My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 9 (Video Transcript)

My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 9


I thought I’d go through my DVD collection to show you what I have, and this is part 9, looking at rest of my live comedy DVDs. Feel free to comment if you share any of my tastes. 🙂

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Hi everybody. We’re now on to part 9 of my DVD collection, and this is the second part of my live comedy DVDs.

So we’re starting off with John Bishop, I’ve got a few DVDs of his. He’s a very funny Northern comedian, his shows are always enjoyable to watch. He often does a musical number or some dance number or something at the end of his shows, just a silly little sketch thing, just to have a bit of fun. So yeah, he never takes himself too seriously, he’s always a good laugh. Never does anything heavy or anything too rude or anything like that, he’s just a good fun comedian, I like him a lot. And like I say, I’ve got quite a few DVDs of his.

And then Jon Richardson, I know him from 8 Out Of 10 Cats of course. Again, very good observational comedian, very good fun to watch. Bit of an obsessive compulsive in some ways, as you’ll know, he likes to joke about things like that.

And then Josh Widdicombe. I know him from The Last Leg of course, very funny. He’s from down in the Westcountry, where I originate from as well, so I can relate to a lot of what he says.

And then Lee Evans, one of my favourite comedians. I’ve got quite a few DVDs of his. I’ve got a box set here with a number of live DVDs, and a couple of the same shows on audio CD as well. And I’ve got a couple of other DVDs beyond that as well. He is very, very funny, both physically as well as orally. He’s just a good all-round comedian. And as he’s gone on with these DVDs, his shows have got bigger and bigger, until he’s to the point where, like here in his Roadrunner DVD, he’s filling out the O2. He’s just brilliant, and he’s a good singer as well and a good songwriter. He does songs at the end of some of his bigger shows here, and they’re very well written and very well sung.

So yeah, he’s a very talented comedian, very funny. If you’ve never seen Lee Evans, you know, he’s a bit crazy sometimes, a bit mad, that’s part of what he does, and yeah, he’s just very funny. You can tell just from the expressions there, he’s got a very expressive face, he makes the most of his appearance.

And then Lee Mack. I know him from shows like Would I Lie To You? and Not Going Out, he’s very, very funny, very quick witted and very funny stage shows. He’s ruder on these DVDs than he is on the telly, in case you do think about getting him and you haven’t seen him before. He’s not very rude though, it’s only the odd little bit here and there that’s perhaps a bit more rude compared to the TV. And his DVD here in particular, Hit The Road Mack, has got an optional version of the soundtrack with the swearing bleeped out. Which seems a bit pointless, because you know what you’re getting when you buy his DVDs, but there you go, it’s an optional extra if you want it.

Then Mark Watson, he’s another good comedian, I’ve got a couple of DVDs of his. He’s not perhaps one of my absolute favourites, but he is still funny otherwise I wouldn’t have bought him. So yeah, he’s very clever, very funny guy.

And then Michael McIntyre. I love Michael McIntyre, I think he’s brilliant, he’s very funny. His Saturday Night show on the BBC is something worth watching on a Saturday night, which is very, very rare compared to, you know, Strictly and X Factor and all that nonsense. But no, Michael McIntyre’s show on the TV is very funny, and his stand-up shows here are brilliantly done as well. He’s just very good again at the observational kind of comedy, and again is capable of filling out massive stadiums of people, you know. I know not everyone’s a big fan of his, but no, I really like him, I think he’s really funny.

And this DVD here is an example of where each year you tend to get one or two DVDs where they let you personalise the packaging with your name on it. Which is just a little, you know, bit of fun really. So I’ve done that on a couple of occasions, this being one of them. It just gives it a nice little personal touch really. All you do is you get a little offer from Amazon or whatever, and you go through the website and fill it out, it’s nice and easy.

And then Micky Flanagan, a couple of DVDs of his. He’s a proper Londoner, and he’s good fun to watch. So there’s a couple of DVDs of his. The Out Out Tour and then Back In The Game here. And there’s some nice extra features as well on these discs.

And then Milton Jones. Brilliant at the one-liners, this guy, I’ve seen him on Mock The Week. Perhaps it’s slightly overkill to have a whole show of him, but no, I think it’s good fun. If you like his sort of comedy, his kind of very short, like I say, one line jokes, he’s well worth looking at.

Then Monty Python Live. This was a brilliant show they did at the O2 recently. I didn’t get to see it live, but the Blu-ray I’ve got here is brilliant, it’s very, very funny, some very funny sketches.

And then Nina Conti Live. She’s a ventriloquist comedian, and I think she’s very, very funny. She’s great with her puppets, and she’s great when she gets a member of the audience on stage, and puts a mask on their face, and controls what they say that way. It’s really, really funny, it’s a very original touch and very well done.

And then Peter Kay, again another very funny comedian. I’ve not been into his sitcoms on the TV so much, but his stand-up is very funny. You know, just because these people are Northern and I’m not from the North, I still understand a lot of their humour, a lot of the things they relate to. And yeah, his DVDs are very funny. The only complaint I have about this last one I’m showing here is that they’ve had to cut out a brilliant section about misheard lyrics, which is really funny, but they had to leave off the DVD for rights reasons. So I’ve also got a recording of that, that was on the TV, that I’ve included in the box there, just to make sure I have it.

And then Ricky Gervais, there’s 4 live shows of his I’ve got. Again, not super struck by his sitcoms on the TV. The Office was ok, but his stand-up shows are very funny. He’s very good at these, puts a lot of thought into them. Sometimes he says things that are controversial, you know, he argues against religion and things like that but, you know, he means well and he’s very good. He’s not to everyone’s tastes, but I like him, I think he’s very funny.

And then Rob Brydon Live. Again, the host of Would I Lie To You? on the TV. He’s got a very good stand-up show here, that’s very entertaining.

And then Ronnie Corbett, who Rob Brydon likes to do impressions of sometimes. And this is a solo show that Ronnie Corbett did, celebrating his career and having a bit of a laugh, and that’s good fun.

And then one of my absolute favourite collections of DVDs here, this is Ross Noble. Got a lot of his DVDs here, because they are just brilliant. What I love about him is that his comedy is improvisational, he just makes it up as he goes along. Which means that every show is completely different. And you’d think that would be rubbish, but he’s so, so good at it. And he’ll go off on so many tangents, and tangents on tangents, and just all over the place, and then he’ll just bring it all back together and he’ll remember things he said earlier, and he’ll wrap it all up nicely, and he’s just very, very clever.

And he’s put a lot of effort into these DVDs as well. There’s multiple shows on pretty much all these sets because, as I say, they’re all different. And he’s got various extras on there as well, he’s really made good use of the format. You know, even to the point where he’s had a play around with the copyright messages at the beginning of the discs. You know, if you’re able to freeze the screen or just read them quickly or something, have a look at them, because they are just a real mickey take of the copyright notices you get. And the DVD casings and the artwork inside and the menu artwork, it’s all very original, very well designed. It’s all got his touch on them. And yeah, he’s just, like I say, really made the most of the format. I mean, look at the artwork there, it’s just crazy, but it’s just pure Ross.

Nobody else does shows like him, nobody else does comedy like him, he is definitely one of a kind. I’m glad he’s done so many DVD releases. And I’d love to see him live one day, he’s just very, very funny, very, very clever. And, you know, he appears a lot on the TV as well on panel shows and, yeah, I love him, he’s brilliant.

And then Rowan Atkinson Live. This is a show he did some time back. You know, this is not Mr Bean, this is just him doing other sketches, and he’s very, very clever again, very, very funny. It’s well worth watching.

Russell Howard, again, someone else from the Westcountry, and he is again very, very funny. I love Russell Howard’s Good News on the TV, I showed earlier that I’ve got a couple of compilations of that. And yeah, he’s just a real good laugh, he never takes things too seriously, very good at observations. Sounds like he lives with quite a mad family as well, I know he’s been doing a show with his mum on Sky recently. So yeah, very, very funny comedian, I do like him a lot, well worth checking out. I’ve got quite a few DVDs of his, they’ve soon added up over the years. So yeah, energetic is one of the words they use there, definitely very accurate.

And then Sean Lock. Perhaps not energetic like Russell Howard, but still very, very funny. Again, another of the 8 Out Of 10 Cats crew. He’s again very funny, very good at what he does. Definitely enjoys doing his live shows I think. So yeah, he’s very funny, very clever.

And then Stephen Merchant. He is Ricky Gervais’ partner from The Office of course, and this is his first live stand-up show. And yeah, it’s alright, give him his dues, he’s not too bad, he’s pretty good.

And then Tim Vine is who I’ll finish with, and I’ve got quite a few DVDs of his. Again, he’s very good at the short jokes and the one-liners, and very quick witted. And yeah, it’s all very silly, and very funny, and he’s very, very clever. He can pack so many jokes into a show. And he has quite a lot of extras on his DVDs as well, all silly little things. It’s just wonderfully silly, enjoyable humour.

So yeah, that’s the end of my live comedy DVDs. One more lot to go of my music DVDs, I’m gonna get about 3 parts out of that, and then we’ll be done. So thank you very much for watching, and I’ll see you soon for part 10. Bye for now.

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