2017 Review – Blog & Youtube Statistics

This is a slightly nerdy post, so ignore this if you want to see my full review of my year in London, which I’ll be posting shortly after this. I’m only a small and amateur blogger and Youtuber. But given that fact, I feel I’ve done really well this year, as it’s been really interesting to look at some of the statistics. So as I was looking through the analytics pages, I thought I would share some of the key figures with you as well, so you can see which of my posts and videos were most popular, and if you’re the type of person who enjoys statistical things.

Thank you so much to everyone who has viewed, liked, shared and commented on my content during 2017. I wouldn’t bother doing any of this if nobody was interested, so it means a great deal to have so many loyal followers, and I hope you’ll stick around to see more of my adventures in 2018! If there’s anything you particularly want to see from me, then please do let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. But for now, here’s how things have gone this year.

Blog Statistics

My blog now has 60 followers – which may not be a lot to some, but it feels like a big achievement to me. And I know there are many other regular readers who aren’t on the WordPress subscriber list (because they arrive via places like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc). So thank you so much to all of my regular readers, whatever way you arrive here!

In 2017, my blog has had:

  • 78 posts published (compared to 72 in 2016) – so pretty equal really.
  • Over 9,000 views (compared to 1,740 in 2016) – a substantial increase!
  • About 7,000 visitors (compared to 1,046 in 2016) – another big increase!
  • Over 1,250 home page views

The final 4 months of the year have been the biggest for views by miles, which reflects how the activity in my life has picked up during the year as well really. I have had an increasing amount to write about as the year’s gone on, so it makes sense. Between January and August, the biggest number of monthly views was 661 in May. But since September I’ve had over 1,000 views consistently every month, peaking at over 2,000 in October! It’s dropped off a bit since then, but even so, the fact that I’ve had 4-figure numbers of views for 4 months in a row, when I never had that level before, is amazing. So thank you!

My top 10 posts in 2017 were:

  1. Scam Emails – Natwest & Metro Bank – Over 2,200 views, way beyond the rest! There are loads of search terms for Metro Bank that have been leading people to my blog illustrating just how common scams against that institution must be.
  2. Scam Emails – Amazon & Barclays – Over 400 views
  3. Joint 3rd with about 360 views each:
  4. Joint 4th with about 270 views each:
  5. The Last Leg – About 240 views
  6. Joint 6th with about 225 views each:

Technology is the top viewed category, with TV & Radio second and Disability third.

I’ve had views from 105 different countries altogether! The top 10 are:

  1. United Kingdom – Over 6,000 views
  2. United States – About 1,500 views
  3. Australia – 175 views
  4. Canada – 150 views
  5. Phillipines – 120 views
  6. Germany – 100 views
  7. Ireland – 90 views
  8. India – 80 views
  9. Spain – 65 views
  10. Netherlands – 60 views

Youtube Statistics

My Youtube channel has also done very well this year, especially relative to the previous year. I hit the 100 subscriber mark in August, 2 years to the month after I created the channel in August 2015. But then it’s quickly doubled in the 4 months after that! And, like my blog, there will be others who come to my videos via social media who aren’t on the Youtube subscription list. So thank you so much to all of my viewers!

During 2017, my videos have had over 62,000 views, and have been watched for over 117,200 minutes (about 81 days).

Determining the best videos can vary depending on whether you do it by view count, watch time, number of like, number of comments, etc. But looking over all of those lists, the top 10 videos that have really got people’s attention this year are:

  1. Fashion Show – Latex & Apparel – By far the most popular video of the year, with the most views (over 20,700) and the most likes (89). It’s also the most disliked video, with 5 dislikes, which is barely any, so I’m happy with that.
  2. Fashion Show – Lingerie & Urban Wear – The partner video to the above, this is the second most popular in terms of views (over 12,100), and has also had 32 likes.
  3. Busker – Contrix (Beatboxer) – The most surprising hit for me this year, with over 4,300 views, 68 likes, and quite a few comments as well. I hadn’t realised how popular this guy was!
  4. Living With Nystagmus – Originally released in 2016, but has picked up the vast majority of its views in 2017, with over 4,100 views, 48 likes and 16 comments during the year. This has also been the most shared video, with 48 shares (19% of the 250 total shares my clips have had this year).
  5. Living With Aniridia – The sister video to the above, published at the same time, this has had over 2,400 views, 32 likes and 12 comments during the year. It’s also had the second highest number of shares with 42 (joint equal with the latex and apparel fashion show). The numbers are slightly less than the Nystagmus video, but that reflects the fact that Aniridia is a rarer condition I think.
  6. Barking Station – This was a video I recorded for the All The Stations project, and was thus helped by the fact that they shared my post on their social media channels. As a result, it’s had over 1,900 views, 12 likes and 6 comments, so it’s done well.
  7. Unboxing – Def Leppard – Hysteria – My review of this box set has had over 1,400 views, 15 likes and 6 comments.
  8. My DVD & Blu Ray Collection Part 4 – TV Shows – I don’t know if there’s a particular show that’s caused this video to get over 900 views, but it’s done well – as have the other parts showcasing my collection, but this one is the most popular.
  9. Audio Description On Youtube #AudioDescribeYT – This has had over 800 views and 11 likes, and it’s had the highest number of clicks on annotations. So it’s great to see that this is still getting people’s attention.
  10. Room 101 – My Visually Impaired Frustrations – This has been getting a few likes and comments, thanks to the RNIB very kindly sharing it.

Tag videos like the Visually Impaired People (VIP) TagSmall Youtuber Tag and Nystagmus Tag have also done well. And when sorting videos by watch time or revenue generated, my  Olympic Park Walk sneaks into the top 10 as well.

When it comes to revenue, I don’t receive any from Youtube, as I haven’t hit any threshold where I can claim it. Which is fine, as I’m not doing any of this for money anyway. I have had a few instances where videos have been demonetised, including a few on disability, but they’ve all been overturned by requesting a review. In 2018 it would be great if Youtube could improve their algorithms to avoid this happening to disabled people, and also if advertisers weren’t so afraid to be associated with the videos we produce. It’s not a fair market if merely having a disability excludes you from being part of it.

In terms of viewers, there’s a very interesting mixture:

  • 27% are from the UK, while USA had 18%, Germany 8%, Canada 3%, and France 2.5%.
  • 83% identify themselves as male, 17% as female.
  • The most common age group is 25-34 years, very closely followed by those in the 35-44 bracket. 2.5% are between 13-17 years old, and 6.6% are aged 65 and above.
  • 39% of views came from mobile devices, 37% from computers, 17% from tablets, 5% from TV and 1% from games consoles.
  • Android viewers accounted for 38% of views, Windows users 32%, iOS users 18%, Mac users 4.5%, and Smart TVs 2.7%. Other views have come from Playstation, Xbox, Wii and Nintendo 3DS gaming devices, as well as Linux, Chromecast, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Tizen (some kind of open-source platform for various devices that I’ve not heard of before).
  • Suggested videos have generated 53% of traffic, while search leads to 19% and browsing features account for 16%, with the other 13% being a mixture of other sources.
  • 98% of views have been on a Youtube watch page, and 1.5% embedded on other sites.

I’ve also been captioning a lot of videos for Emily over at Fashioneyesta this year, although I can’t tell you exactly how many I’ve done in total. The list on the contributions page has got so lengthy that it’s overflowed. I know there are more there, but there’s no link to view extra pages. So all I can see are the latest 96. Not sure why it isn’t 100, but still, it’s soon added up! They haven’t all been approved and published yet, as I’ve given poor Emily quite a backlog to trawl through! Sorry Em! But quite a few have been, especially her latest videos, so if you need subtitles you should be able to enjoy many of her new videos now. I always try and caption her newest ones as quickly as I can, within 24-48 hours.

And that’s it. That probably wasn’t very interesting to many people, but I thought it would be fun to just go through it if only for my sake, as I was looking at the analytics pages out of curiosity anyway. And it’ll be interesting to compare things this time next year. I’ll be quite happy if things continue as they are, I’ve done very well out of it, but we’ll see what happens. Thank you again if you’ve been enjoying, sharing and responding to any of my content, and I hope you continue to enjoy it next year! 🙂

Author: Glen

Love London, love a laugh, love life. Visually impaired blogger & Youtuber with aniridia & nystagmus, posting about my experiences & adventures.

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