My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 11 (Video Transcript)

My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 11


I thought I’d go through my DVD collection to show you what I have, and this is part 11, looking at more of my favourite music artists. Feel free to comment if you share any of my tastes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hi everybody. This is now part 11 of my DVD collection, and the second part of my music DVDs. Nearly there, we’re getting there!

So we’re starting off with Madness, another one of my all-time favourite bands. This is some of their music videos there, which are good fun. They put great effort into those, they’re often very fun, very silly, and always very well made. And then this is Madstock, one of their live shows they did. Again, they always have a lot of fun live.

And then this is a set called Gogglebox, this is a box set they did, which looks like a TV on the back there. And it’s quite a big box set, but it’s got lots of bits and pieces in it that are veryย  good fun to watch, very entertaining. And, you know, even the notes inside are typical Madness, you know, a little of fun, a little bit silly. But yeah, there are 4 discs in here, and they make them look a bit like LP sleeves really. So you’ve got pictures of the band on the outside, with one of the band members on the back of each one, or on the front of each one sometimes as well. And then you’ve got a poster inside which tells you about each disc. You’ve got some poster artwork on one side, and then the information about the disc on the other.

So you’ve got The Liberty Of Norton Folegate there, which is a live show in relation to the album they did of the same name, which was a great album. And then in this second disc, this is another Madstock show. Here you get an idea of the artists that were performing there with them on the day, like Bjorn Again and The Pogues. You don’t get to see them, you only get to see Madness on the show itself. But yeah, this is Madstock ’09. Great fun show, again, like I say they always perform very well live. I’ve never seen them live in person, I’ve never seen any of these bands live in person. But it always comes across well on the DVDs.

And then this is the third disc, this is Take It Or Leave It. This is a documentary about the band, which is very interesting. It’s always interesting to find out, you know, their inspirations and their roots and things like that, when you’re looking at your favourite artists. So this disc is dedicated to that documentary. Very interesting. You’ll notice they all say “May contain easter eggs” on these discs, as there’s often little bits and pieces on these DVDs, which are fun to dig out if you know what to look for. And then this last disc has various little extra bits and pieces on it then. Bits they couldn’t fit on to the other 3 discs, just lots of random bits and pieces, as part of their Gogglebox set. So there’s a few little live bits and pieces in there, there’s another little live show, and some behind the scenes stuff, and the making of material for one of their videos. So yeah, very, very interesting.

But this is my favourite band of all time, this is Queen. Again, a lot of DVDs by them I’ve got here. I’ve got their Greatest Video Hits, all the classics on here from Bohemian Rhapsody to We Are The Champions. Then Greatest Video Hits 2, you’ve got them all dressed up from I Want To Break Free there on the front cover. So there’s tracks up to One Vision, another one of my favourite tracks. And there’s lots of extras on these two discs as well, various behind the scenes glimpses and things like that.

And then Made In Heaven – The Films. When Freddie Mercury passed away, a few years later they made an album called Made In Heaven, using some of Freddie’s vocals and completing the tracks, and it’s a really beautiful album. And those are some of the videos that they asked independent film makers to put together for it. And they’re very nice, yeah. Nice, videos to go with nice songs.

Then beyond that, I’ve just got lots of live shows then really, from across the years, that Queen have released. So this one is A Night At The Odeon. And Freddie Mercury is such an accomplished performer. As you can see there on Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid. Live Aid they really showed just how brilliant they are, it’s really great to see. And then Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl. Again, you know, each of these shows obviously, as they go through the years, they’ve got slightly different setlists because of the albums they had out at the time, as well as all the classic hits. So there’s always a nice variety with these shows as you watch different ones. They never get boring, they never get tiresome, they always sound brilliant, and Freddie always dominates the stage.

Live At Wembley is a particular favourite, because it’s the first live show I ever saw on video. I used to have the VHS of this, then they released on DVD, and they re-released it again on DVD. So there have been a couple of versions of this. And as such, I’ve basically taken the original leaflet out of the first DVD release, and the extra features disc from the first DVD release, and included it in here, because they’re slightly different sets. So I thought, well, I’ll combine it into one set, then I’ve got all the special features they’ve released to date. Because they include the Friday show in there as well as the Saturday show, that was the only thing they released originally. So there’s two shows from Wembley, which is good fun.

And then this is The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, which was a great tribute to a great man. George Michael’s performance there in particular was brilliant, Somebody To Love was an amazing performance. And then this is a documentary about A Night At The Opera, their best album arguably, it’s an absolute classic, and it’s really interesting to see behind the scenes of that. And then there’s a documentary here about the band, again it’s fascinating to learn about their history. So that’s a really interesting DVD to have.

And then Queen & Paul Rodgers. Brian May and Roger Taylor hooked up with Paul Rodgers to do a few shows, and it was a great collaboration, I really liked what they did together. I’m not so keen on Adam Lambert, I think he’s ok but, no, I much, much prefer Paul Rodgers, I think he did a much better job. He wasn’t trying to be Freddie or anything like that, he was just himself, and it just came across really well, it was really great.

And then another great band I’ve got lots of DVDs by, this is The Rolling Stones. Again, another brilliant band. Still going strong today as well. I mean, the energy and the enthusiasm and the power, and just everything they have about them, is just brilliant. You know, they can still pull in the crowds, and they can still perform amazingly well.

And it’s resulted in so many releases, they’ve done so many shows, that they’ve been able to pump out so much on DVD. Including a collection called From The Vault, which is a number of old shows that they’ve recorded for TV or other places, and they’ve now been re-releasing bit by bit. So there’s been quite a few releases by The Rolling Stones over the last year or two. Which is very satisfying, and very welcome. Because like I say, every show is unique in its own way, the set lists all vary slightly. You get the classics in there of course, but they often try different things, little spins on things

So yeah, they’re very well worth getting, very well worth collecting. Because Mick Jagger is just a brilliant frontman, you know. He just knows how to work the crowd and really have a good time, and make sure everyone else is having a good time with him. Really engaging, really good fun. So yeah, these collection of DVDs just goes on and on and on, but I just thought I’d show them all to you anyway, just for the sake of completion.

So there’s a couple more From The Vault there, this is Roundhay Park, there’s Live At The Tokyo Dome. I mean they’re big all over the world, they’ve been everywhere, literally everywhere. I mean, just recently there was a documentary on the TV about their Latin America tour and going to Havana. And I’ve just got that Blu-ray, which isn’t here visible, I’m gonna do like an update DVD haul of some of the most recent DVDs of got, that aren’t in this kind of main collection as it were. So I’ll get to that later.

Now this is Four Flicks, I’ve got a couple of boxsets here where they’ve included, like, 3 shows from a tour, plus a documentary as well. Because they’ve tried different things on the tour, like one in an arena, one in a stadium, and one in a kind of smaller theatre. And that works really well. So you’ve got multiple shows from one tour that are all slightly different and all unique. So it’s nice to have a couple of big boxsets like that, because that works really, really well. And you get all the classic songs in there, it’s all very, very good fun.

And then Sweet Summer Sun – Live At Hyde Park. Again, you know, I haven’t had the chance to see the Stones live ever, but I can imagine these shows are just brilliant, judging by these DVDs. And that’s the closest they’ve ever been to me. And then this is Totally Stripped, this is another big boxset they did. So there’s a book, and then a number of CDs and DVDs in here with, again, a variety of live shows that are performed in different venues, and with different setlists. And it’s really interesting to look at, and it’s a nice booklet with it as well, lots of nice big photographs to look at in there. And yeah, it just proves that even now they’ve still got it, and still do brilliant shows. And these more acoustic style shows are really interesting. So yeah, it’s great to have so many DVDs by them.

And that’s where I’m gonna leave it for this part. Again, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as usual. There’s one more part to go, that will finish everything off, and we’ll finally be at the end of my DVD collection. So I will see you for them in part 12. Bye for now.

Author: Glen

Vsually impaired, with Aniridia & Nystagmus. I'm a fan of Doctor Who, classic sitcoms, Queen and 60s-80s rock & pop. I like to blog about my experiences as a disabled person, and about the things I enjoy in general.

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