website / Youtube
    Clips from the hit Channel 4 comedy show.
  • Network Distributing – Website / Youtube
    Trailers for their DVD releases of classic TV shows and films.
  • QI: Quite Interesting – Website / Youtube
    Highlights from the very interesting and funny panel show.
  • UKTV – Website / Youtube
    Clips, outtakes and trailers for shows on their various stations.



  • All The Stations – Website / Main Youtube / Geoff’s Youtube / Vicki’s Youtube
    Geoff & Vicki’s videos about travelling to all the mainline railway stations in the UK and Ireland. I backed them on Kickstarter, sponsored a station and appeared in a video. Geoff also regularly posts on his own channel about the London Underground and National Rail stations, while Vicki sometimes joins him and has occasionally posted on her own channel too. Geoff has also made videos for Londonist in the past, and Vicki is currently part of the LadyProv comedy group.
  • Braincraft – Youtube
    Fun educational videos by Vanessa on psychology, neuroscience and behaviour.
  • Draw Curiosity – Website / Youtube
    Entertaining videos on science, language, maths and psychology.
  • Jay Foreman – Website / Youtube
    Humourous educational clips on London and geography, and some silly songs.
  • Minute Physics – Youtube
    Concise, informative and delightfully hand-drawn science videos.
  • Stand Up Maths – Website / Youtube
    Matt Parker’s fun videos about interesting aspects of mathematics.
  • Steve Mould – Website / Youtube
    Entertaining science videos and experiments.
  • Technology Connections – Youtube 1 / Youtube 2
    Fascinating videos about audio/visual technology and more.
  • Thoughty2 – Youtube
    Very interesting videos explaining and investigating a wide variety of topics.
  • Tom Scott – Website / Main Youtube / Tom Scott plus / Matt & Tom
    Brilliant factual videos on technology, science, travel and more.
  • Veritasium – Website / Youtube 1 / Youtube 2 / Youtube 3
    Great videos on science, education and other topics.
  • Vsauce – Website / Youtube 1 / Youtube 2 / Youtube 3
    Wonderful videos with very high production values, on science and other topics that inspire people’s curiosity.
  • Youtube Creators Team – Academy & Insider
    Informative videos with advice for Youtube creators.


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