Olympic Park Walk

After my Southwark Walk on Good Friday, my Hyde Park walk on Saturday, and a wonderfully lazy Easter Sunday, I finished off the long weekend on Easter Monday (17th April) with a stroll around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, which is very local to me. I actually went there with a friend last year, but we only covered a very tiny area as we didn’t spend a lot of time there. So I wanted to have a more extensive walk around, and that’s what I did on this occasion. And even then I know there are bits I missed, it’s so huge.

A swan pedalo carrying two riders moves along the river and under a bridge, while the West Ham Stadium looms in the background, partially obscured by some small trees.

I didn’t use an audio tour app on this occasion, this was literally just a random wander on my part. I ended up doing a very wide circuit around the stadium to begin with. finding a waterway with barges and other boats some way behind it, which was a very quiet area. Following things all the way round, past a lock and then down another side of the park, eventually brought me back around to the Orbit Tower. I’d love to have a go on that slide, but I wanted to keep walking around on this occasion, and I figured it would more than likely be too busy as it was the Easter holidays, One day though, for sure. That and a stadium tour would both be cool. They had a funfair there this weekend too, but again I went past that. They’re more fun to do with a friend or two anyway I find, as you can have a laugh together on the rides and games. A funfair isn’t the same when you don’t have that social camaraderie involved, it’s different on your own.

Orbit Tower and West Ham Stadium at Olympic Park

So anyway, I walked past that snaking line of randomly spurting fountains that the kids love playing in, and started to make my way to the other end of the park, which I’ve never been to. I knew I wanted to find things like the Olympic Rings, the Agitos Paralympics symbol and the Velodrome, for instance. And by bringing up the park map on my phone from their website, I managed to orientate myself and find those things. It made for a lovely long walk overall, and the weather stayed nice just as it had done pretty much all weekend – which, as anyone in the UK will tell you, is quite a feat for a bank holiday period!

Large sculpture of the Paralympics symbol, made of 3 agitos marks in red, blue and green. It's held up on 3 poles, in the middle of the grass with trees in the background.

I also checked the Health app on my iPhone out of curiosity after getting home, and found out just how much walking I’d done over the weekend (including a bit of shopping at home on the Saturday morning as well, but at most that’s only a mile). According to that, I walked 7.2 miles on Friday, 8.5 miles on Saturday, none on Sunday (as I had a lazy day) and 10.7 miles today. And that equals a total of 26.4 miles, or 66,344 steps! So I’ve basically done my own London Marathon of sorts!

Velodrome at the Olympic Park, with 2 people on bikes riding towards it. An ice-cream van is also parked on the path outside it.

The Olympic Park is such a huge mass of paths and lovely areas that I’ll have to go back simply to enjoy it again and find parts that I missed. It is a bit of a maze when you’re trying to find certain places, but it’s still a wonderful space.

As with my other walks from the weekend, photos of this one are on my Instagram, and on my Youtube channel you can see a compilation of video clips from the walk (which is also embedded below). So I hope you enjoy looking at all of that, and have enjoyed reading about all my walks this weekend. I’ve got another outing that I’ve been on today that I want to blog about next, and there will be more to mention in the coming days, so there’s some fun stuff lined up. But in the meantime, I hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend as well as me. 🙂

Author: Glen

Love London, love a laugh, love life. Visually impaired blogger, culture vulture & accessibility advocate, with aniridia & nystagmus, posting about my experiences & adventures.

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