DVD & Blu-Ray Haul November 2016

This is a quick follow-up post and video to my DVD collection videos, showing the new releases I purchased during November 2016, including Star Wars, The Rolling Stones, Red Dwarf, Family Guy, Alan Davies, Josh Widdicombe and Tim Vine.


The titles I’ve purchased recently are:

  • The Force Awakens, the new Star Wars film. I bought the original Blu-ray earlier in the year, but they’ve just re-released it with more extra features, including a commentary and various other bits and pieces. So I thought I’d upgrade to that.
  • The Rolling Stones – Havana Moon. This was a show they did in Cuba, the first time they’ve ever performed there. And it’s a brilliant concert. Mick Jagger is on fine form as always, working the crowd excellently, as are the rest of the band.
  • Red Dwarf – Series 11. This is a very funny series, they’ve done a great job again this year. And there’s another series on the way next year. Originally they did send the wrong cardboard sleeve with the wrong episode names on it, but now I’ve got the correct one. And there are some extra features on there as well, including some smeg-ups and behind the scenes information, which is good to have.
  • Family Guy – Season 16. This is a 20 episode set, again with a few little extras, including a few commentaries. It’s still a funny show, I still find it amusing.
  • Alan Davies – Little Victories. This is a funny show, he’s pretty good. And there are some extra features as well, including deleted scenes from the main show that were cut out because it wouldn’t have flowed so well with them in. And there’s a little backstage interview as well, which isn’t fascinating, but nice to have all the same.
  • Josh Widdicombe – What Do I Do Now… Live. I haven’t watched this yet, but I love him on The Last Leg, and I have his previous stand-up comedy DVD, so I’m very confident this will be very funny as well. And again there’s some nice extras on there by the look of it, including Alex Brooker’s Guide To Stand Up, so that’s very intriguing. So I’m looking forward to watching that.
  • Tim Vine – Tim Timinee, Tim Timinee, Tim Tim To You. Again I haven’t watched this one yet, but Tim Vine’s DVDs are always brilliantly done. And there’s some extras on there as well, including a commentary and other bits and pieces.

And that’s it. Just a few DVDs to keep me entertained in the run up to Christmas. So I hope you’ve enjoyed that, and all the other DVDs I’ve mentioned!

Author: Glen

Love London, love a laugh, love life. Visually impaired blogger & Youtuber with aniridia & nystagmus, posting about my experiences & adventures.

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