Lockdown Favourites – Week 9

Hello again, I hope you’re continuing to keep safe and well. It was a strange Bank Holiday weekend for me. It started with the loss of my uncle, although fortunately he didn’t have the virus, and my mother and I are hoping to go to the funeral to support my aunt if the rules allow. And then of course we’ve had the Dominic Cummings scandal, which I’m not going to rant about, suffice to say there’s been a major misjudgement of the public mood by him and the government, they’ve lost a lot of trust and goodwill.

But apart from that, my week’s been fine and I’ve been quite productive, and I’ve also found many more pleasant distractions as always. So I’ll get straight on with this week’s post and video about what I’ve been enjoying over the past week. As ever, there’s nothing sponsored or gifted here, these are all my own opinions. So I hope you find it interesting!

Disability & Visual Impairment


Thursday 21 May was Global Accessibility Awareness Day, so I wanted to highlight some articles and videos about accessibility that have been posted during the week. Please do check them out, especially if you’re not very familiar with accessibility topics and how disabled people are able to use assistive technology.

AbilityNet have been hosting a series of webinars, and are publishing the recordings on their Youtube channel, with recent presentations discussing:

The BBC have made a couple of relevant posts recently:

Among my blogging friends:

Twitter have announced that you can now use up to 1000 characters in image descriptions (up from 420), and short image descriptions are automatically provided for most animated GIFs.

And today, just as I’m about to publish this post, they’ve posted another update to say that a setting is no longer required, so it should be available automatically. But if you want to check, go to Settings & Privacy in the Twitter app or website, enter the Accessibility section, and turn on Compose Image Descriptions.

The next time you upload an image to a tweet, you should see an option to add a description. Please use it. It’s extremely helpful, and will enable you to attract many disabled followers and their supporters, and additional customers if you run a business.

Audio Described Theatre

Although only a limited few are doing this, it’s fantastic that the following venues are putting on audio described productions:

Visual Impairment Videos

Here are a few other videos I’ve watched or become aware of, that are well worth checking out regardless of whether you have sight problems or not.

  • Climbing Blind is a really interesting BBC Four documentary about blind climber Jesse Dufton, and his aim to be the first blind person to lead a climb of the Old Man of Hoy in Scotland. He’s a great guy, and it’s a really impressive feat when you see the challenges that are involved in navigating up the structure!
  • To remind you of another adrenaline junkie I’ve mentioned before, my good mate Deano from Extreme Dreams has posted what he thinks will be the last of his Lockdown Getaway series, sharing stories and footage of his many adventures. He’s achieved so many incredible things, so it’s well worth watching them.
  • On a much calmer note, Bird Nerd Sophie is a friendly and positive blind lady with a love of parrots, and has a nice variety of videos on her channel about living with visual impairment, looking after birds, and other topics. So do check her out and subscribe to her channel, and her Instagram too. She was kind enough to leave a few comments on my channel, so I’m happy to give her a shoutout in return.
  • There’s also a young blind lady called Demi, who goes by the name Delagrande in her Youtube videos and blog posts, where she talks about her vision loss, beauty and fashion, daily life and more. She’s all over social media as well.
  • And finally, the very talented filmmaker James Rath has launched a new project called Blind Abroad, where he explores travel, accessibility and personal stories from a disabled perspective. His Istanbul film is a really well edited and beautiful insight into his trip there. It was particularly interesting to see the part about an audio description app for the cinema that was similar to one I’ve tried before. It’s good to see that kind of technology still being worked on.

Of course, all of that represents a very small example of the type of content that’s out there by disabled people. Check out my Sight Loss & Disability playlists for many more videos by myself and others, and also my long lists of visually impaired and disabled bloggers and Youtubers.


This week I watched some museum-based content for the first time during lockdown, all of which was quite interesting:

For more Youtube video tours of museums, see my playlists for the UK, France, USA and elsewhere.


Last week I mentioned that it was 20 years since I last visited America and had the privilege of seeing the view from the World Trade Center. So thanks to a recommendation from Tina, one of my friendly followers, I decided to rent The Walk on Amazon, which is based on the true story of Philippe Petit, a young French man who did a high wire walk between the twin towers in 1974.

It’s a fascinating story, and the stunt itself is beautifully visualised. If you’re squeamish about heights, then it might not be for you. The film is effectively divided into 4 parts, lasting about half an hour each – growing up and performing in france, planning the stunt, sneaking into the building and setting up the equipment with his accomplices, and finally the stunt itself. It’s very well put together.

There’s also a documentary called Man On Wire all about the feat. It was too difficult for me to keep up with trying to read the subtitles for the French speakers though, so I had to give up on it, but if that’s not an issue for you then you’ll find it of great interest. There have also been other documentaries about it as well.


This week’s online comedy highlights for me include:


In terms of music, I’ve enjoyed these parodies and cover versions this week:

Theatre stars are also continuing to entertain us in many ways:

And finally, it’s worth mentioning Don’t Give Up, which is a great new song by the legendary Alice Cooper especially for lockdown. The video’s quite cool, with screens forming a globe, and many more scrolling across the background, showing people holding up the words. He also took part in a very interesting At Home And Social interview with AXS TV this week. He’s such a nice guy in real life, completely different to his stage persona, so even if you’re not a fan of all his music it’s still worth a watch.

Captain Sir Thomas Moore

And finally, congratulations to fabulous fundraiser Tom Moore on his well-deserved knighthood! Check out his BBC Breakfast interview to see his reaction.

He hasn’t stopped fundraising either. He’s now set up The Captain Tom Foundation to help combat loneliness, support hospices and helping those facing bereavement. As if he couldn’t get any more awesome!


And that’s it, another nice long list there. I hope there were bits and pieces in there that interested you. And remember there are also my lists of Covid Resources and lockdown playlists if you need any more ideas.

So until next time, I hope you enjoy the rest of this week. Take care, stay safe and be well!

Author: Glen

Love London, love a laugh, love life. Visually impaired blogger, culture vulture & accessibility advocate, with aniridia & nystagmus, posting about my experiences & adventures.

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