My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 12 (Video Transcript)

My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 12


I thought I’d go through my DVD collection to show you what I have, and this is part 12, looking at the rest of my music collection. Feel free to comment if you share any of my tastes. 🙂

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Hi everybody. We’re now on to the 12th and final part of my DVD collection, finishing off with the rest of my music DVDs.

So we’re beginning here with The Shadows – The Final Tour. Great instrumental band, love their sound a great deal, they always sound brilliant. And then Slade, a wonderful glam rock band. This is their music videos and a few live performances. That’s a nice DVD to have.

But then next we’ve got a lot of DVDs by one of my favourite all-time bands, Status Quo. This is their XS All Areas – Greatest Hits DVD, which has got a lot of their classic music videos on it. And then The One And Only Status Quo, which has got a number of TV performances they did on there, so that’s a nice little collection. There’s 4 different shows on there, including a Top Of The Pops 2 special. And then talking of Top Of The Pops, this is Live At The BBC. This is all their Top Of The Pops performances and a live show they did for the BBC as well, and some extra bits and pieces.

And then 40 Years Of Status Quo, it’s a little documentary about the band, including footage of them appearing on Coronation Street. Probably the only time I’ve ever watched the show, because I’m not interested in soaps. But yeah, when you get a band like that on there, it’s worth watching just for once. And then Accept No Substitute! – The Definitive Hits. This is all their music videos, way beyond the original DVD I showed you earlier, they’ve obviously done more since that one was released. But I’ve kept both of them anyway, no reason why not.

And then Just Doin’ It! Live, this is a little boxset. It’s got a CD and a DVD of a live concert in there, as well as a little documentary, and the video of their single The Party Ain’t Over Yet, which is a great song. So in here you’ve got various little bits and pieces. There’s a little case there with a nice picture on the back, containing the CD and the DVD version of the concert. And then you’ve got a booklet there, with various photos from the show, which look very good. There’s a poster there, with all the band standing together, guitars in hand, looking very cool. And then you’ve got some little window stickers as well, which I haven’t stuck anywhere, because I’ve got no interest in doing so. And then you’ve got a setlist that they would have published at the time. And then there’s some little postcards there with some photos of the band in their respective positions, so you get to see the drummer here as well. So that looks pretty good. And then there’s another little sheet there with the list of songs on the DVD, and on the other side you’ve got an advert for the 40th anniversary DVD.

And then Live At Montreux, this is another great live concert, good fun. They always pack plenty of songs into their shows as well, so you always get to hear the hits. And there are certainly plenty of classics by these guys, no doubt about that. And then Hello Quo! This is a big documentary about the band. Very, very interesting, and lots of unseen footage and behind the scenes footage, and all that lot. That’s very interesting to have.

And then The Frantic Four Reunite, a couple of live shows here. Because it was great to see the original members of the band finally get back together again, very much appreciated by all the fans. And yeah, they still sound great together. And this is obviously the final time you’ll get to see them together, so they were very special concerts. And then Aquostic, this is a live show they did to go with their acoustic albums, which were very good, I quite enjoyed them. I think they were a very interesting spin on some of their classic songs.

And then on to someone else now, this is Suzi Quatro, another classic glam rock artist. Love some of her stuff. It’s not perhaps the best live show in the world, I think she could sound better than this, but it’s the only DVD she’s released, so I’m happy for it.

And then Sweet, another classic glam rock artist as well. This is a boxset containing 3 DVDs. It’s got their music videos, and TV appearances, and live stage performances. Some of the later stage performances are of a later lineup of the band, if you like, which doesn’t quite sound as good. That’s from, like, the 90’s lineups. But the original version of the band were definitely the best, and they sound great. And yeah, it’s just a nice, comprehensive DVD collection to have, and they are a good band. I didn’t know a lot of these songs before I bought this, I kind of bought it on a whim, and thought I might like it because I knew a few of their songs. And yeah, it was well worth it.

And then another classic glam rock artist, this is Marc Bolan & T. Rex. This is the Born To Boogie movie, which has got a ton of extras on it as well. It’s a really, really fun DVD, it’s a really good show. Marc Bolan died very young, and it’s a great shame, because he had a very bright future ahead of him.

And then we’ve got The Who, that’s who I’m gonna finish with. An absolutely classic band that I love, so I’ve got a lot of DVDs by them that they’ve released. So there’s some live performances there from over the years, a compilation set of those. And then The Kids Are Alright, this is a sort of documentary / compilation charting The Who’s development over the years. And it’s very, very interesting, there’s some very interesting extras on there as well, it’s really well put together. And then Amazing Journey – The Story Of The Who, a documentary about them, a couple of documentaries in fact. Again, that’s really, really interesting. There’s some nice extras on here, such as a rare performance from The Railway Hotel in 1964. And then The Story Of Tommy, this is a classic album. It’s a very good story, and a very good set of songs, including Pinball Wizard of course, that’s the one everybody knows, and See Me, Feel Me.

And then there’s loads of live shows I’ve got here as well. So we’ve got Live In Texas ’75, so that’s obviously one of their relatively early shows. And then Live At Kilburn 1977. All these DVDs are very well restored, they’ve always got good sound quality, and they’ve always got a few extras on it as well. So they do make the effort to make them look and sound their best.

And then Tommy And Quadrophenia Live. These are a couple of shows where they play those entire albums, sometimes with a bit of video footage as well behind them, to help tell the story and link it all together. And there’s also some encores where they perform their classic hits as well. So you do get your money’s worth if you go to one of those shows for sure. And then The Vegas Job – Live In Vegas. Not such a long show, not quite so many songs in there. There’s only about 14 songs there, but it’s still good.

And then The Who & Special Guests – Live At The Royal Albert Hall. So you’ve got people like Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller, and other people, which is a very interesting touch, and something a bit different, to hear other people performing on those tracks. And then Quadrophenia – Live In London, another performance from that album, again with some other classic hits on the end. And then The Who – Live In Hyde Park is what I’m finishing with, one of their most recent shows, that’s good fun. Again, I’ve never seen these guys live but, you know, I’d certainly love to, because I know they’re really great at what they do.

So that’s it! We’ve finally reached the end of all my DVDs. I’m gonna do one more little video with some that I’ve bought very recently in the run-up to Christmas but, other than that, that is it. So if you’ve been watching all of these, thank you ever so much. I know it’s gone on a bit, but that what happens when you build a collection up over 10-15 years, 20 years even. It’s soon all gathered together, but I’m very pleased with everything I have. It gives me plenty to watch and enjoy over and over again. I think I prefer DVDs to streaming when it comes to keeping things, because obviously on streaming services things tend to come and go, whereas we’ve DVDs you’ve always got them. So it’s always nice to have physical copies I think.

So yeah, thank you very much for watching all of these. If you like any of the things I’ve shown you, feel free to comment. So yeah, thank you very much. Bye for now.

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Vsually impaired, with Aniridia & Nystagmus. I'm a fan of Doctor Who, classic sitcoms, Queen and 60s-80s rock & pop. I like to blog about my experiences as a disabled person, and about the things I enjoy in general.

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