Blogs & Youtube – Disability

This page contains a list of blogs, Youtube channels and other people who post about disability. Don’t forget to check out my other links pages in the menu bar too, including my long list of blogs about sight loss.

If you have any other links you think I should check out, leave a comment and let me know, or contact me on Twitter, Facebook or email.

My Top 5 Disability Bloggers

  • Annie Segarra / Annie Elainey
    Annie makes great videos on issues relating to disability, chronic illness, body image, gender, LGBT+, race, and mental health, as well as posting her own creative arts work.
  • Charlotte Eades
    Charlotte was a very strong, beautiful and inspirational young lady, who posted lots of great videos on Youtube documenting her life with cancer. Her family have kept those videos online since her untimely death, and have expanded the channel with further videos discussing Charlotte’s life in more detail, and have created the Charlotte’s BAG charity in her memory.
  • Rikki Poynter (also on her website)
    Rikki is a deaf vlogger who posts videos about deaf awareness, accessibility, mental health issues and much more.
  • Shona Louise (also on Youtube)
    Shona’s disability and lifestyle blog, including her campaigns for greater accessibility and inclusion, and her experiences as a powerchair user.
  • Wandering Everywhere
    Amy hasn’t let Chron’s Disease stop her from travelling all over the world and exploring lots of wonderful places, as her blog proves.

Other Disability Bloggers

  • Amythest Schaber (also on her blog)
    Amythest’s videos and posts about autism, neurodiversity and disability.
  • Andrea Lausell (also on her website)
    Andrea’s videos about living with spina bifida and other disability issues.
  • Brains On Wheels (also on Youtube)
    Ailsa’s blog about life with cerebral palsy and the things she enjoys.
  • Caasi 619 (also on Youtube)
    Caasi posts blogs and videos covering all sorts of topics relating to disability and various other topics.
  • Colly Of The Wobbles
    Shelly, who has a heart condition and EDS, posts a variety of videos on her channel, about books, disability, body image, poetry, LGBTQ+, and other things she enjoys.
  • Confidence First (also on Youtube)
    A blog sharing people’s stories and experiences with mental health and addiction.
  • Fashion Belle
    Sophie is a disabled blogger and photographer who shares her passion for fashion.
  • From Sarah Lex
    Sarah’s blog about disability, beauty and lifestyle.
  • Gem Turner (also on Youtube)
    Gem’s blog about life as a wheelchair user and all the things she enjoys, including fashion, beauty and technology.
  • Gin & Lemonade
    Blog by Lorna, who has cerebral palsy, about her thoughts and experiences.
  • Inside The Oyster
    They say the world is your oyster, but what does that really mean? This blogger aims to find out as she shares her experiences, stories, opinions and inspirations.
  • Jay On Life (also on Youtube)
    Jay is a disabled blogger who promotes accessible places to visit in London and posts about the many other places she travels to all over the world.
  • Jessica Out Of The Closet (also on Youtube)
    Jessica, a deaf lesbian, TV presenter and producer, publishes posts and videos about disability, her travel adventures, film and food reviews, fashion and more.
  • Landie
    Wheelchair user Landie posts vlogs and funny videos on his channel.
  • Life Of Pippa
    Pippa’s blog about living with a chronic illness, her love of books and theatre, and more.
  • Life On The Slow Lane
    Blog by Carrie, who has Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, writing about her own experiences and interviewing other disabled people.
  • Living Able
    Kristen’s videos giving advice, support and inspiration to other disabled people to transform their lives, and discussing her own disability experiences.
  • The Nerdy Lion
    Leo’s advice on dealing with anxiety and depression, and tips on blogging.
  • The One Arm Wonder
    Blog by a lady with only one arm, showing that she’s still able to do what she loves.
  • Rockin’ Random Mum (also on Youtube)
    Michelle’s blog about parenting, autism, ADHD, PTSD, health and her love of music.
  • Steph Weller (also on Youtube)
    Steph has Spondylolisthesis and is a model, actress, singer, business owner, blogger and inspirational speaker.
  • View From A Walking Frame (also on Youtube)
    Nicola Golding’s blog posts and videos about her life with cerebral palsy.
  • Yoocan (also on Youtube)
    Inspiring stories by people with a huge range of disabilities from all over the world (including myself), talking about all aspects of their daily lives.

Disability Organisations

Some disability organisations also have blogs or Youtube channels of their own, as listed below.

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